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Welcome to the MMA handicapping page! Here you’ll find a collection of articles written specifically about the topic of handicapping the fights. Many bettors short change themselves by blindly wagering on mixed martial arts is a sure way to lose long term! Studying both fighters styles (and more) will increase your odds of correctly selecting the winner of a bout and increase your odds of beating the bookies long term! Check out the articles below to become a more astute MMA gambler!

MMA Prop Bets, Part I – In the first installment of MMA Prop Bets, Part I, Loot offers an introduction into the world of MMA prop bets. A lot of us get stuck when betting on MMA, where we only look to pick a winner. But there are any number of different details within an MMA fight that you can bet. And you might even have a better read on some of these details than on who will simply win the fight. Take a look!

MMA Prop Bets, Part II – A lot of us look at an MMA fight and try to just pick the winner. In this article, Loot pulls our coats to all the different wagers in the world of mixed martial arts. Sometimes, who will simply win a fight isn’t enough to cover all of our betting tastes. It helps to know all the different angles we can attack a fight. In this article, Loot breaks it all down, Take a look!

Steroids in the UFC: Bettor Confidence – When you bet on any sport, it’s imperative to know you are betting on an even playing field. Otherwise, it can make a mockery of your handicapping and we might as well go play roulette. The recent spike in fighters getting popped for PED use in the UFC is troubling for those who bet on the sport and gives it a circus feel. In this article, Loot explains that while the news is upsetting and doesn’t boost bettor confidence, strong MMA handicapping will still win out at the end of the day. Click here to read more!

Making Big Wagers in Big Fights – It’s natural for us to be interested more in the biggest fights in MMA. After all, before we were bettors, we were fans. But when we decide to become MMA betting men, our priorities need to change. We’re not in this for thrills, we’re trying to make money. And betting big on big fights is often times the wrong move. We need to bet according to value. In this article, Loot breaks down the need to make the distinction between being a fan and a bettor.

Bettor Edges – As bettors, we often feel like we’re against the 8-ball when dealing with the bookie, where everything is built to make them money. In addition to our knack for picking winners, we need more weapons in our arsenals. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the different assets and advantages we have over the sportsbooks. Click here for more!

False Alarms – When we handicap a fight, we stack all the pertinent data, looking for positive signs and negative ones when picking a fighter. But some of the things that we look at as bad signs might not be, as all bettors tend to jump to conclusions. In this piece, Loot breaks down some of the different elements of a fight that could cause false alarms and lead us along the wrong track. Click here!

When Reputation Exceeds Performance – Loot explains how it’s easy for us MMA bettors to get caught up in the hype a little bit, namely when it comes to subscribing to a fighter’s reputation. Things in MMA are fairly fluid and that forces bettors to remain flexible, particularly when dealing with fighters once they reach a point where their actual skills and abilities no longer match their fearsome reputation. Click here!

Evaluating Fighters From a Matchup Perspective – Loot talks about one of the most simplest forms of MMA handicapping; fighter vs. fighter. He points out that often times MMA bettors get lazy and rely on and make their picks based strictly on an individual appraisal such as: “Oh, he hits hard” or “He has good takedown defense.” Loot says that’s a start, but we as handicappers need to step it up another level and begin thinking along the lines of how those skills figure to play off his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

MMA Betting Quiz – Many people fancy themselves as experts when it comes to MMA. But does that mean that you will be successful when it comes to MMA wagering? There are a completely different set of principles that are synonymous with betting that one must understand before being successful. Take this quiz and see where you stand.

Analyzing an MMA Fighter Coming Off of a Layoff – Betting on a fighter after a long period of inactivity is a tricky proposition! Guys coming out of retirement or off of an injury create unknown variables. Bad knockouts or losses, suspensions and life circumstances can create time away from the sport as well. Loot gives some insight on how to deal with these situations.

Handicapping Older Fighters – A good mixed martial artist can attain somewhat of a super hero status over the years. This can lead even the best of handicappers to believe that he can do no wrong. The truth is, guys slow down as they grow older. Between the beatings they’ve taken, lack of motivation and father time, a decline at some point in their career becomes imminent. Loot gives you the heads up on how to handicap these scenarios.

Faulty Handicapping Practices – Many MMA bettors don’t get the result they’re looking for because they’re not using the proper variables to handicap a fight. Loot points out a handful of techniques cappers are using that make it hard to win, much less break even.

Things You Can’t Handicap When Wagering on MMA Fights – Even the sharpest of mixed martial arts handicappers get blindsided from time to time. You can have the best knowledge of fighters and the best analysis on the planet, but when something unforeseen happens like a guy losing his cool and getting nailed with a foul or a sharp elbow causing a cut, things can get crazy!

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