Lootmeister NFL Archives: August 2013 Through November 2013

Week 13 Sunday Night Football: The Redskins have looked horrid as of late. The Giants seem to be returning to respectability after a very slow start, most of which was due to numerous key players having injuries. Sunday’s tilt offers no lock by any means, but there’s definitely some wagering value here. New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/30

Week 13 Thanksgiving Day Early Game: Anybody that watched last week’s Min/GB game had to walk away wondering how an NFL football team could possibly play such horrible run defense. Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart looked like a knife through hot butter. I expect Reggie Bush to have an absolute field day against this horrible defense and that’s saying a lot, because I absolutely hate laying the wood on a nationally televised prime time game such as this one on Thanksgiving. Matt Flynn looked “ok” in relief, but keep in mind Minny’s defense is HORRIBLE and 4 quarters of Matt Flynn likely equals disaster. Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Pick. (12:30PM EST) – 11/28

Week 12 MNF: The Niners come off a hard fought game in which they lost on a late field goal. Washington mounted a fourth quarter comeback vs. the Eagles but came up short as RG3 was picked off in the endzone near the end of the game. Both squads are hungry for a win but one team’s defense just ain’t gonna cut it. San Francisco 49ers vs. Washington Redskins Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/25

Week 12 Sunday Night Football: This game is shaping up to be a potentially high scoring game as key players will be missing on each defense. Denver rolled last week vs. the Chiefs and the Pats are coming off of a big MNF loss vs. Carolina in which a controversial non-call for pass interference ended the game. This should be a very exciting game! Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/24

Week 12 Thursday Night Football Preview: Don’t ever underestimate a division game between one team that seems to be playing well and another who looks horrible. The general betting public will surely be pounding the Saints Thursday night, but is this really the right side to be on? New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons Pick (8:25PM EST) – 11/21

Week 11 MNF Preview and Pick: Finally! A good Monday night football matchup! Tom Brady looks to have put his slump behind him as he blistered the Steelers in his last outing. His weapons are back but the question is can the Pats defense stop anybody? This game could be REALLY high scoring! New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/18

Week 11 Sunday Night Football Preview and Pick: A football team with a 9-0 record kind of gives off an unbeatable ring… Or they should at least probablly keep the game close, right? NOPE. The likely scenario here is that the Chiefs get blown out. Don’t be surprised if KC finishes 11-5. The only thing that can/will stop this from happening is if Peyton’s ankle craps out or if Jack Del Rio gets conservative, which is not likely to happen because Archie’s kid calls the shots. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/17

Week 11 Niners/Saints Preview: San Fran was cruising until last week when they ran into the nasty defense of the Carolina Panthers. A much different story this week as Frank Gore is likely to run wild vs. a defensive line that can’t stop anybody. The Saints are gaining steam and Drew Brees is looking like a sureshot Hall of Famer. Expect lots of points in this one! San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints Pick (4PM EST) – 11/17

Week 11 Sunday AFC Young Guns: Geno Smith and the J-E-T-S infiltrate Ralph Wilson Stadium to take on E.J. Manuel and crew Sunday in a game where we’re not even sure the oddsmakers know who is going to win. In all reality, this game could go either way. New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Pick. (1PM EST) – 11/17

Week 11 Thursday Night Football: This game is a very interesting matchup of two teams who were HUGELY favored last week against really bad teams and both ended up walking away with a loss. The most surprising of the two was the waxing that Indy took from the Rams. They gave up a bunch of big plays and couldn’t do anything on offense either. Tennessee got down early to the hapless Jags and fought back but ended up losing. Jake Locker was lost to injury and now Ryan Fitzpatrick takes the reigns at QB for the Titans. If you were ever going to skip a game to catch up on fixing things around the house, this would be the night! Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/14

Week 10 MNF Preview: (Mia/TB) What a crazy week for both teams! Tampa went into Seattle and played great in the first half only to give it all back and lose at the end of the game. Miami was struck by a bullying scandal which most thought only happened in middle and high schools around the nation. A team’s offensive line is the heart and soul of the team. It’s not likely that the Fins will be able to rebound quickly enough to compete in this game, especially with the negative media frenzy surrounding the team this week. Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/11

