Staying Informed

College Football Betting: Staying Informed

By Loot, College Football Handicapper,

Today, there is really no excuse to not be informed. The only question nowadays is how much information you can handle. Back in the day, getting all the vital information you need on college football was nearly impossible. Now today’s earnest researcher is on par with what would have been considered an insider in days of old.

Information is the fuel for our picks. The more info we have, the more educated our selections will be. And there are many different types of people who can help us arrive at our wagering conclusions. Not all of them are expert handicappers. Some might just be good at explaining a game, others might be good at uncovering information and making sense of it, while others are just extremely knowledgable about certain teams.

It’s just that sometimes these analysts get taken away from their true strengths when called upon to pick a winner. When you read articles from writers on the Internet or listen to analysts on ESPN, remember what their expertise truly is. It’s not picking games–that’s for sure. They are informed individuals. They were hired because they can explain what is happening in college football. For the most part, handicapping college football games for betting purposes is not a part of their profile.

It’s important to weed out all the voices and hone in on the guys who really know what they’re talking about–whether it be on radio, TV, or on the Web. What makes it so hard is that a lot of the voices sound the same on the surface. Everyone is so confident these days. Go on any message board involving any topic and see for yourself how there seems to longer be room for middle ground.

Everyone seems to talk from a position of absolute authority. Bet enough college football and you will realize that very little is black or white. But that doesn’t stop the vast majority of people on the Internet from stating everything in terms of absolute extremes. The temptation can be to go along with a person who is utterly confident about a game.

Choose who you listen to wisely. In the world of college football handicapping, there is a lot of misplaced confidence. The urge might be to take to heart the words of a person who is so confident. But remember, that’s just the world we live in. People are less hedging on their opinions. You never hear people preface what they’re saying with “I could be wrong, but…”

Do not be drawn in by people who try to come off like they’re Jimmy “The Greek” when they’re really not equipped to be good handicappers. First of all, how many people who throw around picks on TV are actually betting on the game? If you don’t have your money where your mouth is, your picks don’t amount to jack-squat.

Joining a good forum can be helpful. There are actually a lot of bright individuals who will freely discuss college football from a handicapping angle with you. After spending a certain amount of time getting familiar with the different posters, you might even find some guys who can really pick the hell out of a college football game.

In college football, you can get real specific with what forums you read. There isn’t a lot of national news on a lot of teams. Join more specialized forums. It can really help you stay informed about teams you are thinking of betting on or against where there is only regional interest at best.


And while we get in the mode of gathering information on teams and players, let’s not forget ourselves. We need to also consider what we’re doing right and wrong. Keeping detailed records on all the games we bet is not just for keeping track of our bankroll and won-loss record. The account history will tell us that. But keep more pointed records and then start to see patterns–both good and bad.

It will take a lot of time and bets to develop a data base big enough for you to draw truly worthwhile conclusions. After a few hundred games, though, things will stand out. You might see that you are only 30% betting on double-digit favorites. Maybe you’re taking a beating betting on road favorites. Or perhaps you’re 70% when betting on a certain team. After a certain amount of time, you can begin to see definite strong suits and weak points and then make the correct adjustments.