Welcome to Loot’s college football betting tips page! Here you’ll find a collection of articles written by professional NCAA football handicappers that expose all the tricks that the bookies don’t want you to know. These articles WILL increase your odds of beating the books if you take the time to read them. College football betting is not as easy as it looks! Approximately 97% of college football bettors lose long term! You need all the edges that you can get! Enjoy!

Is It Just Chaos? – Sometimes when you make your bets and sit down to watch college pigskin, you will become irritated when it begins to seem like your wagers are determined by mere randomness. The way the wind blows might as well decide your bets. It can be frustrating to have your wagers decided by unaccountable random factors. In this article, Loot breaks down the inherent lack of reliability at the college level that we all have to accept, while also offering a few pointers on how to protect yourself better from happenstance so that your handicapping can better resonate. Click here to read!

Things You Must Not Do – There are a lot of things that pros do in order to show a profit year after year in college football betting. As we take our journeys as college football bettors, we try to add some of those elements to our betting profile. What might be easier to do in the meanwhile is to spend some time pondering what the pros do not do. In this article, Loot reviews some of the behavior and thought patterns that will lead you to ruin so that you can avoid them. Click here for the lowdown!!!

Success Comes From Within – In any walk of life, the most successful people are those who are able to forge their own paths. It is no different in college football betting, where the real winners in this game are the ones who are able to rely on independently-generated analysis and insight. In this article, Loot discusses how we should avoid being dependent on others to tell us how the ball bounces and how forging your own analysis and predictive abilities is how winning is done. Click here to read!

Key Handicapping Tips – In order to become a dependable winner in college football betting, you will need to build up a long list of solid and proven methods of handicapping games. In addition, you will need to learn how to look at college football wagering and where you fit into the equation the proper way. In this article, Loot reviews a small handful of some of the more solid handicapping practices and outlooks, as we get ready to crush the bookie this season! Click here for more!

Key Handicapping Tips, Part II – Loot covers some of the more vital tips we will need to be hip to in this article. He will approach how we should handle injuries and how to accommodate for them in our betting. Then, Loot examines the concept that “bad teams cover” and sheds some light on the notion that bad college football teams offer superior betting value. Click here to read!

Don’t Forget to Be Happy When You Win – For some reason in college football betting, losing stands out more than winning. It’s the losses that stick with us. Some of that is natural, especially in games where you lose in agonizing fashion. We can’t get carried away, though, and get to the point where we experience only pain and no pleasure when betting on NCAA football. It’s important to not take winning for granted. If the only emotions we allow ourselves to feel are bad, it’s not good for our wagering and sense of overall balance. Click here, as Loot breaks down why we need to keep an even-keel in the topsy-turvy world of college pigskin wagering.

Finding the Right Spot – It’s not as easy as it sounds, as most of us like to bury ourselves up to our necks in action come college football season. But the powers of isolation are our main asset, as a college football bettor can sit and wait for the ideal spot before pouncing on it. Being able to wait calculatingly for a prime betting spot is not something afforded to most when they gamble, but in college football, we can isolate the best spots. In this article, Loot breaks down why it’s key to not bet too many games, but rather wait for the best spots before getting involved. Click here to read!

Getting it Right But Being Wrong – The players are just kids. The officials, while good, are not at the top of their profession. Same with the coaches. Actually, we should be surprised when things go according to plan in a college pigskin game. But it’s surprising when so many bettors became furious when a game doesn’t go according to plan. This is a sport where our analysis can be perfect, only to get spoiled by any number of different things that can pop up during a game. In this piece, Loot breaks down the different unforeseeable events that can spoil what was otherwise a very solid analysis. Click here to read!

Respecting the Bottom Line – Crying over spilled milk is very real for the average college football bettor. Week in and week out, we put ourselves in a position to lose bets in the most agonizing way possible. These kids, coaches, and referees in college pigskin games will really put you to the test. We can burn up a lot of energy and kill our winning spirit when we pine over bets that were lost by cruel twists of fate or when a team we almost pulled the trigger on covers the spread by a mile. But in order to retain a healthy outlook on college football betting, we need to develop a certain numbness to the ups and downs and just respect the bottom line. Click here to read!

Keeping Your Cool During Bowl Season – Bowl season can present the bettor with an opportunity to finish the college football betting season on a strong note. But some bettors end up ruining a whole season’s worth of good work by getting too carried away during this time of the year. In this piece, Loot helps us understand why it’s key to not have our betting standards erode during bowl season so that we can end on a strong note. Click here to read more!