Week 10 Sunday Night Football Preview and Prediction: What an exciting matchup! DeMarco Murray should run wild Sunday night against a Saints defense that has serious problems stopping the run. This should set up Tony Romo for some great play action opportunities where he will likely hit Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams for some big gainers. It probaby won’t be enough though. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Saints are a completely differnet monster at home. Sproles and Colston are questionable and the team won’t miss a beat as Jimmy Graham is unstoppable, Pierre Thomas is a bowling ball and Brees has other options to stretch the field in Lance Moore and young Kenny Stills. Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints Pick (8:30PM EST) – 11/10

Week 10 Dual Threat Matchup: Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick have brought a new breed of excitement to the game. They meet up Sunday in a game where one might foresee a lot of run stuffing going on. NFL coaches are no dummies… It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see this game turn into an aerial assault as that’s where both defenses seem most vulnerable. This that happens, SF will have a clear-cut advantage. Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers Pick. (4PM EST) – 11/10

Week 10 Manning vs. Rivers: My first thought when I imagine these two teams playing is the ball flying through the air… A LOT! The Broncos are coming off of a much needed bye week in which an overused Knowshon Moreno and banged up TE Julius Thomas likely got healthy. On the other side of the field will be a Chargers team who will be hungry for a win after blowing their tilt last week vs. Washington. Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers Pick. (4PM EST) – 11/10

Week 10 Sunday NFL Preview: (STL/INDY) The Colts made an amazing comeback last week at Houston with Andrew Luck finding new number one receiver T.Y. Hilton not once, not twice, but three times in the second half to steal a road win. The Rams have appeared to be hapless at times since losiing their starting QB to injury. This may appear to be a bug meets windshield matchup, but one must remember that the point spread is the almighty equalizer! St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts Pick. (1PM EST) – 11/10

Week 10 Thursday Night Football Preview and Prediction ATS: Both of these teams had fairly good showings in Week 9. Both will of course be looking to build on their performance but only one will get the money! Get Loot’s take here: Washington Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings Pick. (8:25PM EST) – 11/7

Week 9 MNF: Josh McCown steps in to fill in for injured QB Jay Cutler. The Bears are getting quite a few points here after coming off of a bye week in which they’ve had much time to prepare for the Pack. Double digit dogs in divisional games is a tasty proposition. Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/4

Week 9 SNF Preview: Houston came into the 2013 NFL season with high expectations. Nine weeks in, the team has a different QB, Brian Cushing has been lost for the season and now both of their stud RB’s are banged up and are game time decisions. The Colts have exceeded expectations and even knocked off a Bronco squad that was looking pretty unbeatable. This game will be closer than many think. Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 11/3

Week 9 Bolts/Skins Preview: This game should be one of the higher scoring affairs of the weekend. The Skins secondary is questionable at best and the jury is still out on the Chargers while playing as a road team. Losing to the Titans and Raiders in away games doesn’t exactly constitute a team that deserves to be a pick’em on the road. San Diego Chargers vs. Washington Redskins Pick. (1PM EST) – 11/3

Week 9 Thursday Night Football: How much do you enjoy having that cash in your wallet? You best read Loot’s pick prior to getting down on this filty point spread or there’s a huge chance that you’ll be hitting the ATM machine or eating your kids trick or treats for lunch on Friday! This spread is F-I-L-T-H-Y! Cincinnati Bengals vs. Miami Dolphins Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 10/31

Week 8 MNF Preview: The Seattle Seahawks have become media darlings with intelligent QB Russell Wilson leading the offense and Richard Sherman on D. The Rams just lost QB Sam Bradford for the season. While the media portrays this to be a huge loss and in some sense portraying the Rams season as a loss, it may actually be a good thing for the team as Bradford was absolutely horrible this season. He held the ball too long, folded like a cheap tent under pressure and missed receivers. It was almost like he was playing scared. In comes Kellen Clemens. He’s no star and isn’t going to light up the scoreboard but he does a sufficient job. Seattle is good and the Rams are somewhat bad, but a road team laying -12.5 on MNF is ridiculous. Do you really think the bookies are going to give us all a gimme? Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 10/28

