How to Deal With Winning

College Football Betting: How to Deal With Winning

By Loot, NCAA Football Handicapper,

A lot has been said on the topic of how to handle losing in college football wagering. The amount of discussion we hear on how to handle defeat might distract us from the importance of how we should handle success. Losing is obviously a bigger problem. If winning is a problem, that’s a good problem to have. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t textbook pitfalls that swallow up one bettor after the next, even if they’re winning.

Some of the more common trappings that accompany success are the same things that would derail an athlete who is ill-equipped to handle success. We can start to get a big head. We can begin thinking we are better than we actually are. If we get too sold on our success, we might stop doing the work we needed to do that helped us even get in that position in the first place. Or maybe our head-space just changes and we lose our touch.

There are some good feelings that come with winning in college football betting. That’s OK. You should feel good when you’re winning. It should instill you with confidence. It’s just that humans have a tendency to get carried away, whether things are going bad or well. When losing, it seems more dire than it actually is. When winning, we can also start to think it’s better than it really is.

We’ve probably all known people who bet on college football for a little while and have some success. They hit the ground running and are cashing in a lot of bets. Then something happens in their minds and none of it is particularly good. They start thinking about moving to Vegas to do this professionally. Or they figure if they’re winning with smaller bet amounts, it only makes sense to bet and win more. So they start making bigger wagers than what they should.

A strange thing happens when a bettor starts getting mesmerized by his own press clippings. Keeping in mind, of course, that these press clippings are self-generated. A big head never gets anyone anywhere and in college football betting, it is a telltale precursor to going broke. There is a huge difference between winning and being a proven winner.

Success in college football betting is something that takes years to establish. In other words, it doesn’t matter how good of a month you had. It’s promising if you were up for a whole season. Take solace in that. It just doesn’t prove you’re a winner. There may have been something peculiar about that season that just fit well into your wheelhouse. The next season may go differently. This happens more often than not. In other words, if you have a decade under your belt of winning at betting on college football–you’re a winner. If you are kicking butt this year, you’re doing well. But no player who hits .300 once is going to the Hall of Fame. You need to string together a long period of winning before you can rightfully identify yourself as a proven winner in college football betting.

Dance with the girl you brought to the dance. That’s an old, worn-out expression, but it bears repeating in the world of betting. For those who are winning, there are some things you’re probably doing right. Your head is in a good place and the result is that you’re cashing in bets. For some, however, winning can erode those things. Something snaps in your head and you’re not looking at things the same way anymore. You begin overrating your handicapping ability. Your expectations are that you’ll keep winning. In college football wagering, it’s not a question of if, but rather when you will hit that cold streak. Be prepared to handle it.


For those bettors who began by winning, losing can register a lot harder. How they handle it might be even worse than the guy who began betting and was struggling right from the get-go. In most areas of life, those who handle hardships the worst are those who are accustomed to only having success.

Again, winning is a better problem to have. Just don’t let it become a problem. Keep your nose on the grindstone and never waver with your energy and focus. Truly realize what it takes to be a proven winner and understand that you’re not there yet. That will help you stay grounded. Remain steadfast and never think this is easy. You’re butting heads with the best in the business and there is no room in this business for having an inflated ego.