Bovada Sportsbook Review


Welcome to the Bovada sportsbook review, where we will explore whether Bovada sports is worthy of your business. The answer is a resounding “yes,” as Bovada offers all the things sports-bettors find important. Credit cards are a cinch, making it easy to deposit. The vibe is fun and the website itself is highly appealing and easy to navigate. They offer bets on every conceivable event. You can do anything from bet on the NFL to predict who will win this season of Celebrity Apprentice. The organization of the site is top-notch and the feel of the Bovada experience is perhaps the best in the industry. Oh, and the bonus isn’t bad, either. Deposit $200 and boom–you get a $200 bonus.

Lesser books will have you sweat getting paid, but Bovada never does. Going back to their days as “Bodog,” getting paid is as certain as the sun rising tomorrow. Having that peace of mind is invaluable. While Bovada caters its appeal to a more-recreational bettor, there is also a place for the more-hardcore betting man at Bovada. One of the mavericks in the business, it’s not uncommon to see betting odds at Bovada that are different than what everyone else has posted. That should appeal to the more-serious bettor who is in search of greater wagering opportunities. Bovada offers a nice combination–appealing to the general bettor, while not at all being vanilla.

If you were to ask bettors what they like in an online book, they would mention things like reputability, hassle-free payouts, bonuses, customer service, variety, an easy-to-manage website, no screw-ups, and definitely no screwing around. Bovada really nails it by coming through in spades in all those different categories. One of the top books as it applies to different prop bets, there is nothing that Bovada will hesitate to offer bets on. With expansive casino, poker, and horse racing sections, Bovada offers everything you would find in a Vegas casino. Unlike some more-ragged sites, it all comes in a classy and fun package. Bovada didn’t become a giant in this business by accident and deserves to be a vital part of any online bettor’s experience.

Phone Number: 1-888-263-0000
Email Address:
Online Since: 2011 under this name, but longer considering they are formerly Bodog
Located In: Canada
Minimum Deposit: $20
Deposit Bonus: 50% bonus up to $250 in free cash!
Rewards Program Offered? Yes
Minimum Bet: $1
Maximum Bet: $2000
Deposit Methods Offered: Visa, Western Union, MoneyGram, Rapid Transfer.
Pays Out Via: Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram, Rapid Transfer, bank draft.

Sports You Can Bet On: Football, basketball, baseball. boxing, MMA, hockey, horse racing, soccer, golf, motor sports, olympics, tennis, wrestling, darts, rugby, cricket, water polo, handball, snooker, volleyball, cycling, winter games, poker, and entertainment.

Types of Bets Offered: Single bets, multi-single bets, parlays, props, futures, teasers, sweetheart teasers, cross-sport teasers, live betting, if-bets, reverses, round robins, and buying points.

Why Bet Here? No-hassle bonuses, attentive and prompt customer service where no question is too simple or convoluted, a reputation beyond reproach, fun and appealing website, the ease in which one can make deposits with a credit card, easy-to-redeem bonuses, non-vanilla point-spreads and lines, the ability to bet on almost every conceivable event, and an endless list of prop bets

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