Week 8 Sunday Night Football: The Vikings sure looked horrible on MNF last week. The decision to start Josh Freeman turned out to be an absolute disaster. Luckily for the Vikings, he’s out this week with a concussion. Christian Ponder is slated to start but he’s sub par as well. Despite losing key players to injury (on both sides of the ball), GB seems to be picking up steam. Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 10/27

RG3 vs. Manning: Manning and crew looked pretty horrible in the first half of last week’s game but don’t think for a second that there will be any hangover. Manning should have a career day against a Skins secondary that was horrible prior to losing players to injury. Washington Redskins vs. Denver Broncos Pick. (4PM EST) – 10/27

Week 9 NFC Clash: This matchup pits two teams that are really tough to figure out. We all thought the Pokes/Eagles game was going to be a shootout and it wasn’t. Detroit is loaded at the skill positions yet flounders at times. As of time of print, the Pokes are looking to suit up DeMarco Murray who is coming off an injury. Things are shaping up to be an exciting game! Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions Pick. (1PM EST) – 10/27

Week 8 Thursday Night Football Preview: The Bucs have had their struggles to to be getting a full touchdown at home in a divisional game is a tasty proposition! Furthermore, the Bucs have handled the Panthers in each of their last two meetings. Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick. (8:25PM EST) – 10/24

Recap: Week 7 NFL Review. – 10/23

Week 7 MNF Preview: In a stunning personnel move, Minny has signed Josh Freeman and inserted him into the starting lineup despite being unfamiliar with the team’s playbook. One one hand, it doesn’t get much worse than Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel. On the other hand, the guy doesn’t have any chemistry with the team. The Vikes could be in for a serious disaster on a national state Monday night. Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 10/21

Week 7 Sunday Night Football: Peyton Manning returns to Indy where he dominated for so many years. There’s a new Sheriff in town and Andrew Luck will undoubtedly bring his “A” game leaving Indy fans saying “Peyton who?” Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 10/20

Week 7 Tricky Spread: The New England Patriots are literally falling apart on both sides of the ball as key players are injured and OUT (Wilfork, Mayo, Amendola, Gronkowski, etc.) There are some really key variables in play here including the team with the better defense being a home underdog. This is a rare and tasty occurence! Better yet, we’re getting 4.5 points covers two key numbers, the 3 and the 4 which are common margins of victory in the NFL. The Jets could still lose and we still win our bets! There are going to be a ton of broke bettors Sunday because they got duped into betting NE. Don’t be one of them! New England Patriots vs. New York Jets Pick.

Week 7 Thursday Night Football: 71% of all bettors are backing the Seahawks and the line hasn’t budged. What does that tell you? The bookie is very happy with where this line sits and for good reason. The Cardinals have GREAT value! Seattle likes to run. Arizona is pretty good at stopping the run, especially at home. Expect a tight game here. Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals Pick (8:25PM EST) – 10/17

Recap: NFL Week in Review: Week 6. – 10/14

Week 6 MNF: This is one of the trickier spreads we’ve seen this season that is going to result in many getting duped into laying the points with the Colts and many hitting the ATM machine Monday morning as the Bolts will prevail! Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers Pick. (8:30PM EST) – 10/14

Bug Meets Windshield: Sunday’s matchup between the Jags/Broncos couldn’t be a more different tale of two stories. The Jags are absolutely hapless. Denver is ROLLING. Those big Las Vegas Casinos weren’t built on winning bettors though, so don’t expect this to be as easy as it looks! Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Denver Broncos Pick. (4PM EST) – 10/13

Week 6 Shootout! There won’t be any shortage of offense Sunday afternoon when Drew Brees visits Tom Brady in a game where both teams have one loss combined. New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots Pick (4PM EST) – 10/13

Week 6 Thursday Night Football: This is one of the most surprising spreads I’ve seen in many years. Yes, the Giants are playing some pretty bad football. The Bears aren’t exactly killing it either though. As a general rule of thumb, when a point spread looks too good to be true, it probably is! We’re going to avoid the spread here and focus on the total, which is a much stronger play. New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears Pick (8:25PM EST) – 10/10

Looking Back – NFL Week in Review: Week 5. – 10/8

Week 5 MNF: The Jets looked absolutey hapless in last weeks game at Tennessee. It doesn’t get any easier for them in Week 5 as they go up against a hungry Dirty Birds team that has a poor record but have had some TOUGH opponents (11-1 going into week 5). New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons Pick (8:40PM EST) – 10/7

