Keeping Your Sanity Betting

NFL Betting Advice: Keeping Your Sanity

By Loot, NFL Handicapper,

For many of us, the NFL season isn’t long enough. It just seems like most of the year is spent waiting for football to come back into our lives. But it’s certainly long enough for those who are aren’t handling the betting aspect of it very well. There is more than enough time for people to find themselves getting into trouble. Finances are always a consideration, but the psychological impact can be even more severe.

Even before the regular season begins, we are getting neck-deep in football. Then when the season begins, forget about it. Some bettors can’t even be contacted anymore. Tuesday might be your best chance. Otherwise, they’re either handicapping, betting, or watching the games that they wagered on.

For bettors, it can be a maddening carrousel of activity. There can be games on Saturday and Thursday has games now, too. And if we’re handicapping the games like we’re supposed to, the sheer amount of time spent on this can be crazy. Let’s face it, the extreme majority of bettors don’t really make enough money at pro football betting to justify the time commitment and other sacrifices that are made during the course of an NFL season.

A lot of areas can erode during the NFL season. Lawn-work goes by the wayside. Friends are seeing less and less of you. Weekend outings are shut down to a large degree. You dad is wondering where you have been. You go to the gym as often as you go to a shoe cobbler. It’s important to not turn your life upside-down during NFL season.

There is a certain time commitment and shifting of priorities that take place during football season, which is acceptable–only to a certain degree. But when you find yourself making the same sacrifices that coaches and players make, you’ve taken it too far. It turns NFL betting into an all-encompassing endeavor and that makes the stakes a little too high.


It would be one thing if you were a professional betting man and you and your family relied on this to eat. Then, there would be an understanding that for a good 5-6 months of the year, daddy just isn’t going to be as available as he normally is. But if you’re a break-even bettor or one who just wins a little, it’s downright hard to justify spending so much time on NFL football wagering.

It also makes losing a lot harder. When a bettor who is able to maintain balance in his life when betting loses, it hurts too. It doesn’t compare to the pain of the guy who has put everything important in his life on a shelf for something in which he is unable to succeed. It will make a grown person feel downright ridiculous. You put everything in your life on a back-burner for this?

Taking a week off might seem like one of the hardest things to do, but
sometimes it’s necessary. We need to remind ourselves that we don’t have
to be involved. It’s not like we’re players or coaches who go AWOL for a
week. It’s perfectly fine to take some time off. If you’re losing,
it will allow you to cool your jets. If winning, you can let that winning
feeling stew a bit longer.

We don’t want to end up becoming a train-wreck. It’s bad enough that we sit around in our drawers all day on Sunday, without a thought being paid to hygiene or any social concerns. But then there are Thursday games and some of us are also betting on college football. It’s easy to get a little consumed by it all.

It’s important to be a good friend to yourself during football season. When we put too much time and effort into it and become obsessed to a certain degree, that’s not how winning is done. When you go into a sportsbook, you will see ample evidence of this. You won’t go to many places in this world and see people who look like that. At some books, it looks like a leper colony–people not taking care of themselves and blowing off important stuff in their lives. Betting on football takes time. It’s OK to get involved and really sink your teeth into it. It’s just that for some people, it has a tendency to take over. There’s nothing special about football betting, it can happen with any activity. But when the element of gambling is involved, it can be even more insidious.