Super Bowl Odds

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Super Bowl Futures Odds

Super Bowl futures bets are a growing part of NFL wagering, with new options added seemingly every year. But the most popular form of NFL futures betting remains picking a team to win the Super Bowl. These bets are available well before the season even begins, allowing those with good foresight to capitalize off their ability to identify a champion before it happens.

All NFL teams are listed with odds and you simply pick which team will win the Super Bowl. There are different ways to approach this. Some people pick top contenders, while others choose teams with long odds that not many people think can win the Super Bowl. Some people pick one team, while others will select a group of teams. Again, you can make these picks from the time the previous Super Bowl ends throughout the NFL season.

When you bet is a major consideration. If picking a true underdog team that no one is fancying, an early bet may be more the right move. Waiting until later, when the team starts playing well, will mean you sacrifice the return on your money. Why wait until everyone else knows that team is good? But with a top favorite, maybe it’s better to wait and see if the price drops, especially if that team gets off to a rough start or runs into a rough patch during the season. There are many different ways to approach it.

Whichever way you want to approach it, the benefits in making a Super Bowl futures bet are many. The vast majority of football bets go like this–you see a game you like, you make a bet, and in 3 hours it’s over. That’s fine and there will be a lot of good betting spots throughout the season. But a futures bet is different. It lasts the whole season, or at least most of it, barring the chance that your selection is eliminated from playoff contention early. But most of the time, you will get tremendous mileage off of a Super Bowl futures bet.


For as little as $2, you can have a bet that lasts literally months and months. It gives you a reason to root for a team not just for one game, but for all their games. It gives you a vested stake in a team that lasts a long time, giving you the maximum bang for your buck. In all arenas of gambling, what other bets give you as much mileage as a Super Bowl futures bet? It’s hard to come up with an answer.

Again, there is nothing wrong with betting on individual games. At the same time, when betting on one game, you are restricting your predictive abilities to one small sliver of the big picture. A futures bet allows you to use your overall ability to see the “big picture.” You may not be able to predict each and every step a team takes on their road to the Super Bowl, but you may just feel a team will get there. And you don’t have to sweat how they do it, just that they will.

Futures bets made on the Super Bowl allow you to focus on how you see things as a whole. And that type of prediction is simply more up people’s alley than trying to predict the outcome of each and every little step along the way. When betting games individually, we leave ourselves vulnerable to all the little things that can spoil a single-game wager. Over the course of a season, the good and bad breaks even out more and we insulate ourselves from the unpleasant details that spoil individual game bets.

You will see all NFL teams with their corresponding odds. It’s actually pretty easy to understand, being that most books express these odds in the fractional form–a very easy-to-understand form of odds expression. Let’s look at a small example:

Odds to Win Super Bowl XLIX
Seattle Seahawks 6/1
Denver Broncos 7/1
San Francisco 49ers 15/2

Above, you see the three top picks to win Super Bowl XLIX. The defending champion Seahawks are the favorite at 6/1, which basically means a winning bet on Seattle will pay off 6 for every 1 you bet. Defending conference champion Denver is a close 2nd favorite at 7/1. And the third choice is San Francisco at 15/2. Books like to use whole numbers, hence the 15/2 expression, which is exactly the same thing as 7.5-to-1.

Again, the Super Bowl futures bet has a ton of upside. Sure, a lot of times, a team that was among the top favorites wins the Bowl. But let’s not forget all the times a team came out of nowhere to become a top team, with some recent examples being the Rams, the first Tom Brady Super Bowl win for the Pats, or even the Ravens a few years ago. Those who go out on a limb can really strike it big with this type of wager.

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