Bets We Should Utilize More

College Football Betting Tips: Bets We Should Utilize More

By Loot, College Football Betting,

We can get locked into the way we bet. A lot of betting men stick with what they’re comfortable playing. For the most part, that’s straight bets against the spread. If it’s not a straight bet, it’s a teaser or a parlay. Many bettors stay on this carrousel for life–trying to eke out profits making straight wagers, parlays, and teasers.

Most of these guys know about the other bets, but perhaps feel uncomfortable
dipping their toe into the waters of the unfamiliar. One is betting
on totals–over/under bets
. A lot of betting men steer clear of
totals. The belief is that it is easier for them to pick which team will
beat the spread, as opposed to trying to gauge how many points will be scored.
Picking a side can win in any number of situations. It can be a low or high-scoring
game, a close contest, or a blowout. Over-unders make bettors feel as if
they have to be more exact.

One upside to totals is that it is a form of betting that is typically easier to beat than picking against the spread. The guys who show a profit over the long haul in college football wagering typically have totals as a rather central feature of their betting repertoire. It makes sense. You have 60 games going on around the country. There is more potential to find a weak total on the betting board.

Another option is halftime-betting. When betting before
the game even starts, there is a definite element of the unknown. You don’t
really know what the complexion of the game will be. At halftime, however,
you will have certain information and perhaps have a better sense of how
that half will unfold than you did before the game.

Not all the games will have halftime sides or totals that will be worth betting (Although BetAnySports Sportsbook seems to carry almost all of them). But sometimes, especially in college football, not all the games will be monitored that closely. The halftime score will sometimes be the guiding light for setting the line or total for the second half. Those watching a game can sometimes sense things like momentum, when a team has taken their foot off the gas, and a lot of other things that can strongly swing a game in your favor–things that aren’t available when betting a standard straight bet before the game.

Look for scores that aren’t reflective of the game, like when a team scores a couple fluky touchdowns. In other words, look for things out of the ordinary that don’t seem accounted for in the halftime lines. You can sometimes sense when a game will be a tale of two halves and if the halftime line suggests things will be the same, you can find a nice spot here and there.

Moneylines can be utilized to accentuate your results.
For underdogs, you can take them on the money line and stand to earn big
profits. With small underdogs, you might have a good sense when a team will
win the game outright. When getting +160 or +180, you can be wrong more
often than you’re right and still come out ahead.

With major underdogs, teams fringing on double-digit dog status, a few well-placed bets throughout the season can really help your bottom line. Look for good spots when a team is getting +400 or +500 and not really in a situation where a win is that unfathomable. Be careful, though, because it can be a little painful to lose money line bets that would have otherwise covered against the spread.

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The value in betting favorites on the money line is problematic, forcing you to maintain a very high winning percentage to stay afloat. In some situations, betting a mild favorite on the money line can give you some relief, though your return is compromised. Parlaying big favorites on the money line is a potential option. When there are two teams you are fairly certain will win the game outright, a two-team money line parlay can make it worth betting. Be careful, however, because with all the upsets in college football, it hurts to lose bets when the amount you stood to win wasn’t very much anyway.