12 Reasons to have 3 Online Sportsbooks

by Buzz of Lootmeister.com

There are so many reasons to have multiple sportsbooks in your sports betting arsenal. Twelve to be exact, and probably more, as many of these were just off the top of my head. Let’s take a look at the key reasons that you should be betting at more than just one sportsbook.

Opinionated Lines

How many times have you lost a game by a measley half point? We figure that a fella’s winning percentage could go up as high as 2-3% per year by getting the absolute best line on a game. Not all sportsbooks are created equal! Many do indeed have cloned lines but there are betting sites that have lines that differ. Don’t handcuff yourself. Split your loot up and give yourself multiple options. An online sportsbook where spreads often times differ from others is Bovada.


When you go to the store for a jug of milk, you compare prices right? Often times one jug will be 2.99 and an off brand will be almost a buck cheaper at 1.99. Sports bets are like milk. It doesn’t matter where you bet them. They’re the same. You’re wasting your hard earned cash if you’re not getting the best price. Did you know that you can bet on football/basketball games at -105 odds at BetAnySports?

Free Cash

Almost all online sportsbooks offer a sign up bonus as incentive to play with them. This is FREE money! Receiving this cash is like winning a few bets before even placing your first wager! A standard signup bonus usually ranges around 25%. However, there are some online bookies out there who are anxious to get your business and that offer huge signup bonuses such as GTBets, who offers Lootmeister readers a special 100% bonus up to $500! We usually recommend that our readers pass on aggressive offers such as this, but this particular betting site is solid so they get the green light!

Daily Specials

Some online bookies offer “one day deals” that are specific to each day of the week. These can come in the form of reload bonuses, reduced odds, free half points and more.


This might be the most important reason to carry multiple sportsbooks. While it’s rare that one of our advertisers goes out of business, it’s always a remote possibility. By having your cash divided up into multiple accounts, you’re protecting your bankroll should a company disappear with your loot in the middle of the night. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to stocks and your retirement account. Don’t do it with your sports betting accounts either!

Wager Offerings

As noted above, not all online sportsbooks are created equally. Some books offer vanilla spreads and totals while some offer every type of bet you could imagine and then some. This is especially true when it comes to moneylines on each game, totals etc. with less popular teams such as small college teams. We’ve even seen point spreads on high school football games at BetAnySports!

Phone Betting

Not all sportsbooks offer you the ability to bet over the phone. This is of huge importance if you get stuck away from home and don’t have a cell phone with internet access. Better yet, how many times have you gotten stuck at your boring in-laws house all day and there’s a game coming on and some action could spice up that visit? 🙂

Proposition Bets

The web is the wild west when it comes to prop bets. Almost all sportsbooks offer them, but they’re somewhat custom on a book-by-book basis. We don’t recommend betting on props if you don’t know what you’re doing as most are sucker bets that are hard to beat. For those who do well with these, tons can be found on a daily basis at BetAnySports. Better yet, they offer THOUSANDS of them during the Super Bowl, which makes that betting experience an absolute blast!


With online betting sites being located offshore, access can sometimes be an issue. These issues can stem from too many users trying to access the site at once, hurricanes, power outages, server crashes etc. What’s worse than being shutout of placing your bet and then it winning, leaving you holding an empty bag? Have more than one sportsbook and you’ll never have to deal with this painstaking issue.

Parlay and Teaser Odds

We’re not an advocate of betting pars and teasers but if you absolutely have to, you need to be betting them at online sportsbooks that offer you increased odds. For parlays, the best odds on the planet can be found at MyBookie. For teasers, the absolute best odds that you’ll find are at BetAnySports Sportsbook and Casino.


While it’s not common for a bettor to have their wagering limits cut, it does happen. If you go on a heater and absolutey roast a bookie for 20+ thousand dollars in a short period of time, they may cut your limits to reduce their risk. If this happens, you need to have a second, third and fourth option to play with so that you can make the best of that winning streak and not have to cut down to $100 minimum bets!


Most online sportsbooks don’t offer poker but some do! After the games are over, you can play live Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker vs. other players across the world. You can find this at Bovada.

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