Bad Spots to Bet

NFL Betting: The Worst Time to Bet

By Loot, NFL Football Handicapper,

In all areas of life, there are times that are better for you to make decisions. That really applies to NFL football betting, where consistently choosing the right time to bet can greatly enhance your profits. Let’s look at some other aspects of life and see if we can’t make some comparisons that will have you looking at NFL betting a bit differently.

We’ve all been dumped by women. Maybe they were our girlfriends or even more. When this happens, you lose all your mojo. Your heart is filled with the bitterness and sadness that comes from rejection. You can try to shake it off and say you’re OK, but that’s only wishful thinking. Because until you truly begin to get over it, you now have the stench of rejection lingering around your aura.

It is at this time where going out and trying to meet other women is an exercise in futility. You need time to lick your wounds and let the stink air out a little bit. Women have a sixth sense for being able to detect if you’re carrying around the stench of rejection. It radiates throughout your whole being, no matter how much you try to fight it.

Have you ever been in a somewhat heavy-duty car wreck? Let’s hope not, but maybe you know someone who was. And immediately following that accident, their driving suffers. They over-react to stimuli. They are trying to be more careful and their awareness of the dangers of driving are heightened to an all-time high point. But it doesn’t seem to really help their driving. In fact, their confidence is so shot that they are actually at greater risk for getting in an accident than they were before.

In the sport of boxing, to use a sports example, a fighter is at his most vulnerable following a knockout loss. His management normally takes a layoff that far surpasses the normal amount of time he takes off between fights. A fighter coming off a knockout loss is a wounded animal. His head gets filled with bad thoughts. And once a fighter is knocked out–it becomes easier to knock him out in the future.

Are you noticing a pattern here? The worst time to bet on NFL football is when you just lost. And that’s when people want to bet! That’s a prevalent tendency. You lost money and try to bet your way out of it. But the lingering stench of losing is still encasing you. It’s the worst time to bet. And the gambling gods have a knack of piling on the unfortunate. When you’re making wagers with losing being the entire catalyst for you making that bet–it just doesn’t seem to work out well.

Hitting spreads is a 50-50 deal. Anyone can hit a spread after some losses just out of dumb luck. But it would be interesting to see the record on bets made out of desperation. We could potentially be wrong, but it’s doubtful that bettors wagering on Monday Night Football to recoup after bad weekends are covering the spread at 50%. Especially if that game wasn’t even bet-able early in the week and the only reason you’re making it is because you lost.

There are other times when trying to pick winners is an almost futile undertaking. There are times during the week where there are peaks and valleys. Sometimes, we are stressed out and need to cool down before trying to pick winners–which requires a clear head. One such time is when you’re arguing with a loved one–particularly with a woman.

Some guys can argue with their women and be no worse for wear. Who knows how they do it, but more power to them. For most of us, our mind is completely poisoned on the heels of having it out with our significant other. And if you do get into a fight with your wife or girlfriend and go ahead and make picks, now you have another reason to fight with her if your picks go south. A good rule of thumb is to completely separate NFL football handicapping with domestic discord. Happy house = better picks.