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Welcome to Loot’s MMA betting advice page! Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of articles that will help increase your odds of beating the sportsbooks. While Loot is a sports fanatic who covers all major sports, MMA and boxing are “his thing.” If you’re having trouble beating the bookies and just can’t seem to pick winners, you’re not alone. Kudos to you for taking the first step at getting yourself some help in this battle.

As with anything in life, we must constantly seek education to get better at something. Read everything that you can get your hands on and ask questions. If you properly decipher and apply the following information, the articles listed below WILL make you a better mixed martial arts bettor and hopefully line your pockets with some cash! Got questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll try to help! Enjoy!

Dealing with Styles – How styles mesh in the cage is really what it’s all about when betting on mixed martial arts. Yet very often, bettors do more of an individual appraisal on the different fighters. While that’s part of the handicapping process, one needs to be able to account for the specific matchup more than the individual fighter. In this piece, Loot helps us better understand the need to account for what the fighters will create based on each of their styles. Check it out!

Betting Do’s and Don’ts – When betting on MMA, there might not be much time for us to review our own betting profiles, being that there is no offseason. We can tend to get lost in the pattern of just trying to pick winners. But there are certain betting principles we need to consider and keep in the forefronts of our minds. In this piece, Loot tries to keep MMA bettors on the right track. Click here, as Loot breaks down a few things we need to consistently do in order to win over the long-haul in MMA betting.

Timing Your Bets – Picking winners is obviously the key when betting on MMA. But with odds playing such a focal role, it makes it so we have to think beyond the simple act of picking winners. We need to make sure we’re early to the dance when it comes to recognizing winning fighters, guys who are gonna cash a lot of bets. And we need to do it before those fighters see their odds swell to a point where it’s no longer appealing to bet on them. In this article, Loot shows us what to look for when it comes to timing our bets and what to look for when it comes to identifying top fighters before the rest of the world knows how good they are.

What the Bookie Wants You To Do – There are certain things that bettors do that is music to the ears of the bookie. Why would we want to do those things? Our goal is to become a thorn in the side of the sportsbook, not to become another sheep lining up for the slaughter. In this article, Loot discusses what bookies like in order to stop us from doing those things. Click here!

Importance of Won-Loss Records – One of the least effective ways to handicap an MMA fight is by looking at the fighter’s won-loss records. In MMA, far more than boxing, there are any number of reasons a fighter can have a certain record and jumping to conclusions could have us on the outside looking in. Click here for Loot’s take on how we should go about processing an MMA fighter’s record for betting purposes.

Benefits of Betting MMA – In other sports, there are so many concerns–officials, rules, equipment, teammates, coaches, and the list goes on. And while MMA has been sanitized from the old gladiator days, it’s still a rare betting sport with its one-on-one dynamic with minimal equipment where two men hurl themselves at each other to see who is the better man. In this article, Loot explains the purity and financial upside in betting on a sport with simpler dynamics like MMA. Click here!

Wagering on MMA – Loot talks about how mixed martial arts is still a fairly new sport which is constantly evolving. He goes on to talk about how we as bettors need to evolve our phychological views of the fighters and more.

The Importance of Age – We consider a lot of factors when handicapping an MMA fight. A fighter’s age is one of those considerations that often presents a mixed bag of information. In fighting, there are really two separate ages at play–a fighter’s chronological age and his age based on how much wear and tear has been accrued in a fighting career. Loot offers his thoughts on how to break it all down so you can make more winning MMA picks. Click here!

MMA Handicapping Advice: Keeping Notes on Fighters – One’s memory is usually limited to the actual fights that we have watched. Unless you’re a genius, it’d be tough to recall every single point of interest that you viewed during the fight. As humans, we jusn’t aren’t able to retain that much information and organize it mentally to have on hand upon request. And now the reason for this article! Loot talks about the importance of taking notes during the fight. While it may be a buzzkill, you’ll be happy that you did as they will come in handy while handicapping future bouts involving the MMA fighter in question.

What to Do When Losing – If you’re constantly paying the bookie, you’re obviously doing something wrong. MMA wagering can be beat, however, you need to approach the challenge with a proper method of operation. Loot offers help to readers who find themselves mired in losing streaks.

Things to Avoid When Placing MMA Wagers – Everybody wants to win at MMA betting, but most don’t take the proper precautions to avoid doing things that will cause them to lose long term. Many bettors fall into subconscious patterns, exclusively side with only underdogs or only favorites, fail to be selective and/or put much emphasis into past performances. Loot dives more into these topics and more!

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MMA Betting

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