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Welcome to Loot’s MMA betting strategy page! Here at Lootmeister we offer tons of articles to help you increase your odds of beating the bookies. Tips articles are considered to be handicapping helpers. Advice articles point our more novice readers in the right direction. Strategy articles, which you’ll find on this page, cater to the more advanced sports bettor who is looking for angles to exploit and nail his bookie’s tail to the wall. If you’re serious about betting on mixed martial arts and are looking for some good info, this is the place! Loot covers a plethora of sporting events, but MMA fighting is his specialty!

Noticing Troubling Signs – When we handicap an MMA fight, we look for weaknesses in the different fighters. Most of those weaknesses lie in a fighter’s style and the things that he doesn’t do well and how his opponent may exploit that. But those aren’t the only red flags that ezist. There can be any number of different warning signs that exist just outside of our radar. In this article, Loot breaks down some of those different elements in an effort to fully equip bettors with the arsenal they need to make it when betting MMA.

Looking for a Live Underdog – Not all underdogs are cut from the same cloth. Some underdogs receiving long odds against them truly need a mini-miracle to beat their favored opponent. Other underdogs have certain traits, conditions, or skills that might make them have a more-realistic chance at victory. In this piece, Loot breaks down some of the telltale traits that you can look for when trying to isolate a live underdog in MMA betting. Click here!

Why Being A Super Fan Means Little When Betting – A lot of fans who might know a lot about MMA think they’d be naturals when it comes to betting on MMA. And that might be true, but only if that person also knows as much about MMA gambling as they do about MMA fighters and styles. In other words, the betting of MMA is an area of knowledge and a pretty complex one at that. And just relying on your knowledge of MMA won’t be enough at the end of the day. In this article, Loot breaks down what we need to do in order to make the transition from being a fan to being a successful MMA bettor. Click here to read more!

The Hunger Factor – MMA is not a sport you can do half-hearted. A certain amount of mental commitment isn’t only desirable, but absolutely necessary. And as fighters achieve varying levels of success, that hunger can wane and make that fighter a diminished overall force. In this article, Loot breaks down the importance of a fighter having a high level of hunger and what to look for when a fighter is losing that aspect of his mental make-up. Click here to read!

Fighting to the Level of the Opposition – Many of us depend on a fighter’s past performances to gauge the overall worth and value of a fighter. That’s a necessary part of MMA handicapping, but can also lead us astray at times. We’ve all seen fighters perform far better against a superior opponent than we originally predicted. And a big part of that is how some fighters fight according to the level of their opponent or they need the right opponent to bring out their full scope of abilities. In this article, Loot breaks down how not everything is not always what it first appears when looking at a fighter’s past performances. Click here!

The Mental Wiring of a Good Gambler – We may very well know about MMA and some of us can even be called authorities on the sport. But there’s a reason that MMA expertise doesn’t always equate to success in MMA wagering. And a key reason is that without certain gambling expertise, MMA knowledge can only go so far. Click here to read Loot break down the close relationship between gambling know-how and success in MMA betting.

Getting it Right But Being Wrong – Often times, we will face the unpleasant situation of picking a fight correctly, only to have some bizarre human element come into play and deprive us of our winnings. It’s the nature of doing business in any form of sports betting, where officials preside over the outcome, and MMA is no different. Loot helps explain the different ways we can be snake-bitten when wagering on mixed martial arts and the measures we can take to insulate ourselves from this dynamic. Click here!

The Added Value of Fighters Who Finish Fights – There are multiple types of mixed martial artists. There’s guys who get it done quick, grinders and finishers. Loot talks about the pros and cons of betting on fighters who are likely to go the distance.

The Danger in Having Expectations – In this article, Loot explores the thing that gets MMA bettors in the most trouble–having a set of overly-rigid opinions on MMA and the fighters themselves. Loot helps break down why keeping a fluid view of MMA and the events in the octagon can have us a step ahead of the bookie. Click here for more!

Betting on MMA Fighters in Transition – Loot talks strategy with regards to MMA fighters moving up into a new weight classes, coming out of retirement, returning following a terrible injury, joining a new organization, or when crossover athletes try their hand at mixed martial arts.

When Superstars Get Old – We all get old. It’s inevitable that your favorite mixed martial arts fighter is going to hit the wall at some point. However, when He does, his celebrity still seems to shine. Loot points out that this is a GREAT time to fade the general betting public and fade the big name and the big odds.

How to Handle Line Movement – There are numerous variables that can cause lines to move but the main factor is “smart money” (aka: sharp action/wiseguy action). These are bettors who don’t gamble, but wager for a living. These guys find edges and are generally better at picking winners than the oddsmakers. Loot explains what causes MMA betting odds to change as well as talks about how to deal with these line moves when it comes to your own betting.

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MMA Betting

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