Season Win Totals for the 2017 Season

By Loot, NFL Handicapper,

NFL Season Wins Totals for the 2017 Football Season

A season totals bet is a great bet to make. Normally, you bet on a single game, have action for a couple hours, and then it’s over. A season totals win bet gives you a ton more action. For the whole season, or at least until the bet is decided, you have action. You have a stake on a team’s entire season. It’s also a bet where you can make your powers of observation count. In other futures and prop football bets, you have to make a real serious stand—whether or not a team will win the Super Bowl, conference, or their division. This bet allows you to be a little more realistic with your observations. If you feel a team will be better or worse than what most people are thinking, this is a bet where you’re not really asking for too much. For teams you have a read on that aren’t Super Bowl contenders, this is a bet more-suited than taking a grandiose stand that’s probably a bit out of reach.

A total is posted by a bookie—a number of wins. All you have to do is figure out whether that team will have more or fewer wins than that total. If you think the team will not meet the total posted by the bookie, you bet “under.” If you think they will exceed that total, you would bet “over.” Naturally, on totals with a round number, you would push if it lands on that number and get your money back. On totals with a half, there would be a winner and a loser. Sure, it takes a while for these bets to settle and you’ll have your money tied up for several months with the book. But it’s still one of the best bets you can make and gives you more bang for your buck than just about any other NFL bet. Here are all the teams, their totals and odds, and our pick on whether they will go over/under the posted total. Let’s look at the 2017 NFL win totals.

Arizona Cardinals 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
ARI regular season wins over 8 -125
ARI regular season wins under 8 +105
Pick: Under. While last season has some earmarks of a typical off year, whatever magic the Cardinals had for a period of several seasons might be waning. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are not kids and the supporting cast has thinned out some. Some big moves were made in the draft, which should help the defense and some guys could spring up in the offense. This is a team that could win any number of games, making this one of the more-difficult bets on the board.

Atlanta Falcons 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
ATL regular season wins over 9½ -125
ATL regular season wins under 9½ +105
Pick: Under. Call it a hunch, but we don’t see things going as smoothly as it did last season for the defending NFC champions. They added some juice to their D-line, but their offseason work was underwhelming to say the least. The division has gotten tougher. Carolina figures to not be as bad as last season. The Saints and Buccaneers are on their way up, as well. We think it leads to a few less wins for the Falcons, who will still be dangerous, but might not see things fall their way as well as it did last season.

Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
BAL regular season wins over 9 +120
BAL regular season wins under 9 -140
Prediction: Over. Last season, the Ravens were 8-8, with a lot of issues across different areas. Last season saw a slew of painfully-close losses. With defense being addressed so heavily in free agency and the draft, it could be enough to take some of those losses and put them in the win column. We could start to see something closer to a typical Baltimore top defense this season. The late addition of Jeremy Maclin will help soften the loss of Steve Smith, Sr. After missing the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time in over a decade, things could be looking up in 2017.

Buffalo Bills 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
BUF regular season wins over 6½ -120
BUF regular season wins under 6½ +100
Pick: Under. Things might get worse before they get better for the Bills after a 15-17two-season run under Rex Ryan. They keep hitting the “Reset” button and it never seem to get better, for a team that is a few seasons short of a two-decade absence from the postseason. While they were active in revamping the front office and coaching staff, the Bills lost a lot in the offseason without abundantly addressing those issues in the offseason. They’re one of those teams that would be in good shape if everything fell into place, but it’s hard to put money behind that sentiment.

Carolina Panthers 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
CAR regular season wins over 9 -135
CAR regular season wins under 9 +115
Pick: Over. Last season was not a shining endorsement for the Panthers to go over .500 this season. And the division has grown stronger since they went to the Super Bowl two seasons ago. But they were really snake-bitten last season and with some more breaks, things should steady more this season. Rookie first-round back Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel should help 2015 MVP Cam Newton find his footing after a rough 2016 season.

Chicago Bears 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
CHI regular season wins over 5½ +135
CHI regular season wins under 5½ -155
Pick: Over. Sure, a lot of reasons can be cited for their recent woes. But in setting a record in sending players to IR last season, injuries were a big part of the problem. Issues remain and we’ll see if number-two pick Mitch Trubisky can deliver in the QB role with Jay Cutler gone. They seem to have found their back of the future in Jordan Howard and with some better breaks, the Bears should get things pointed more in the right direction in 2017.