Week 5 SNF: It’ll be interesting to see what the Texans are made out of after having an absolute meltdown last week against the Seahawks. The Niners seem to have gotten back on track last week, but the jury is still out on this banged up team. Houston Texans vs. San Francisco 49ers Pick. (8:30 PM EST) – 10/6

Week 5 NFL Clash: Two of the league’s hottest teams, both led by young QB’s matchup for what should be the NFL game of the week. This spread tells us Vegas isn’t sure who will win, but Loot has an opinion! Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts Pick. (1PM EST) – 10/6

Manning vs. Romo: There won’t be any shortage of points in this game that pits two of the better passing quarter backs in the league up against each other. We heard one BIG bookie state that 98% of the action was coming in on Denver, making this the biggest one sided game that he’s ever seen! Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys Pick (4:25PM EST) – 10/6

Week 5 Thursday Night Football: Both teams come into this tilt banged up, including key players Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. That isn’t stopping Bills bettors though, as the game is getting even action at the windows. Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns Pick (10/3 at 8:25PM EST)

Week 4 Sunday NFL Plays: Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.5, New York Jets +3.5 and Jacksonville Jaguars +9.5. – 9/29

Week 4 Thursday Night Football: Both of these teams looked absolutely horrible last week. Things don’t get any better this week for the Niners as they head out onto the road minus Aldon Smith who has been suspended. They’re also missing other key players. The Rams have played SF tough at home. 71% of the public are betting the 49ers to win, yet the line isn’t budging. Don’t get caught up in this ugly trap! San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams Pick. (9/26 at 8:25PM EST)

Week 3 Monday Night Football: Everybody and their brother are jumping on the Broncos this week, despite a massive -14.5 point spread. Something that can’t be ignored is the fact that the Oakland Raiders have beaten the Broncos 4 of the last 5 meetings in Denver. Don’t point and click on that -14.5 just yet! Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos Pick. – (9/23 at 8:30PM EST)

Week 3 SNF Football: The 2-0 Bears invade Heinz Field Sunday night to take on the winless Pittsburgh Steelers who have suffered injuries to key playes. The Bears are getting way too much respect here! The public are one-siding the Bears here. Don’t get sucked into this bonus line! Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Pick. (9/22 at 8:30PM EST)

The future of the NFL goes head to head Sunday as Andrew Luck and Co. visit the Niners to take on Colin Kaepernick and his banged up crew of Niners. SF got absolutely crushed last week at Seattle and now they’re a 10.5 favorite against the Colts? This fat spread has many jumping aboard the Colts bandwagon this week. Don’t get sucked in! The Niners win in a blowout this week as the Colts D won’t be able to contain Kaepernick! Indianapolis Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers Pick (9/22 at 4PM EST)

Week 3 Dandy: The Pack takes their high flying aerial attack to Paul Brown Stadium to face the Bengals, not Bungles, on Sunday afternoon in what I believe is the game of the week. Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick. (9/22 at 1PM EST)

Thursday Night Football: Andy Reid returns to Philly to coach against his former team. This game should be very entertaining as there are so many exciting variables in place. Chip Kelly and crew dumped their Week 2 game vs. the Chargers but appear to be headed in the right direction. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles Pick. (9/19 at 8:30PM EST)

Week 2 Summary: A condensed version of what happened around the NFL in week two for those that got stuck at the mall with their wives! Week 2 NFL Review.

Week 2 MNF: You didn’t miss much if you didn’t see the Steelers game last week. They looked absolutely horrible. To make matters worse, they’ve lost Larry Foote and Maurkice Pouncey, two key elements to the team’s success. They also appear to have a problem running the ball. On the other hand, Cincinnati is surging and appears ready to shake their long term nickname “The Bungles”. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick (9/16 at 8:30PM EST)

Sunday Night Football: There’s a lot of hype surrounding these two teams of which both are expected to go deep into the playoffs. Seattle blasted the Niners at Qwest Field last year and will be relying on a strong home field advantage to get the job done Sunday as well. San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks Pick (9/15 at 8:30PM EST)

