The Appeal of MAA Betting

The Appeal of Betting on MMA

By Loot, MMA Handicapper,

There is just something pure about betting on a fight. You have 2 men going at it–just pick the winner. The simplicity of it is just so appealing. That’s why betting on fighting dates back far before games like football, baseball, and baseball were even invented.

The Handicapping Aspect

Becoming a professional MMA bettor is no easier than becoming a pro at betting football or basketball, but the analysis is definitely more pointed. When breaking down a football game, the analysis spreads over many more different categories and a whole cast of people. In MMA betting, it boils down to two athletes. There is a certain simplicity to that which many find appealing.

The variables and intangibles in MMA can be boiled down to a two-person analysis. In team sports, you have to take into account the mental and physical aspects of an entire group of individuals. There are more match-ups, among many different lines. There are often weather concerns, coaching decisions in the middle of play, and a slew of other things to take into account that don’t exist in MMA.

This is not to imply that being a successful MMA bettor is simple only on the basis of the analysis being less complicated. In a sport of many different styles where the meshing of the different styles are such a vital part of the analysis, one must make astute calculations that can only stem from having a deep knowledge of the sport.

“Mano a Mano”

There is no real equipment in MMA. There is no ball, no out-of-bounds, no time-outs, or any of the things found in any non-fighting sport. There is a gladiator aspect to it, a certain purity that appeals to the soul. Sure, officiating comes into play, but all things that occur in the octagon or ring are a result of something the players do–as opposed to a bad bounce, an out-from-left field holding call, or some bad on-the-fly decision by a coach.

Showing You Know Your Stuff

There are tons of MMA fans. And almost all of them think they know more than the next guy. How would we know who truly possesses the most knowledge? Wagering is actually the only way the vast majority of MMA fans will ever be able to prove that they see this sport on a higher level than the rest of the pack. Blabbing on a message board is one thing, but being able to turn a profit by betting on the sport is the true watermark of an astute MMA observer. So the next time you see an upset coming when everyone else is picking the other guy, show your stuff by putting something behind your thoughts. As a wise man (or a gambling degenerate) once said, “Put your money where your mouth is or you’re not saying anything.”

It’s Never Over Until it is Over

When you bet on team sports or even tennis and boxing matches to some extent, a time arrives where the result becomes a foregone conclusion. A boxer without a big punch who is getting beat badly really has no recourse at that point. But in MMA, the expression “It’s not over until it’s over” holds more than just some whimsical charm–it’s really true.


There are just so many different ways to win in MMA. The guy who picked the apparent winner can never relax, while the bettor whose pick seems hopeless can always hold out hope. A fighter can be getting pounded for the majority of the fight and still have a number of options at his disposal. You see far more one-punch knockouts at the top levels of MMA than you do in boxing. Not to mention the variety of different finishing holds that can turn a lopsided fight around without a moment’s notice.

In other forms of sports-betting, there are times when you can say it’s over before the event officially ends. In MMA, you simply do not have that luxury. That means you will generally get more entertainment mileage on your wagers than any other sport in existence.

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