Don’t Forget to Be Happy When You Win

College Football Betting: Don’t Forget to Be Happy When You Win

By Loot, College Football Handicapper,

For those who have ever spent time in a sportsbook, it may seem strange to see an article urging people to be more happy when things go well. When you hear people screaming when the opposing running back is dropped for a one-yard loss on first down, it doesn’t seem like they need to let loose more. Nevertheless, a lot of bettors are joyless in victory and tormented when losing. That’s not a good recipe.

Being happy doesn’t mean acting like a lunatic at a sportsbook. When you bet on sports, you want to act like you’ve been there before. It’s more of an internal joy, a satisfaction that should accompany the act of winning money betting on and watching college football. It’s odd that some people need a reminder to feel happy when winning, but a lot of us do.

Some of this dynamic is coming from the right place. You expect to win. That’s OK. When it leads to you feeling torn-apart for losing, then it’s gone too far. And just because you expect something to be the case doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy when it comes to fruition. It’s important to find balance.

You want to operate on a relatively even-keel. Over-celebrating wins and excessively regretting losses are both bad signs. If you’re high-fiving everyone is sight when you win, it suggests you are driven by action and thrills. But if you get too down in the dumps when losing or being on a bad run, it could also lead to some bad things.

At the same time, we don’t want to be joyless in victory. If you want to look at college football betting more like a business, that’s good. There is still a magic that comes with winning at college football betting. When we were all in school, no one told us you can watch sports and earn money. Becoming a sports bettor wasn’t something that people pushed on us, so we were oblivious to it for the most part. If kids knew about it, forget about lawyers, doctors, and firemen. Sports bettor would have been the job most kids picked.

If you are winning consistently, you should really take some satisfaction from it. Don’t get a big head, which might make you to slip up. But feel good that you are making some extra money by doing something you have been doing your whole life–watching college football. You’re able to show the people who were angry at you for idling away hours watching sports that it counted for something. You can’t make money by watching the news everyday. Watching Oprah everyday wouldn’t have earned you any money. But watching college football avidly since childhood can do that.

Those who register almost zero joy from winning are looking at it the wrong way. They feel they are entitled to win. When they are successful, they feel that it is a result of things working out the way they should. In college football betting, nothing is easy. Things should work out a certain way on paper, but part of what drives the worldwide interest in sports is that it often goes nothing according to plan. If it did, there wouldn’t be as much interest.


In college football betting, we’re putting our money behind a bunch of young guys running around on a field. You can’t always pinpoint things like that, so when you are nailing it, acknowledge your good fortune. Because that’s what it is. Winning at NCAA football betting isn’t always about picking the better team. It’s about avoiding the bolts of misfortune from beyond that commonly cause winning bets to become losers. When you’re on a good streak of being able to sidestep those bad twists of fate, be thankful. Be happy.

For some of us, college football betting makes us jaded about the sport. Whereas we used to be exhilarated by watching college football, we can start looking at it with the same joy that stock players show when following the market. Sure, there is a certain seriousness that should accompany wagering, but we should always keep a little of the spirit we had as kids.