College Football Handicapping

Welcome to the college football handicapping page! If you take time to read the articles on this page, it’s almost a lock that you’ll increase your winning percentage and enhance your chances of collecting from the bookies rather than paying them! There are many ways to handicap an NCAA football game. Loot gives you all the hot tips you’ll need right here!

Getting Tuned into the Concept of Value – A lot of bettors fall into the trap of neglecting value on their quest to pick winners when betting on college football. Value means we are getting the most out of our betting dollar. It’s a simple concept, but one that is neglected by many bettors except the ones who do it the best. In this article, Loot breaks down why value needs to be a key concern and how you can get the best value when wagering on NCAA Football.

Early Season College Football Betting – When things are more undefined, that’s a time to take advantage. Early in a football season is a time when you can make your original insights and perspectives really count for something. Once the writing is on the wall, it’s too late. In this piece, Loot breaks down how we can position ourselves to take full advantage of the early-going in the college football season. Click here to read more!

Signs That You Are Making Solid Wagers – As bettors on a journey of betting on college football, it’s easy to get lost in the mix and lose sight of what you’re really trying to do–which is make money. We can sometimes find ourselves betting for action and entertainment, or doing any number of things that are hazardous to our bottom-line. In this article, Loot breaks down the traits we will need to show in order to become a threat against the bookie. Click here to review the key traits to indicate a strong bettor to see where you stand!

Being Stuck in the Past – What we have seen and thought in the past will always be in our heads when betting on college football. However, if a bet we are making today is largely based on observations we made in the past, it’s not hard to see where we could run into problems. In order to stay ahead of the game, we need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to our perceptions on players and teams in college football. In this piece, Loot explains how it’s a very common problem to rely on the past and how we can make that a smaller part of how we view players and teams in the sport. Click here!

The Fear of Being Wrong – Fear can be a major factor in college football betting. Some of us have come to grips with losing bets, as it is an unfortunate byproduct of college football wagering where we’re just not going to be right every time. Others, however, do not take losing so easily. That could be a good thing, but it can also prevent you from really seeing if you have what it takes to hang with the big boys. In this article, Loot lays down the blueprint as to how we should deal with the element of fear when betting on college pigskin.

Leaving the Ego at the Door – In many avenues in life, an inflated ego can lead to bad results. That notion is even amplified in the world of college football betting, where a lack of a humble attitude is a telltale sign for future ruin. In this article, Loot breaks down why it’s crucial to maintain an even-keel when betting on college football, while exploring the negative byproducts that stem from having an inflated ego. Click here to get the lowdown!

Keeping Your Expectations Realistic – Some people might think college football betting is something where they can get rich quick. But when betting against a point spread, there is only so much we can do. We’re not going to win all our bets or even most of them. At the end of the day, we need to remember that the goal is to simply win more than lose. In this article, Loot helps us understand how winning in college football is done. Click here, as Loot helps us understand that becoming resolute and persistent are key traits when trying to beat the bookie.

The Importance of Original Insight – In order to win college football bets and outsmart the bookie, we need to develop unique thoughts and insight about games that we bet. When we base our picks upon obvious information that everyone is privy to, including the bookies, our results are only going to be so good. In this article, Loot analyzes how we can blaze our own paths by developing off-the-radar insight that really gives us an edge when betting on college pigskin action. Click here to find out more!

All the Different Bets (An Overview, Part I) – Before you plunge into the deep waters of college football wagring, it’s only right that you understand all the different weapons at your disposal. In this piece, Loot breaks down all the different wagers you can make when betting on college football. With examples and plain English, Loot makes it easy for the most novice of bettors to understand. Click here to read more!

All the Different Bets (An Overview, Part II) – In the second part of a two-part article, Loot helps break down all the different bets in your arsenal when battling the bookie in college football. Some of these bets are more off-the-radar, but it’s important to at least know the different avenues we can take on our road to beating the bookie. And in this piece, Loot makes it easy for all to understand, even for the most novice of bettors. Click here!

