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Welcome to the Lootmeister football handicapping page! Here you’ll find articles offering tips, strategy and advice on how to handicap NFL football games. These articles were written by expert sports handicappers, many of earned expert status by learning all they know at the school of hard knocks. In other words, many lost their butts through trial and error, and have refined their craft after making tweaks to their game.

The NFL handicapping articles listed below are sure to help increase your odds of beating the point spread and the sportsbooks. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help you out! Enjoy!

Three Key Handicapping Improvements – A lot of us were left scratching our heads at the end of last season in the NFL. And even if you didn’t, the ability to continue improving is a key hallmark of any successful NFL bettor. Those who fail to improve are often left in the dust. In this article, Loot focuses on three different elements of NFL football handicapping and how we can sharpen those aspects of our betting profile. Take a peek!

Trends and the Public – Two key handicapping aspects are trends and dealing with what the general betting public does. Any good handicapper of NFL football deals heavily in both of those elements. In this article, Loot offers some tips on how to perceive betting trends and how the general betting public affects odds and betting. We can always stand to improve how we perceive different elements of NFL handicapping. Loot hopes this article does just that. Take a look!

Preseason Signs that a Team Will Cover Spreads – It’s never too easy in the NFL offseason to start breaking down things in an effort to get a leg up for the following season. And in doing that, we want to focus on which teams might be getting overlooked. Big-time free-agent signigs, high-profile draft picks, and glamour coaching hires aside, there are a slew of lower-profile signs to look for when scouting a team that could be better than the oddsmakers are projecting. In this article, Loot breaks down some of those things. Take a gander!

Money Line Favorites and Line Shopping – The voyage to becoming a capable bettor of NFL football can be a long and arduous one. Our job at Lootmeister is to make that path a less-bumpy one. In this article, Loot hones in on two topics that will give your betting a big boost. We’re talking about bettors trying to pick up easy cheese by making jumbo-sized bets on money line favorites, in addition to getting the best number on your wagers. Take a look, as Loot offers his guidance on both topics so you won’t need to learn these lessons the hard way.

Pros and Cons of Coaching Changes – Nowadays, coaches come and go in the NFL at a far higher rate than used to be the case. That gives the current day bettor more to think about, with a large handful of new head coaches and coordinators throughout the league. It can change the way we look at teams, as we try to figure out if the change will resonate positively or negatively. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the different things we can expect to see with teams that have coaching changes. Click here for more!

Staying Informed – There are a few things we can control when betting on NFL football, while most is outside our reach. We can make sure to develop the knowledge and information that we use like bullets in the war against the bookie. In addition, we can master knowing ourselves–our tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. When we become as educated as we can possibly become about the game we’re betting, as well as mastering our own brains and knowing how it related to betting, we give ourselves the best chance to win. Click here, as Loot breaks down how we can use information as power in NFL wagering.

The Mental Aspect – As NFL bettors, we spend a lot of time covering everything that is football-related. What can sometimes happen is that we forget to handicap ourselves–namely how we mentally process what we see for the purposes of winning bets. After all, our brains are all we have to depend on and it’s critical that we spend time thinking about how we’re wired. In this article, Loot offers some tips on how we can stay on-point mentally, as we try to stay one step ahead of the bookie. Click here!

Common Wagering Fallacies – Many of us NFL bettors will get an idea in our heads and it can be hard to get away from it. There’s just certain situations that we tend to favor, whether it be home teams or a team that has perceivably more to play for. There can be a fallacious nature to our thoughts and that can utterly sabotage our bottom lines. In this piece, Loot covers some of the more common betting fallacies that plague football bettors. Click here to read!

Getting an Edge Against the Sportsbook – Any form of sports betting is designed to give the bookie an edge that will guarantee they remain in business year after year. There isn’t much we can do about those advantages other than develop some advantages of our own to wield against the sportsbook. In this article, Loot breaks down how we don’t have to remain sheep being led to the slaughter and how there are actual edges we can develop against the bookie. Click here to read!

Evaluating Quarterbacks – Unquestionably, the NFL league is a league of stars. And no one is more visible on the playing field than a quarterback. But that can sometimes cause us to make misguided conclusions when betting on an NFL game. In this article, Loot explains how the quarterback is almost never as important as he is made out to be, while offering us tips on how we can start looking at things a little differently when evaluating quarterbacks for the purpose of winning bets. Click here!

Finding Good Value – In this article, Loot clues us in on how to make good betting value more of a key element to our overall betting outlook. It’s a concept that is easy to lose sight of over the course of a football season, but it can never be too far from our minds. After all, if the odds we receive generally exceed the true probabilities of what we’re betting, we stand to win over the long-run. Click here, as Loot pulls our coats about the good value concept.

