Football Betting Advice

Welcome to the Lootmeister football betting advice page! If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance that you’re having a hard time beating the point spread. We’re happy to help! Beating 52.38% isn’t easy is it! I lost my rear end for YEARS prior to learning enough tricks of the trade to break even. I hovered around the break-even point for a few years more before finally achieving expert status and being able to profit betting on NFL games. This game is harder than it looks and has busted out many intelligent people. You can analyze stats all day and night and you still won’t win long term. There’s tons of psychology involved. It’s a numbers game.

Listed below, you’ll find a collection of NFL betting advice that is sure to increase your chances of winning against the sportsbooks. If you still have questions after reading all of the NFL gambling articles on this site, drop us a line and we’ll try to help you out! Enjoy!

Early Season NFL Football Betting – Early in an NFL football season, a lot is still up in the air. Massive league-wide changes have been made and no one really knows how it will shake out until it comes to fruition. That means early-season represents a unique time of opportunity for the enterprising NFL bettor. Nothing is etched in concrete yet, meaning we can take advantage of some gaps between perception and reality. In this article, Loot exposes different techniques we can use to get a leg up on the bookie early in an NFL season. Click here to read!

Injuries – Throughout the season, us NFL bettors will need to deal with the element of injuries and how to factor them into our betting. This is another area where the bookies can prey on uneducated bettors who don’t know how to properly account for the injury component. With some injuries, the betting public attaches far too much importance to it, while other injuries don’t receive their fair amount of due attention. In this article, Loot tries to get us pointed in the right direction when it comes to injuries in the NFL. Click here!

Getting it Right, But Being Wrong – We’ve all experienced what it feels like to handicap an NFL football game perfectly, only for there to be some weird twist of fate that costs us a winning bet. It’s not pleasant and can really throw us off our game. In this article, Loot breaks down how even great handicapping is vulnerable to the human element that pervades the sport. And when you bet on the NFL, it’s only a matter of time before this happens to you. Click here, as Loot breaks down the different things that can happen, as well as some tips on how to handle it emotionally.

Important Games – No team in the NFL sees all their games on a flatline. There are simply going to be games that are more important than others. There are crossroads moments in an NFL football season where a player or team really has a lot to prove. It can change the entire complexion of a game and needs to be accounted for in your handicapping. In this piece, Loot explains how to identify these more important games, while suggesting some different ways to approach important games in our betting. Click here!!!

Staying Flexible – All bettors do this to some extent. There are certain things that they look for when betting on the NFL. Maybe they like road dogs. Maybe they like a home team against teams from outside the conference. Whatever it is, these patterns can come back to haunt us. And when we have initial success betting on a certain pattern, it can be really hard to get off of it. In NFL betting, flexibility is key. Loot helps us understand how we need to remain fluid and not rely on certain tendencies and patterns. Click here to read!

What to do When Losing – Losing streaks happen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert sports handicapper or a novice weekend warrior. Nobody is immune to getting into a funk. With that being said, it’s important that you don’t let your emotions go out of control and act irrationally. Loot gives advice on what to do when you find yourself in this position.

The Worst Time to Bet – Loot points out that the worst time to bet is right after taking a loss. He asks readers to consider resisting the urge to place a bet after losing because your judgement is likely skewed during this time and you need a short spell to let the stink wear off.

Controlling Your Gamble – Picking winners is tops on everyone’s list of how to be a successful football gambler, but they may all be wrong, because I know guys who can consistently beat the spread but never come out ahead because they can’t keep their emotions in check. This article explains numerous scenarios that one must take into consideration prior to entering the sportsbook.

Dealing With Winning and Losing – Winning and losing is part of doing business when betting on the NFL. And both present their own unique set of challenges, testing the bettor’s mental strength and ability to stay on-point. Both winning and losing can disrupt a bettor’s outlook. In this piece, Loot offers up some guidance on how to stay above the fray mentally over the course of a long and taxing NFL betting season. Click here!

Be Careful Betting Money Line Favorites – I’ve heard many bettors talk about how hard it is to beat the point spread and how they’re going to crush the book by betting games on the money line (ML). What they fail to take into consideration is the percentage they have to hit to make this a break-even proposition. Loot alerts readers to the dangers of betting NFL moneylines.

Keeping Your Sanity – Football bettors tend be 100% focused on trying to pick winners and make money during the season and forget about everything else, all the way down to personal hygiene. Loot gives advice that will help keep you sane and balanced during the long NFL football season.

Why Being a Super Fan Means Very Little in Football Wagering – We all entered this venture as fans. While the knowledge we’ve compiled surely helps give you a better understanding of the game and it’s parts, it really has nothing to do with being a good football bettor. That’s why the analysts on ESPN never really have good records picking games straight up, much less against the spread. Loot takes a deeper look into this topic.

Being Reaslistic in Your Football Betting – Football betting can be a maddening endeavor. That’s especially the case for bettors whose expectations are out-of-whack. Loot explains how one of the best virtues in football wagering can simply be to have reaslistic expectations and how unrealistic expecxtations can lead to failure.

Pick Good Teams or Bad Teams? – There’s a saying amongst sharp football bettors… “Good teams win and bad teams cover.” There’s some truth to this but it can trend in a flip-flopping fashion at times as well. Loot digs a bit deeper into this equation.

NFL Betting and Public Opinion – One of the most common things that you’ll hear in a Las Vegas Sportsbook is “who are you on?” It can be very comforting to us for the answer to that question to be the same team that we’re riding. The truth is, you should be scared as hell if everybody in the room all likes the same side!

Football Betting Fundamentals That are Easy to Forget – Sometimes we lose focus in this psychological warfar called betting and start doing things we shouldn’t do and stop doing things that we should be doing. In this article, Loot talks about principles that often times get fouled up.

Be Careful of Negative Headlines – The media has changed over the years. It sure seems like they’re keying on negative crap more, much which creates unfounded speculation and a negative undertone. Loot warns readers that it’s easy to get caught up in the mess and it can be easy to let it skew our perceptions of how it will affect a team’s result against the spread.

How High Expectations Kill Betting Value – Ever heard the saying “good teams win and bad teams cover?” It’s true! If a team has high expectations, the bookmakers are one step ahead of you, knowing that you’re going to bet these teams. This creates an inflated point spread situation which sucks all of the value out of these wagers.