How to Deal With Winning – The title of this article might raise some eyebrows. What’s the problem with winning? Isn’t that what we’re trying to do? That may well be true, but there are many bettors who allow a window of success to give them delusions of grandeur, as bettors allow their ego to erode the quality of their bets. Not everyone is able to keep a level head when winning. In this piece, Loot explores some of the pitfalls that come with success so we can avoid them and stay on the winning track once we get on it. Click here!

Wagering as an Investment – There are a lot of similarities in being a good college football bettor and being successful in the stock market. A lot us who bet on college football can stand to use a dose of what makes people good at playing the stocks. In this article, Loot breaks down the ways we can look at college football betting like the stock market in an effort to improve our results. Click here to read more!

Scheduling – Every college football team has its share of ups and downs in a typical season. And those results might seem somewhat random, but they’re often times not. A lot of clues and insight on how a team will perform can be gathered by looking at the schedule. Click here, as Loot helps break down how we can better pinpoint a team’s level of play by using information that lies within a team’s scheduling.

Playing Conditions – When we bet on college football, we need to remember that these are young athletes, many of whom are directly out of high school. They are used to certain conditions. Now in college, they are going to need to deal with certain conditions when they play that they are not accustomed to. Click on this article to learn more about how these conditions can affect a young player and what we need to do as bettors to make the proper accommodations.

Juice – With every college football bet we make, we must pay juice, which is a word used to describe the tax we pay when placing wagers. It’s a part of doing business when wagering on college football. In this article, Loot explains juice, while offering tips on how to avoid paying big juice. Click here!

Staying Informed – Information is a key part of success in college football wagering. But there is such a giant amount of material out there that it can be difficult to decide what to use. In this article, Loot offers some tips on the better information at our avail and how to avoid the empty information that can only pollute our betting outlook. Click here for more!

Choosing the Right Book – When betting on college football, we need to be able to be secure that we are dealing with a book that has integrity, options, and easy withdrawal options. There are some similarities with most books, but there can be enough differences that we need to do a little homework before choosing a book. Click here to read about the key considerations we need to make before choosing a book that best suits our needs.

Narrowing Your Focus – There is SO much to bet on these days and so many wager options. Could it be possible that this is part of the bookies strategy to make it harder for you to win? Of course it is! One of the best things that you can do is narrow your focus and stick to what you know. That being only betting on college football teams within your region. Teams that you know WELL. Be careful though! Being a homer and not eliminating your biases can get you in trouble!

Why You Need to Watch the Games – All too often, college football handicappers place bets on teams that they’ve never even seen play. It’s no wonder that 97% of all football bettors lose long term. Games aren’t played on paper folks! They’re played on the field and the only way to truly gauge what a team can do is to watch them. We understand that it’s not possible to watch more than a handful of games on any given weekend, but if you’re betting on a team, it better be one that you’re familiar with or you’re gonna get roasted!

Bets We Should Utilize More – Loot points out that most bettors get locked into placing the same type of wagers each week. Did you know that totals are easier to beat than point spread bets? The proof is that bookies have lower limits on totals wagers. He also talks about inserting halftime wagers into your betting arsenal as well as moneyline underdogs which give you the ability to hit less than 50% of your picks and still turn a profit!

Exercise Sound Handicapping and Wagering Consistency – As you become a more experienced football bettor and gain handicapping prowess, you’ll learn that there’s a right way to handicap and a wrong way. Loot gives some great tips here that WILL increase your winning percentage against the spread.

College Football Handicapping Tips: Key Points to Remember – There are little things that you can do to help bolster your chances against the bookies. Beating 52.38% (breakeven point) is TOUGH. You need to pull out all the stops and use every single edge, advantage and tidbit of info that you can find to tilt the scales. Loot gives some great advice in this article!

How High Expectations Kill Betting Value – There is a certain prestige to having your college football team in the limelight and being showcased on ESPN, newspapers and on the radio. Hype is the byproduct of success! On the flip side, we DON’T want the media to give any attention to teams that we like to bet on because this sucks the value out of the spread! As a general rule of thumb, the more hyped a team is, the less value they’ll have in their point spread.

Dealing With Winning and Losing – Casinos and Sportsbooks were built on people who came in without a plan and had no respect for money. How many times have you seen a gambler who was lucky enough to get ahead, start betting frivolously, stating that he’s “playing with the house’s money”? Heck, we’ve all been there ourselves! This article offers a bit of “college football betting psychology” with regards to how you should handle yourself while you’re both winning and losing.

The Pros and Cons of College Football Coaching Changes – When people think college football betting, they rarely factor in “the coach” into their handicapping. This is a vastly underrated variable when it comes to handicapping games and should always be taken into account. In this article, Loot takes a look at how coaching changes can provide wagering opportunities (or passes) when capping the week’s games.