Benefits of Betting on MMA

MMA Betting: Benefits of Wagering on MMA

By Loot, MMA Handicapper,

MMA is one of the purest forms of betting. Sure, some of the things that plague other sports can still be found in MMA–like poor officiating or other political snafus that can rear their head from time to time. Still, when you picture people betting 2000 years ago on gladiator events, this is the final bastion of those types of things–competition in its purest form. Sure, it’s been toned down quite a bit from those days and thankfully so. There is still an undeniable purity to it.

We’re betting on one man. They have no equipment other than their bodies. There are no timeouts. The coach isn’t running plays. It comes down to two guys and who is the better fighter on that given night. When handicapping an MMA match, your analysis is restricted to singular entities. You’re not breaking down entire rosters of players and the dozens of different match-up possibilities that exist. It’s two guys fighting. There is an undeniable appeal to that.

This doesn’t mean its easier than other sports. The percentage of successful MMA bettors in the total pool of those who wager on MMA is relatively close to the extremely low success levels of bettors in other sports, like football, basketball, and baseball. So to say it’s easier would be incorrect. It’s just that the battle-lines are drawn a little more clearly.

Guys who wager on team-sports have a ton of considerations to make. Not that MMA betting is a simple endeavor. It’s not. It’s just a little more likely that when dealing with one athlete, you will be able to generate some opinions and insight that can help you win a wager. In addition, not all bettors and handicappers are completely aware of the full scope of abilities and weaknesses of every single fighter on the betting board. That gives you a little extra wiggle-room.

In a team sport, you will certainly be able to generate good observations that will give you an edge at the betting windows. It’s just that in MMA, the analysis is restricted to two fighters and how they play off each other–not a field of play with 22 guys running around. It allows you to hone in on certain thing and have more assurance that what you observed will play out when the sport has a one-on-one dynamic. When there is a large group of people on a field of play, there is a greater chance that what you thought would be a factor will get drowned out.

In sports, the same teams are there year after year. Sure they add different guys into the mix and can either improve or get worse. MMA offers a constantly-rotating cast of characters. Every few years, there are a bunch of completely different group of fighters who are on the big betting board. In other words, an MMA bettor will always have a chance to use his original insight and apply it to untapped resources, where the opportunities are rife with possibilities.


There are more things to bet on in MMA where the true powers of the fighter are still shrouded in uncertainty and doubt. You can hone in on potential stars before they actually get propelled into the big-time. You might see a fighter on his way up the ranks and know how good he is before the rest of the MMA community signs on to that belief. Meanwhile, you’re cashing in on bets. The world of MMA betting, perhaps more than any other sport, rewards the bettor for generating original thoughts, opinions, and insights. If you think a college football team is better than what everyone else is saying, you’ll cover a few spreads, which is great. In MMA betting, being original and ahead of the common school-of-thought will allow you win bets where you’re getting +500 on your money, or even better.

We need to realize it’s not easy. In a lot of sports, there are a few or maybe several different ways a team can win. In MMA, fighters have any number of techniques at their disposal. There are literally dozens of ways a fighter can beat another fighter. So when we handicap a match, we go in realizing that there is no way we could account for every little thing. Anything can happen in a sport where a guy is one bad move from being knocked out or submitted. When a defense breaks down in football, the worst that can happen is a touchdown. In MMA, a mistake can lead to the whole thing being over. So it’s not easy. But if you are able to create a sound handicapping model and stay ahead of the masses–you have a good chance to profit.

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