Manning vs. Manning: The “brothers” meet up in what should be a high scoring affair. Most recreational bettors have already chalked this up as a win for the Broncos and why shouldn’t they? The team looked absolutely stellar last week. Loot says “not so fast!” Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants Pick (9/15 at 4:25PM EST)

TB a Brees for Saints QB? If you watched last week’s TB/NYJ game, you’re probably wondering how the hell the Saints can only be favored by a field goal in this game. Bucs QB Josh Freeman looks out of sort and that’s putting it mildly. New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick. (9/15 at 1PM EST)

Top QB’s Face Off: RGIII and crew head to Lambeau to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Sunday in a game which has one of the more confusing point spreads of the week. Most consensus sites show most bettors are backing the Skins here. Meanwhile, the line has moved UP which means the sharps like the Pack. After the Skins got down huge last week at Philly, who can blame them? Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers Pick (9/15 at 1PM EST)

Thursday Night Football: Geno Smith and Co. pulled off a minor miracle last weekend defeating the Bucs due to a boneheaded late penalty where Geno got shoved out of bounds. The team pretty much played horrible all day. On the other hand, New England barely escaped a huge upset loss beating Buffalo on late Gostkowski field goal. Brady showed signs of frustration at times when he failed to properly communicate with his young set of receivers. Even with these problems, they should still steamroll the Jets though. New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Pick. (9/12 at 8:30PM EST)

Monday Night Football Late Game: The Chargers should perform much better now that Norv Turner is out of the mix. Putting it mildly, something just wasn’t clicking there under his leadership. A rash of injuries last season to key personnel didn’t help either. Houston looks like a solid ball club this year but will work-horse back Arian Foster be able to hold up? He’s been nursing an injury all pre-season. Houston Texans vs. San Diego Chargers Pick (9/9 at 10PM EST)

MNF: Lots of X-factors here! RGIII is likely to play but it’s not 100%. How will Michael Vick perform in Chip Kelly’s new high flying offense? Will Kelly employ the same tactics that made his Oregon Ducks one of the most prolific offenses in college football history? This one is going to be exciting! Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins Monday Night Football Pick (7PM EST) – 9/9

Sunday Night Football: Two fan favorites look to rebound from mediocrity. Will Bill Callahan calling plays on offense and Monte Kiffin heading up the defense make a dramatic improvement? We shall see! New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Pick (8:30PM EST) – 9/8

Two Up and Coming Teams: I can’t even remember the last time that I actually had something good to say about either of the Cardinals or Rams. The times have changed! Both teams are legit and could see 8-8 records or better. Believe it! Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams Pick (9/8 at 4:25PM EST)

Something Has to Give: Two of the most disappointing teams of 2012 meet up in what should be a much more entertaining game than expected. The Chiefs have made major changes bringing in long-time NFL coach Andy Reid. They’ve also added heady QB Alex Smith. Jamaal Charles appears to be healthy and they’ve had a productive offseason. The Jags may still be the red-headed stepchild of the league, but should be improved as young QB Gabbert has a year of experience under his belt and they get MJD back. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Pick (9/8 at 1PM EST)

Flip a Coin: This game may have the least wagering value on the board. Both teams are improving. Both teams also tend to struggle at times. It’s probably best that you pass on this game or throw it into a teaser because it could go either way. Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns Pick (9/8 @ 1PM EST)

NFC North Clash: What better way to kick off the season than to butt heads with a division rival? The Detroit Lions are absolutely loaded with talent but haven’t been able to win games, much less cover spreads. Will this be the year? Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Pick (1PM EST) – 9/8

Underrated? Have we heard anything at all about the Tennessee Titans during this past offseason? When it comes to gambling, that’s a good thing, because it creates an “underrated” status and underrated means value! Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Pick (1PM EST) – 9/8

Tough Matchup: This game should be one of the more competitive and most interesting of the weekend for that matter. Carolina has quietly been improving and should give the Seahawks all they can handle. On the other hand, Seattle has become a media darling and are projected to go deep into the playoffs this season. Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers Pick. (1PM EST) – 9/8

Bears Underrated? Marc Trestman takes over the reigns at Soldier Field. For the time being, 3 yards and a cloud of dust may be in the rear view mirror as Trestman is an offensive minded coach. On the flip side, we probably won’t be hearing the word “Bungles” very often this season as Cinci appears to be an up-an-comer. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Chicago Bears Pick (1PM EST – 9/8