Cincinnati Bengals 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
CIN regular season wins over 8½ +110
CIN regular season wins under 8½ -130
Pick: Over. Another team that had to deal with a lot of injuries and inconsistent performances, the Bengals missed the playoffs for the first time in six seasons last year. They add a nice-looking receiver in first round pick John Ross, who along with AJ Green, should give Andy Dalton some nice aerial weaponry. Rookie back Joe Mixon could start to give the Bengals the dependable back they’ve been looking for. If they can avoid injuries to their top guys, things should get better on both sides of the ball for Cincy.

Cleveland Browns 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
CLE regular season wins over 4½ +105
CLE regular season wins under 4½ -125
Pick: Under. It’s the chalky view, admittedly, but we’re not sure they’re ready to surpass their win total of the last two seasons combined. They should get things pointed in the right direction and to their credit, a lot of good moves were made in the offseason through free agency and the draft. Or at least time will tell. Three draft picks, the addition of two quarterbacks in Osweiler and rookie DeShone Kizer, and some help on both lines will eventually pay off. We’re not too big on choosing under for this one, but even going 4-12 with some close ones in there would be a step in the right direction for the Browns.

Dallas Cowboys 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
DAL regular season wins over 9½ -130
DAL regular season wins under 9½ +110
Pick: Over. On the surface, a total of 9.5 wins seems like a bargain for a team that was 13-3 last season. The first instinct of nearly everyone who sees this will be to go “over.” Fair enough. That could be the case, but some disruptions to the formula occurred, first with some costly losses up-front and also on defense. And Prescott and Elliott might not be the huge 1-2 punch they were as rookies, when the whole team had just about every break fall their way. Still, we thing 10, 11, 12, or 13 wins in likelier than 7, 8, or 9 wins this season.

Denver Broncos 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
DEN regular season wins over 8½ +115
DEN regular season wins under 8½ -135
Pick: Under. The formula from their Super Bowl-winning team of 2015 has been tampered with enough to where they might no bear that much resemblance to that squad. Things got ragged at the end of last season with their defense run ragged to sustain an offense that became increasingly inept throughout the 2016 season. I think things in Denver might get a little worse before they get better.

Detroit Lions 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
DET regular season wins over 8 +130
DET regular season wins under 8 -150
Pick: Over. They were very streaky in 2016, winning their opener, losing three in a row, winning 8 of 9, before dropping their last three games of the season. They were 9-7 last season, sometimes doing it with a muted offense, while the defense did a lot of the heavy lifting. They added some key players to their defense, while also boosting their offensive line. Some more-consistent performances from the stars of their offense could really help, as QB Matthew Stafford has become the steely vet they needed behind center. The Lions are not a team that’s going to get a lot of attention, but we see them having a pretty decent season.

Green Bay Packers 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
GB regular season wins over 10½ +105
GB regular season wins under 10½ -125
Pick: Under. The Packers were all over the place in 2016. A midseason losing stretch had them on their backs looking up at 4-6. They were able to right the ship with 6 straight wins, getting into the postseason and beating the Giants and Cowboys, before falling to the Falcons in the NFC title game. They added some juice, like TE Martellus Bennett. But they are still a team that is a key injury or two away from bad things. We see them less as a conference frontrunner and more of a team that will again have to strive hard to get to the postseason in 2017-18.

Houston Texans 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
HOU regular season wins over 8½ -120
HOU regular season wins under 8½ +100
Pick: Under. The Texans are one of the more-curious teams in the league and it’s not always to describe how exactly they became back-to-back AFC South champs. They drafted a rookie QB in the first round, but the position doesn’t seem as important to the Texans as other teams, with them winning the past two years despite inconsistent play at that position. They didn’t make many moves in the offseason and it’s our guess that things shake out less-favorably for the Texans this season.


Indianapolis Colts 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
IND regular season wins over 8½ -120
IND regular season wins under 8½ +100
Pick: Over. We have seen them win 8 games the past two seasons and that’s with not a lot of things going their way. It’s hard to believe Andrew Luck is already in his 6th season and he might have the best defense since joining Indy. The offense should be able to maintain and maybe even some youngsters can finally develop. The changes made on defense were sweeping and potentially game-changing. We see the Colts being above .500 this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
JAX regular season wins over 6½ -120
JAX regular season wins under 6½ +100
Pick: Over. Last season was supposed to see a spike in the Jaguars’ production, but a dizzying combination of different factors led to another bad season. With 22 wins in the past 6 seasons, things could start looking up this season. They made a lot of moves to address a lot of issues. Maybe RB Leonard Fournette can deliver as a rookie or free agent signings like T Branden Albert, CB AJ Bouye, and DE Calais Campbell can pay off. We see it coming a year late, but 2017 should see things pick up for the Jags.

