Giving it Time

You’ve often heard it said that success in college football betting is something that takes years to prove. No one is considered either good or bad at NCAA football wagering based on one trip to Vegas or a week spent betting online. It takes years. And the main reason for that is that success or failure is something that needs to be proven over the course of many, many bets.

If you set upon the course of betting on college football, avoid making any determinations until you have enough results to make a worthwhile conclusion on your abilities. Even the best in this business have experienced cold streaks that stretched out over dozens, if not hundreds of results. And let’s not forget–when you first start, you’re still learning. You’ll pick some things up as you keep doing it. Just like anything in life, the more you do it, the more capable you will become. Hopefully. Nothing is guaranteed in the topsy-turvy world of college football betting.

None of us go to a betting window without thinking we know what we’re doing. It’s just that in the beginning, we are not aware of all the countless little variables that we later ascertain and incorporate into our betting outlook. So we can’t get too down on results at that point in our betting journey. Chances are, you’re going to need to take a few knocks on your way up the ladder. Almost no one gets to the top of the food chain without first being the prey.

Even if you have experience and know a lot about betting on college football, there are still going to be rough patches. The problem some of us bettors run into is reading too much into short-term results. Then, we act on the basis of something that might be an aberration. Some betting men overhaul their approach. Or they just stop betting altogether.

Before you place your first bet, understand that there is a huge failure rate in college pigskin wagering. Most simply cannot win at this. If they could, more would be doing it professionally, but only a select few can do that. And even those guys go through major dry spells. So what makes us so special? Where do we come off thinking we’re going to somehow be above it all? Well, we’re not above it and learning how to accept bad results in stride is as key a factor in succeeding in betting as anything else.

You just need to give it time and let it play out over a certain period of time prior to making any concrete judgments, whether good or bad. It works the other way too. Just as bettors tend to get overly-discouraged in the face of mounting losses, there are those who are ready to quit their jobs after just a few weeks of success. Again–avoid making any real judgments until you have enough results under your belt. How many results is up to you, but suffice to say it’s not 10 results. Or 50. Or even 100. Before anything becomes a bonafide reality in your betting, at least hundreds of results are needed.

Happenstance can come into play over the short-term. Maybe you’re just snake-bitten. Nothing is going right. Touchdowns that would allow you to cover the spread are called back seemingly every time. A team’s best players just fall flat on a given day. When you bet on football games, the other teams are having their best games of the season. It’s important to weather these periods of bad luck and endure to thrive another day.


If after a few years and several hundred results, you’re losing, then maybe you can decide you’re not cut out for this. Or maybe every time you win at sports betting, you blow it at the craps table. After that happens over and over–you can begin making unpleasant evaluations about yourself. And let’s face it, a lot of us are reluctant to acknowledge our own misgivings. No one wants to think they suck at college football betting. Sometimes, however, we need to stop blaming everything but ourselves.

Sure, we can be snake-bitten over a period of time, where it’s not our lack of betting ability holding us back, but just one piece of misfortune after the other. If after 3 years and 750 bets, we have not shown a profit or are losing badly, then maybe you can say that you need to find something else to do with your time. Just don’t jump to conclusions. It takes more than a bad day, week, or month to indicate you have or don’t have what it takes.

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