Early Super Bowl LII Odds

By Loot, NFL Handicapper, Lootmeister.com

Early Super Bowl LII Odds

Sure, it’s early to be thinking about the Super Bowl, with this article written nearly 3 months before the season begins. But those who prospect early in this business are the ones more-likely to get the big nugget of gold. An early stance on who will win Super Bowl LII is a leap-of-faith, being that we haven’t much to go one other than last season’s performances and any offseason moves they made. And not everyone likes to have their money tied up at the sportsbook for over half-a-year. But the benefits might outweigh the drawbacks when you really break it down.

This is especially true for any of you who have an inkling about a certain team that a lot of people aren’t thinking of as contenders. A lot of bettors see things in certain teams at the end of a season that suggest an upsurge. Or maybe the right moves in the draft and free agency have created the right formula. Why wait until the team you think will take a big step forward actually starts playing well and drives the odds down? An early stance will allow you to capitalize when you see things that not everyone else is.

Here are the betting odds to win Super Bowl LII as of press time. After we list the odds, we will offer some of our best picks, separated by favorites, middle-of-the-road picks, and a few long-shots that could surprise. Take a look:

New England Patriots +365
Dallas Cowboys +950
Seattle Seahawks +1050
Green Bay Packers +1150
Atlanta Falcons +1250
Oakland Raiders +1250
Pittsburgh Steelers +1250
New York Giants +1500
Denver Broncos +2000
Houston Texans +2275
Carolina Panthers +2500
Kansas City Chiefs +2500
Minnesota Vikings +3300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3500
Tennessee Titans +3500
Arizona Cardinals +3700
Indianapolis Colts +4000
Baltimore Ravens +4300
Philadelphia Eagles +4500
Miami Dolphins +5000
New Orleans Saints +5500
Cincinnati Bengals +6000
Detroit Lions +6600
Los Angeles Chargers +6600
Washington Redskins +6600
Jacksonville Jaguars +8500
Buffalo Bills +10000
Chicago Bears +14500
Los Angeles Rams +15500
New York Jets +20000
San Francisco 49ers +30000
Cleveland Browns +32500

Note about the Odds: Since no team is ever better than even-money to win the Super Bowl, each team is listed with a plus-sign, which indicates an underdog. The number you see following the plus-sign is how much you would win in the event that you bet $100. In other words, the New England Patriots at +365 means you would win $365 for every $100 you bet. A $100 bet on the Cleveland Browns at +32500 would earn $32500! The money line expression of odds used here revolves around the $100 mark just to make it easy to understand. Naturally, you can bet any amount and the odds would just break down proportionally.

Favorites We Like:

New England Patriots (+365): Tom Brady isn’t sticking around for fun and even though the Deflategate scandal is old news and they won the Super Bowl last season, those expecting a significant downturn could be disappointed. They were the last team to repeat as champions and they didn’t appear to be taking it easy in the offseason, adding key pieces like free agent corner Stephon Gilmore and receiver Brandin Cooks. Once again, they are a compelling choice atop the Super Bowl futures odds list.

Dallas Cowboys (+950): They certainly seemed Super Bowl-bound last year, though they did collapse a bit at the end. With such a reliance on rookie production, maybe a year of seasoning will really help. The defense could also get healthier, along with the additions of guys like Nolan Carroll and first-round defensive tackle Taco Charlton. Things could conceivably fall into place well for the Cowboys this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1250): Things didn’t line up that well for the Steelers last season, as injuries and inconsistent play on the part of youngsters undermined what many felt was going to be a special season. With a couple more breaks, continued development of young players, and a defense that continues its upsurge, the Steelers figure to be major players in the AFC. Maybe one of their top two draft picks (linebacker TJ Watt and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster) will pan out. If things slide into place nicely, the Steelers could be scary.

Middle of the Road Picks:

New York Giants (+1500): The Giants seemed to find something last season and made a nice step forward after a handful of fruitful signings that really boosted the defense. This season, the upward trajectory could continue. The offense added a few key pieces, including WR Brandon Marshall and first-round tight end Evan Engram. They added to the O-line, as well. The Giants could be tough this season.

Kansas City Chiefs (+2500): They have quietly been very effective in recent seasons and could again be a nice little sleeper coming out of the AFC West in 2017. They have won at least 11 games in three of the past four seasons, supplanting the Broncos at the head of the AFC West last season. They’ve shown the ability to go on long winning streaks and can compile a lot of momentum. We’ll see how it works out at QB, with the Chiefs drafting Patrick Mahomes in the 10th spot. A slew of different free agent signings could also help.

Long Shots We Like:

Miami Dolphins (+5000): The ‘Fins are one of those teams where it’s hard to identify how exactly they became good. That equals them being under the radar and getting the best value on the board at 50-to-1 odds. This is a team that at one point last season won 9 of 10 games! Losing Tannehill for the season hurt, but second-year head coach Adam Gase seemed to find something last season that could really blossom in 2017. Through free agency, they acquired TE Julius Thomas and LB Lawrence Timmons, among other useful pieces, including some potential difference-makers in the draft.


New Orleans Saints (+5500): It’s been a while since the Saints were contenders. At the same time, they never sank to the depths of being a bad team, despite a defense that has sometimes been inept by historical proportions. That was addressed in the offseason, with the Saints beefing up the middle with some key signings like AJ Klein, Alex Okafor, and Manti Te’o. Both lines were beefed up, while they might have a gem in first-round rookie corner Marshon Lattimore. The addition of Adrian Peterson to a juiced offense adds a special glimmer of hope for the 55-to-1 longshots.

Los Angeles Chargers (+6600): It would be cruel poetic justice for San Diego fans if the Chargers were able to do something big in 2017 in their first season back in the City of Angels. And it might not be as far-fetched as it seems. They have been snake-bitten by bad breaks and injuries in the past several seasons. It was hard to not wonder how good that “D” would have been if only they could avoid injuries. The same applies to playmakers on offense. They added needed help on the offensive line with the signing of T Russell Okung, while adding a good-looking receiver in the draft with 7th pick Mike Williams. If WR Keenan Allen is healthy, we should see some moments of explosiveness from the Bolts this season.

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