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Thank your lucky stars that you found this page! The way you bet on NBA basketball games will be changed FOREVER! This probably sounds like some 2-bit hoax like the hundreds of crap emails that you get in your spam box promising that you’ve inherited millions of dollars from a long lost relative, or better yet, that the King of Nigeria wants to wire you 3 million dollars. No, this article is the real deal!

While not quite as exciting as winning a million dollars, you WILL save BIG money after reading this… Let’s get to it!

As you know, most bookies offer hoops (and foots too) at -110 odds. This essentially means that you’re laying $1.10 for every dollar that you’re trying to win. If you win your bet, you get your $1.10 staked amount back as well as $1.00 in profit. If you lose, you lose the whole $1.10.

The sportsbooks are betting that you’re going to hit about 50% of your bets. While 50% sounds like an even number, it’s not. The vig (10c risked per dollar you’re trying to win) creates a losing proposition. You probably already know this, but let’s spell it out anyway to make sure that you understand and that you will see the value in what we’re going to divulge at the end of this article.


You bet $110 to win $100 on the Golden State Warriors at -6.5 and they fail to cover the spread. You also make another bet on the Portland Trailblazers at -3.5 and they win. You have essentially lost $110 and won $100. This creates a net loss of $10.

While this might not sound like much, the average bettor wagers on 2 games a day during the NBA season. If he goes 1-1, he’s going to lose $10 each day.

If a guy wagers every day of the 36 week NBA season and loses 70 bucks a week, he’s going to lose $70 x 36 weeks = $2,520.

If you’re a whale (large bettor), who is dropping a dime ($1000) on each game, your numbers will result in losing $100/day, $700 week, $25,200 for the season. It may not seem like it because of winning streaks/losing streaks, but these are almost surely your net numbers at season’s end. Unless of course you’re one of the 3% who win long term, which isn’t the case, because those guys aren’t out looking to read articles like this one.

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