Changing Plans in Mid-Flight – Winning is easy, but what happens when things aren’t going well? Do you ride it out or do you begin to panic and run the risk of making it even worse? How one acts when facing diversity is one of the more key considerations that determines if you’re cut out for this or if you’re another sheep being led to slaughter. Click here, as Loot helps breaks down the pinnacle importance of being able to take losses without completely unraveling and gracelessly attempting to recoup losses.

Staying Ahead of the Masses – When you transition from an NFL football fan to an NFL football bettor, you have to abandon some of the things that guided you as a fan. As bettors, we develop a whole new list of concerns. One of those is that we need to stop looking at the sport in the over-simplified way that fans perceive it. In this piece, Loot examines some of the potentially-dangerous notions that are OK for fans, but could damage our bottom-lines as bettors. Click here for more!

The Zen of NFL Betting – We break down a lot of different things when betting on NFL football and most of it has to do with the game, teams, or players. In this article, Loot breaks down the need for us to manage ourselves and how our mindsets can be the biggest factors in determining whether or not we can become successful as football bettors. Click here for more!

Acting Like a Professional – In any walk of life, we should look to those who are really good at something to learn how it’s done. NFL betting is no different. We should be aware of what the real winners in this business are doing so that we can incorporate some of these things into our overall betting outlook. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the key traits that the pros utilize to become proven winners. Click here!

Pitfalls of Picking a Bad Sportsbook – Beating the bookie in NFL betting is difficult enough under ideal conditions. When dealing with an underhanded book, it becomes that much more improbable. In this piece, Loot tells us some of the different things to look out for when doing business with a book that should clue us in that we should go elsewhere. Learn how a bad sportsbook can ruin your overall NFL betting experience. Click here!

How to Act at the Sportsbook – A lot of new bettors can be a little intimidated by bustling sportsbook. It can be a bit jarring for bettors who have bet online their whole lives when they transition to a brick-and-mortar book. In this piece, Loot explores some of the etiquette and behavior that people should exhibit in a book. Click here!

Letting it Play Out – It’s easy to stick to your guns when things are going well. But what happens when you start losing? Anyone can win with grace–that’s the easy part. But when it’s clear that your weekend is going sour, how do you act then? In this piece, Loot breaks down why it’s of crucial importance to stick to your guns when things aren’t going well, rather than make a bunch of rash moves to recoup. Click here!

Making Big Wagers in Big Games – Sometimes bettors act like a big game gives them license to make a big-sized bet. In this article, Loot breaks down why those high-profile games are often the toughest to beat and how betting value should be our guiding light. Learn why making grandiose bets on the biggest games can often be a big misstep. Click here!

Faulty Practices – Loot teaches readers what NOT to look at when handicapping games. Many novice sports bettors think that they’re able to scour a sports section or watch ESPN to gain knowledge to give them an edge on the bookies. It doesn’t work this way! True handicapping prowess comes from watching games and reading in between the lines. Loot explains.

Preparing for the Season – Loot stresses the importance of keeping up on the changes to a team, whether it be player moves or coaching changes. He urges readers not to get locked into a perception of a team because things change quickly in the National Football League.

Different Styles of Handicapping – There are numerous ways to handicap an NFL football game. While some are more effective than others, all are important to explore and consider prior to making your pick. Loot breaks down the common styles handicappers use to form a hypothesis of who will cover the spread.

Handicapping NFL Turnovers – Most bettors get too hung up on offensive stats. Increase your handicapping prowess by adding this much overlooked variable. It WILL undoubtedly increase your winning percentage and chances of beating the bookie!

Handicapping NFL Bye Weeks – If you talk to 100 football bettors, you’d receive an overwhelming consensus that a team is sure to “get healthy” and come back motivated after bye week. Many think this is an advantage against the spread, but it’s not! This variable has already been cooked into the line of a game. Check out Loot’s tips on betting NFL teams after their bye week.

Sandwich Games, Home Underdogs and Arbitrage Bets – A sandwich game is a three game span where a team plays a good team, bad team and a good team. Loot also talks about good spots to bet on home underdogs and how to take advantage of soft lines by betting arbitrage style.

The Power of Momentum in Football Betting – It’s the invisible variable! Unfortunately, by the time most of us catch onto it it’s gone! Loot talks about momentum and how player personnel moves affect teams.

Handicapping Playing Conditions – At first glance, this article may sound like it’s solely about the weather. But it’s not! There’s all kinds of variables to probe for prior to clicking enter on those football bets!