Kansas City Chiefs 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
KC regular season wins over 9 -140
KC regular season wins under 9 +120
Pick: Over. The Chiefs are one of those teams where it’s easy to sleep on them. In the past 4 seasons, they are 43-21, coming off a 12-win season in ’16 where they won the AFC West. They didn’t make a lot of moves in the offseason and it’s sometimes hard to describe exactly how they’ve managed to be successful in the last several years, but it’s hard to relegate them to the ranks of mediocrity just yet.

Los Angeles Chargers 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
LAC regular season wins over 7½ +100
LAC regular season wins under 7½ -120
Pick: Over. Not an easy one. They have caught almost no breaks in the past several seasons, leading to some bad records along the way. With a new head coach and in a new city, maybe they can clear the air and set upon a new path. With some luck on the injury front, the Chargers should be one of the more-potent offenses in the conference, with a defense that showed a lot of good signs and might surprise a lot of people this season.

Los Angeles Rams 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
LAR regular season wins over 6 +155
LAR regular season wins under 6 -175
Pick: Over. A 4-12 record in 2016 wasn’t really so bad, considering how poor their offense played. And the defense held up well, despite getting virtually no support. In a sport where offense commands the attention, perhaps the Rams are being overlooked a bit. Jared Goff should improve in his second season and Todd Gurley figures to get better after a really rough second season. A lot of additions via free agency and the draft also figure to resonate somewhat well. That offense will still struggle to put up points, but the Rams should be at least as good as they were last season.

Miami Dolphins 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
MIA regular season wins over 7½ +110
MIA regular season wins under 7½ -130
Pick: Over. They quietly went 10-6 last season, an amazing feat after a 1-4 start and losing Tannehill late in the season. They made some moves in the offseason that could help the defense. But overall, they may have been too quiet in the offseason addressing all their needs and they lost a few key pieces. Be that as it may, second-year coach Adam Gase seems to have found the right formula and one shouldn’t expect too much regression from the ‘Fins this season.

Minnesota Vikings 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
MIN regular season wins over 8½ -105
MIN regular season wins under 8½ -115
Pick: Over. The Super Bowl will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium, giving the Vikes extra motivation to make big things happen this season. While that might be out of reach, the Vikings still stand out as an NFC North darkhorse in 2017. The Vikings were another team that was seemingly cooled by an untimely bye week, as a promising 5-0 start dissipated into an 8-8 season. That’s still not all that bad for a team that entered the season with major personnel issues. They seemed to add a lot in the offseason, giving Sam Bradford some decent weaponry with RB Latavius Murray and rookie Dalvin Cook joining the fray, along with some extra beef on the O-line that could help it all come together.

New England Patriots 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
NE regular season wins over 12½ -110
NE regular season wins under 12½ -110
Pick: Under. Yes, they are defending Super Bowl champions and some key additions in free agency could really pay off. From a personnel standpoint, there is a chance that they’re better than last year. But defending Super Bowl champions aren’t generally fired out of a cannon each and every week. They have a 40-year quarterback and it’s about more than impressive regular seasons at this point. We see their range being 11-13 wins this season and since two of those numbers win for “under,” we’ll go with that.

New Orleans Saints 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
NOR regular season wins over 8 -120
NOR regular season wins under 8 +100
Pick: Over. After three straight 7-9 seasons, the Saints made a lot of offseason moves and the oddsmakers have apparently taken notice. Adrian Peterson comes to the already-juiced offense, while a slew of moves were made to address the other side of the ball. And watching them over the last several seasons, that has been the major liability. Still, the fact that they never completely bottomed-out shows they’re still in a position to strike. I think it’d be at least a little surprising if the Saints didn’t finish over .500 this season.

New York Giants 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
NYG regular season wins over 8½ -150
NYG regular season wins under 8½ +130
Pick: Over. An 11-win season in 2016 seems to set up well for 2017. It wasn’t business as usual in head coach Ben McAdoo’s first season at the helm. Big moves on “D” paid off and took the pressure off an offense that wasn’t all that high-flying. Free agent signing Brandon Marshall and first round TE Evan Engram look to give Eli Manning a few more big targets, while some youngsters should be coming around to give the offense some extra juice.

New York Jets 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
NYJ regular season wins over 5 +140
NYJ regular season wins under 5 -160
Pick: Under. In head coach Todd Bowles’ first two seasons, he won ten and five games, respectively. It illustrates the wide range of possible results with this team. The QB situation is a bit iffy with Christian Hackenberg and Josh McCown atop the depth chart. Without Brandon Marshall, their top two returning receivers are Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa—not promising without a QB known to make things happen. Matt Forte isn’t what he was when he was with Chicago. Some improvements made on the O-line could pay off, but the Jets look a bit deficient personnel-wise to be all that competitive in 2017.