Who Made This Spread? In sports betting, when something looks too good to be true, it probably is! The Colts only being favored by a touchdown smells fishy. The Raiders don’t even know who their QB is at this point and their stable of horses, is more like a stable of ponies. Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts Pick. (1PM EST) – 9/8

Not as Easy as it Looks! If this game were played last year and the Pats were laying -8.5, the whole world would one side (bet) this matchup in favor of the Pats. This isn’t the case this year though, as sharp bettors are flocking to the underdog in this matchup. New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills Pick (1PM EST) – 9/8

NFC Clash: NFL schedule makers have blessed fans with one heck of a bang to start off the season as the Cheeseheads head West to take on the Niners. NFC Championship preview anyone? Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers Pick (4:25PM EST) – 9/8

Hot Seat: Can you think of any coach within the last 20 years that is more on the hot seat than the Jets’ Rex Ryan? It doesn’t get any easier for the Jets in week 1 either, as they face a much improved Bucs squad led by the fiery Greg Schiano. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Jets Pick. (1PM EST) – 9/8

Payton Returns: New Orleans Saints HC Sean Payton returns to the sidelines after a long suspension. This game should provide plenty of fireworks on offense, assuming both teams have their timing down. What a great game to kickoff the 2013 NFL season! Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints Pick (1PM EST) – 9/8.

Season Opener! The defending Super Bowl champions kick the season off at Mile High against the Broncs. Baltimore rolls in as a huge 8 point underdog as expectations are much lower than they were last season. Big things are expected from Peyton and crew this season as evidenced by their 7.5 to 1 odds to win Super Bowl 48, which projects them as the second highest favored to win the Lombardi Trophy. Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos (8:30PM EST) – 9/5

NFC East Preview: Loot takes a quick look at the Giants, Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys. 2013 NFC East Preview.

Thursday NFLX Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars -2.5. (Won 20-16) – 8/29

Tuesday NFL Notes: Packers RB DuJuan Harris will miss the season with a knee injury sustained in last week’s preseason game. Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart has been placed on the PUP list. This means DeAngelo Williams is now the featured back in Carolina. – 8/27

Sunday NFLX Bet (8/25): Minnesota Vikings +3. (Lost)

Friday NFLX: (8/23) We can’t find any value in either of tonight’s games so we’re passing.

Thursday NFL Exhibition Pick: (8/22) Detroit Lions -2.5. (Won 40-9)

NFC West to Produce Super Bowl XLVIII Participant? This conference is tough. Many think the Niners have what it takes to get back to the big game but they’ll need to get past Seattle to do it. While the Rams and Cardinals are on the uptick, they may still need a couple years until they reach respectability. 2013 NFC West Preview.

Pats Depleted?: Loot says NO! N.E. has won this division 9 out of the last 10 years and they’ll do it again. Love him or hate him, Bill Belichick is a genius. 2013 AFC East Preview.

Good Dark Horse Pick?: Mike Smith has the Falcons playing some good ball over the past few years. Vegas makes them as 14/1 odds to win Super Bowl XLVIII. One has to consider the Dirty Birds when making their futures bets! 2013 Atlanta Falcons Season Preview.

Monday NFLX: (8/19) We haven’t found any good information on this game that sways our opinion one way or another so we’re passing.

Sunday (8/18) NFLX Bet: Indianapolis Colts +1.5. (Won 20-12)

Which Way Will They Go? Loot takes a look at NFL player’s whose careers are at a crossroads in 2013.

Offseason Beneficiaries: We investigate which teams were active in the offseason in an effort to bolster their rosters and become more competitive in 2013. Teams With the Best Offseason Entering 2013.

Las Vegas isn’t giving much respect to the defending Super Bowl Champions at 25/1 odds to repeat. Lots of new faces on this squad! Check out Loot’s take on the team right here: 2013 Baltimore Ravens Season Preview.

Saturday (8/17) NFLX Pick: Tennessee Titans +2.5.

Lesser Names to Pay Big Dividends? The big names always hog up all of the media coverage as the NFL offseason was filled with news about Alex Smith, Percy Harvin and Mike Wallace changing uniforms. One shouldn’t discount the value of the names on tihs list though: 2013 Low Key NFL Signings.

