Best Betting Odds

Not all sportsbooks are created equal! While many online sportsbooks offer “vanilla” lines (common/similar), there are a handful out there that put their own line which creates a “market” which allows you to shop for the best odds and get the lowest price and/or best betting line.

It blows my mind how many sports bettors disregard this very important variable in sports betting! When you go to the grocery store, you compare the prices products to assure that you’re getting the best possible deal. Often times, this is to save a handful of cents.

When comparing lines and odds, you’re saving dollars. Why would one be so neurotic to save a few cents but completely disregard the opportunity to save a handful of dollars?

We’re not just talking about a few dollars either. Saving $5 per wager really adds up! FIVE DOLLARS you say? YES! FIVE DOLLARS PER BET!

Most sportsbooks, bookies and betting shops charge their clients -110 betting odds. This essentially means that you’re laying $1.10 to win (profit) $1.00. On a larger scale, this means that a $100 bettor is risking $110 to win $100. On an even larger scale, a dime bettor ($1000) is laying $1100 to win $1000.

Now let’s take a look at what we believe is the best betting odds: Reduced Juice Sports Betting at -105 odds.

Betting at -105 means that you’re laying $1.05 to win that very same dollar. A $100 bettor lays $105 to win that very same $100. A dime bettor lays $1050 to win that very same $1000.

By wagering at -105 reduced odds, this also changes the game in terms of profitability!

At -110 odds, you have to hit 52.38% against the spread to break even. At -105 odds, you only have to hit 51.19% to break even. This may not sound like much, but it’s huge in sports betting!

Where can you find this tremendous offer? BetAnySports! (Opt for the reduced juice offer. Pass on the bonus! Reduced juice sports betting (-105 odds) is like receiving a bonus every single time that you bet!

Other Notable Information

As important as getting the best price/odds, is getting the best line. Getting back to “not all sportsbooks are created equal”, this also pertains to not all bookies offering the same point spreads or totals. It’s highly beneficial to wager at multiple shops. This allows you to shop for the best line. It’s very common for a sportsbook to have a differing line on the very same game. Especially with second half bets1

There’s been many times when we have shopped for the best underog line on a game and found one book offering +4 while anotehr is offering +5. Again, this may not sound like much but can and will add as much as 3-5% to your winning percentage at season’s end.

Sports betting is an absolute grind and over the course of a season there will be many games that you lose by a half point. Games where you could have won if you had shopped for the best line!

Here’s a short list of online bookies that offering “opinionated” lines. Add these to your sports betting arsenal. You’ll be so glad that you did!

1. Bovada Sportsbook
2. BetOnline Sportsbook

Note: While not a topic that any of us want to think about, another good reason to play at multiple sportsbooks is to diversify your bankroll, reducing risk just in case one of your books goes out of business. It’s not common or likely, but you can never be too safe with your hard earned loot!

Quit wasting your hard earned money! Make the switch from -110 to -105 odds today You'll be so glad that you did! Click Here!


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