Oakland Raiders 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
OAK regular season wins over 9½ -130
OAK regular season wins under 9½ +110
Pick: Over. Coming off a 12-win season, the Raiders look highly-legit. Some key moves on defense could really deliver some good results. If Carr stays healthy, the offense should continue making strides. Sure, they won a lot of close ones last season, but that’s more of a good sign than a bad one by our estimation. They are going to need to keep most of their top guys healthy, especially Carr. But they have a lot of grit and character and it should be good for at least a 10-win season in 2017.

Philadelphia Eagles 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
PHI regular season wins over 8 -125
PHI regular season wins under 8 +105
Pick: Over. They might be headed in the right direction and the additions of receiver Alshon Jeffery and RB LeGarrette Blount should help an offense that flattened out last season. Carson Wentz showed some promise in his rookie campaign after being sprung into the starting slot. They made a lot of offseason maneuvers and some of them figure to pay off. They were streaky last season, but strangely effective when at their best, beating both the Cowboys and Giants to end the season on a good note.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
PIT regular season wins over 10½ -130
PIT regular season wins under 10½ +110
Pick: Under. Not a popular view, but several factors made us go a little out on a limb with this one. One is that their offense is highly-reliant on Roethlisberger, who can’t be counted on to play 16 games. They have a lot of individual stars on the team, with what on the surface seems like a plethora of talent. While the defense has come around, the offense seems stuck. The talent on the roster would suggest otherwise, but there seems to be a chasm on that side of the ball. With Big Ben, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and a big cast of talented youngsters, they don’t get what you think they maybe should.

San Francisco 49ers 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
SF regular season wins over 4½ -120
SF regular season wins under 4½ +100
Pick: Under. After two wins last season, the Niners look to approach their prior form and things could get back on the right track this season. They lack a cemented quarterback and suffer from a dearth of offensive firepower. But a lot of changes could be good on a team filled with guys under-performing the past few seasons. The defense looks to get on the right track with two first-round picks in Solomon Thomas and Rueben Foster. Receivers Marquise Goodwin and Pierre Garcon give them a few good targets. New head coach Kyle Shanahan could find the right formula, but 2017 looks like a season where the wins will still be hard to come by.

Seattle Seahawks 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
SEA regular season wins over 10½ -120
SEA regular season wins under 10½ +100
Pick: Over. With 56 wins over the past 5 seasons, Seattle is a perennial contender that is not ready to recede back to the pack just yet. Sure, they could grow stale and guys should start getting old. We see Seattle getting back to pounding the ball with Thomas Rawls and Eddie Lacy, who comes over from the Packers. Their recent aerial flair could pay off if the run-game takes form. The defense has held up well and some draft picks could pay off. And maybe a slight surge by the O-line will also help Seattle make a push this season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
TB regular season wins over 8 -130
TB regular season wins under 8 +110
Pick: Over. We like what we saw in Dirk Koetter’s first season at the helm, as he brought the talent out of a Tampa team that won 9 games, the most they’ve won since 2010. QB Jameis Winston is coming along, with talent starting to be realized on both sides of the ball. Adding DeSean Jackson and rookie TE OJ Howard gives Winston a few more weapons with which to work. The defense also adds a few key pieces like DE Chris Baker. We see the Bucs being able to at least match their 2016 form.


Tennessee Titans 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
TEN regular season wins over 8½ -135
TEN regular season wins under 8½ +115
Pick: Over. The Titans added 6 wins last year to their 2016 total, going 9-7 and nearly winning the division. Marcus Mariota is in his third season and is coming along well, as are some pieces on both sides of the ball. Coach Mike Mularkey seemed to find the right formula and some additions in the draft, like WR Corey Davis and CB Adoree Jackson could pay off. They were very improved and this season is critical in determining the direction of their franchise.

Washington Redskins 2017-18 NFL Regular Season Wins
WAS regular season wins over 7½ +105
WAS regular season wins under 7½ -125
Pick: Under. The Redskins could very well prove a lot of people wrong this season. The common perception is that the Redskins won’t be up-to-snuff, especially following an uneven 2016 season, which was followed with some disconcerting personnel losses. A big chunk of their aerial attack left town, while the defense took some hits. There might be some hidden gems who can spring forth this season to plug in those gaps, but we see the 2015 NFC East champs struggling to keep pace this season. Bet this prop bet for FREE by taking advantage of a massive 100% sign-up bonus on your first deposit of $100 to $500 at GTBets!

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