Under the Radar: Loot takes a look at a list of players who don’t seem to get the headlines they deserve. Most Underrated NFL Players in 2013.

Low Expectations: Loot takes a look at a handful of NFL Quarterbacks that seem to be flying under the radar in most fantasy drafts and in bettors minds. 2013 Sleeper Quarterbacks: Signal Callers That Could Surprise.

Not So Fast! The general consensus is that the Pats are headed for a down year. They’ve lost a slew of receivers and nobody is quite sure what their defense looks like this season. Loot says don’t ever count out Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They’ve done more with less. If an aging Tom Brady can stay healthy this team will be in the hunt! 2013 New England Patriots Season Preview.

Free Agent Signings – A comprehensive list of NFL offseason player moves which also includes traded players and draft picks.

Super Bowl Favorites – Loot takes a look at the top ranked NFL teams with regards to Vegas’ expectations to win Super Bowl XLVIII. There are some really good teams on paper this year which means inflated spreads and easy pickings for those ballsy enough to go against the grain. As a general rule of thumb, good teams win and bad teams cover. Generally speaking, no team is as good as the media makes them out to be and no team is as bad as they appear. Well, maybe the Jags lol.

2013 Seattle Seahawks Season Preview – This team is young and on the rise. They return almost everybody with exception of Marcus Trufant. The addition of WR Percy Harvin was going to stretch the field which would have opened up even more running lanes for battering ram Marshawn Lynch, who is only 27 years old and has lots of gas in the tank, but now Harvin will miss extended time with an injury. Will Golden Tate step his game up a level? We think so! This team is a legit Super Bowl contender!

2013 Green Bay Packers Season Preview – Gone are long-time familiar faces Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson. The running game looks to improve with young backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin. Clay Matthews is back healthy, TE Jermichael Finley looks to play a bigger role in the offense and Randall Cobb is poised to become an NFL star. Don’t count the Pack out!

2013 San Francisco 49ers Season Preview – Favorites (6/1) to win Super Bowl XLVIII, this team is very interesting with a mix of young and old players. Can young Colin Kaepernick keep the magic alive? Can he stay healthy? Will big-time possession receive Michael Crabtree get back on the field in a timely manner? Frank Gore is on the wrong side of 30, but there’s more horses in the stable with speed burner LaMichael James. Can aging WR Anquan Boldin replace Randy Moss as a viable deep threat? Can one-time shutdown CB Nnamdi Asomugha regain his old form? Lots of questions marks here but if anybody can pull it off it’s the 2013 Niners.

2013 Denver Broncos Season Preview – Is there any team in the league with more pressure to perform than Peyton Manning and crew? Vegas has them as the 2nd most probable team to win the Super Bowl at 7/1 odds. There are lots of variables in play here. Team management really floundered in letting Elvis Dumervil get away. News broke on 7/22 that pass rushing monster Von Miller may have broken league policy and is facing a potential 4 game ban. Peyton Manning is 37. RB Knowshon Moreno looked good in the playoffs last year but is coming off of surgery. Will young stud RB Montee Ball have what it takes to get the job done? I will say that Thomas, Decker and Welker are an exciting trio of receivers that will give secondaries fits. However, at 7/1 odds to win the SB, we think there’s better value on the board.

NFC Coaching Changes for the 2013/2014 NFL Season – Ken Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith and Andy Reid are OUT. See who took their positions along with some changes at offensive/defensive coordinator.

AFC Coaching Changes for the 2013-2014 NFL Season – Gone are Chan Gailey, Pat Shurmur, Mike Mularkey, Romeo Crennel and Norv Turner. Find out who their replacements are and more here!

An Unprobable Story came to an end today as Cris Carter was inducted into the Hall of Fame. A late bloomer to say the least, Carter didn’t surpass a 1000 yard season until after 7 years in the league. He sure as hell finished strong though! Cris Carter Biography – 8/4.

Bizarre! The weirdness that was the Elvis Dumervil debacle was one for the ages and is a reminder to all that we must always “dot our i’s” and “cross our t’s.” Loot summarizes the situation in which the defensive standout left Denver for Baltimore.

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