Bettor Edges

MMA Betting: Bettor Edges

By Loot, Mixed Martial Arts Handicapper,

Think about how valuable the power of isolation is. What if throughout your whole life, you only got into fistfights with people who you specifically wanted to fight. Or if you only had to do business with people you chose to? Or if you only had to deal with people who you specifically like. We often wish we had it that easy. But in MMA betting, we actually have these luxuries.

MMA betting is unique even in the world of gambling. If you go to the casino, you might notice a similar dynamic with all forms of gambling they offer. At root, you more or less have to play on the playing field that is set up by the casino. You sit down at a blackjack table or a lot machine and you’re more or less playing their game–the way they want to play it.

Picture it this way–you’re a war general in the world of gambling. Your money represents your troops. If you’re a general who runs his troops into the ground, you are not choosing your battles wisely. Picture an average gambling man in the casino. He consistently exposes his troops to conditions that are not favorable. He is an underdog in every battle he engages. He might win a few here and there, but for the most part, he’s not using much discretion or discipline.

MMA betting is far more conducive for the calculated bettor. A list of fights gets put on the betting board. You have time to contemplate. You have time to see the odds change and move more in your favor. You get to pick which battles to fight. And you have the power of time to decide your best move. The dynamic of MMA and sports betting runs counter to every other form of gambling offered in the casino.

It’s really important for us to truly internalize this dynamic. We take it for granted sometimes. With MMA betting, we can look at ourselves like an eagle soaring the sky, looking for stuff to pounce on. Sometimes it’s a mouse, other times it might be a baby goat. We survey the list of MMA fights like how a predator hunts for prey. We take everything into account, we stalk the line, and if everything lines up well-we strike!

So why despite all the favorable conditions are there such few successful MMA bettors? Unfortunately, not all betting men take full advantage of the dynamic MMA betting offers. Betting on MMA just becomes a different way for them to gamble. They don’t value the power of isolation. They don’t stick to the script in the event of a loss. They don’t understand line movement. Their standards for troop involvement is not high enough.

Again, we need to value our ability in MMA betting to not only pick which battles we want to wage, but also along which terms we want to fight. The power of isolating how, when and if you want to battle gives you an edge, but only if it’s properly utilized. You need to be discretionary and selective or it’s all for naught.


Imagine if the fighters had this ability to choose. If a guy in the UFC were able to hand-pick who he wanted to fight, he would likely be able to do very well, or at least build up an impressive record. MMA bettors can do this–just lay back and look for easy pickings. It won’t always work out, but being able to pick stands to give you better results than if you had to bet all fights, regardless of how strongly you felt.

The power of patience and contemplation cannot be understated. Perhaps a line comes out on a fight. At first, the fighter you were thinking of betting is not being offered very favorable odds. But maybe the line moves in your favor as the fight draws nearer. You were able to wait until the conditions were more in your favor. It would be like if you were in a poker game and faced with a big bet. If money kept getting added to the pot, it could turn a fold into a call. When betting MMA, we can in effect do this–wait for conditions to improve enough so that a bet becomes the right move to make.

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