The Importance of Your Lifestyle – When trying to become a winner at college football betting, there is more at play than simply the games. We need to win the battle that rages inside of us. And the harsh truth is that a lot of our lifestyles aren’t terribly conducive to achieving the high levels of concentration needed to make our best picks. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies with our lifestyles and other times, it’s just impossible to find the time needed to succeed at this. Click here, as Loot helps break down how to stay above the fray when it comes to balancing life and handicapping college football games.

Staying Flexible – When betting on college football, we will find that nothing stays the same. With such young players and teams, things can change drastically within a typical college football season. Bettors who adhere to very rigid and fixed opinions and perspectives will always lag behind bettors who are able to remain dynamic and constantly change their perceptions. Click here for more!

Finding Value in Sides and Totals – All college football bettors who are able to consistently produce a hefty profit margin have one thing on common–how they isolate betting scenarios where they are able to get the best value. The best in this business are not ruled by personal opinions and biases, but are led by the principle that maximum betting value is what it’s all about. In this piece, Loot explains how we can make good betting value a key tenet of our betting profiles.

Evaluating Quarterbacks – NCAA QB’s are quite a bit different than pro quarterbacks and they should be treated differently in your approach to betting on college football. Top signal callers get lots of media attention. Sometimes this leads to overblown valuations which then leads to inflated point spreads. Loot talks about what to look for in a college QB.

Pick Good or Bad Teams? Loot dives into the controversial topic of whether we should be looking at betting good or bad teams. There’s an old saying that says “good teams win and bad teams cover” and many a bettor has made a living following that advice. Its not always true though, as evidenced by a Boise State squad that had a great run for many years, often times as 30 point favorites!

The Zen of College Football Betting – As college football bettors, we spend most of our time and effort on handicapping different things on the field of play. Over the course of the season, we can lose touch with ourselves a bit–both mentally and emotionally. The college football season will test the limits of your patience and overall composure. This article helps break down some of the different spiritual elements at play and how a college football bettor can help keep himself level during the season.

Pay Attention to Offensive Linemen – This is an often overlooked facet of college football betting. The same can be said for pro football betting as well. It’s not really something one thinks about because such a big deal is made of QB’s, RB’s and Wide Receivers. How many times have you made a bet, turned on the game only to be dumbfounded by how a stud defensive lineman/linebacker is ripping through the other team’s offensive line? Get proactive! Know ahead of time which teams have good/bad OL’s!

Things to Watch Out For – Keep in mind that these are just kids playing this game. Many who are fresh out of high school. Prep level football players likely traveled across town to play their games. Division I college football players are hopping flights, staying in hotels, doing homework, going to classes etc. All of these factors can result in fatigue. Loot also talks about general consensus and how it factors into betting on games.

Food For Thought – Momentum and inertia in college football is real. It’s different than the pros though. When a struggling college football team is struggling, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to have a bounceback. In fact, often times they continue to struggle. Loot talks about this important variable as well as college football sandwich games and how weather affects certain players/teams.

Trends and Public Opinion – These are two variables that can be poisonous to your bankroll and can/will keep you from getting into the winner’s circle. Loot advises readers how to properly handle each topic.

Handicapping College Football Injuries – One man goes down and another steps up to take his place. This second stringer will obviously have somewhat less talent otherwise he’d be the starter right? Well, kind of. Loot takes a deeper look into this situation and talks about positions where this matters and doesn’t matter quite as much.

Betting on College Football Teams That You Think are Due – NCAA football is quite a bit different than betting on the pros. If a college foots squad has a bad offensive line or bad secondary, there’s a better than good chance that they’re going to struggle all season long. They simply don’t have the option of replacing players via the free agent or trade route. The backups are likely younger and inexperienced which doesn’t fill the hole. In college football betting, it could be said that a situation “is what it is” and will remain that way until the next season and possibly longer. So when you get that feeling that a team is due, put the kabosh on it!