College Football Betting Strategy

Welcome to Loot’s page about college football betting strategy! Here you’ll find a collection of college football betting articles written by professional football gamblers that allow you to arm yourself with information that you can use to your advantage and that will increase your odds of beating the sportsbooks. Strategy is different than tips and advice. Strategy is a game plan. As you probably know, knowledge is power. Any successful business venture or plan to produce revenue needs a well-executed game plan. We like to call that our sports betting arsenal. Angles that you can use to increase your chances of beating the spread and cashing those tickets! Enjoy!

Stressing the Matchup Component – We have all made this mistake before, where we individually evaluate teams and then bet on a game with certain expectations. Then we tune in and see something quite different than what we projected unfolding. A lot of that stems from people’s tendency to overlook the matchup component when betting on college football games. In this article, Loot illustrates the limitations in judging teams as if they stand alone and shows us how accounting for how two teams will mesh is really the key. Take a look!

Signs That You Should Stop or Take an Extended Break – Not everything is an uphill climb in college football betting. There will be some rough patches and it can really take the wind out of a bettor’s sails. When getting hammered by defeats, it’s likely that it will have a detrimental affect on your wagering. In this article, Loot explores the possible benefits in taking a breather when things get bad and how airing out the house and catching your breath is sometimes the best remedy. Check it out!

Giving Yourself a Fair Chance – A lot of college football bettors don’t really afford themselves the opportunity to truly see if they have what it takes to success in college pigskin wagering. They either go too crazy on single weekends or place too much stock in the short-term. This is a marathon and not a sprint and we need to make that accommodation in how we operate when betting on college football. Loot explains in this article how to really give yourself the best chance to make a go at this by looking at the big picture and not burning out before you’ve even had a chance to get your feet wet. Click here!

Respecting the Money : As college football bettors, we need to take it seriously. One way we can make sure to do that is by working on how we perceive money. It’s strange how so many bettors look at money they have tied up in wagering as Monopoly money, so to speak. You will hear guys talking about playing with the “house’s money and just treating their money with a cavalierness that really has a way of eating away at a bankroll. In this article, Loot explains why it’s critical to perceive money we win by betting just as any other way we look at making money. Click here for more!

The Dangers of Losing in Agonizing Fashion – Losing in college football betting can take on many forms. Some losses will be easy to come to grips with, while other losses will be so agonizing that it will test the limits of our mettle. When college football bettors flame out, many will point to a very painful loss as to where the downward spiral began. There are certain types of losses that will really test your patience and long-range plan. In this article, Loot explains the utter importance in being able to unemotionally process these defeats, so that one unfortunate turn of events doesn’t end up leading you to the extinction list. Click here to read!

Bad Reasons to Not Bet on College Football – There are a lot of people who want to bet on college football and they feel they could be good at it, but they don’t get involved. Some of these people have very good and legitimate reasons to abstain. Others, however, don’t get involved due to perceived issues that might not really be issues at all. In this piece, Loot breaks down some of those concerns for those who might be ready to test themselves in the world of NCAA football betting. Click here!

Mental Aspect of College Football Betting – One good month against the spread doesn’t warrant a puffed out chest and a fat head. In fact, when you’re winning, it’s actually the most dangerous time to be a bettor! Confidence runs high and human nature can sometimes make us lazy and get derailed from the good handicapping habits that led to your success. It’s not uncommon for a guy on a heater to think that everything he touches turns to gold. Don’t let this happen to you! This article serves as a great reminder and should be read by both the novice and pro sports bettor.

What the Professional Handicappers Do – In this article, Loot reminds us all of the key traits and tendencies of those who win over the long haul when betting on college football. There are all kinds of things that the pros do when betting on college pigskin that we should keep in mind as we approach the wagering of this sport. Read this article to find out what some of those more key points are. Click here!

How to Win at Football Betting – If football betting were your local swimming pool, too many bettors would be floundering around in the shallow end. Many want to swim in deep waters, but don’t possess the skills necessary to be on the big boy side of the pool. They could if they’d learn how to swim, but most choose not to and that’s the reason continue to hit 48-50% of their picks year after year. Consequently, that’s also why bookies drive Cadillacs and why Vegas gives you all of those cool “free” comps. Forgot about “oh this team has a good quarterback and scored 40 points a game and they’re playing a bad team” kind of handicapping. That’s already figured into the point spread. The pros read between the lines. Loot divulges some great handicapping secrets in this article!

Preparing for the Season – Very few NCAA football handicappers have the brain capacity to know and remember all 100+ Division I college football rosters/stats. Loot recommends that bettors focus on specific conferences located close to them instead of winging it. He also talks about the importance of keeping detailed records of your wagers to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Handicapping the Human Element – You can read stats until you’re blue in the face (and not get anywhere). You need to dig into local newspaper websites and watch as many games as possible in order to get an edge by using the human element to your advantage. These are kids we’re betting on. Loot also talks about injury replacements and the difference between a backup at a huge school vs. a small college (and more).

Finding Good Value – College football bettors are human. They watch Sportscenter, listen to sports talk radio shows, read newspaper headlines and sort through countless articles online. Almost all of these news tidbits feature high flying offenses, big name players and mostly good/popular teams. This isn’t where the money is. Winning at college football betting happens on the other side of the fence with lesser respected teams and through defense, which doesn’t get any run in the press. Loot asks readers to think outside of the box. This article WILL increase your winning percentage if you implement these handicapping policies!

Key Numbers – For those of you familiar with NFL key numbers, please make note that pro and college foots have a completely different set! Key numbers are a fancy word for “common margin of victory”. These are important to be familiar with as you don’t want to be on the wrong side. It’s confusing to say the least!

The Benefits and Downfalls of Betting College Football Games Early – For those not aware, point spreads move. A number of variables cause these line moves with the majority coming from one sided public action (squares all liking the same side) or wiseguy action, where large bettors have dumped a ton of money on a team because they felt they had good value against the opening line. Loot points out the pros and cons of betting early lines.

Getting an Edge Against the Sportsbook – There are a few strategic tricks that you can employ to increase your odds of beating the books that will take very little effort on your end. The most important is to make sure that you’re betting at the best price. If you walked into a store to buy something and there were two-like items on the shelf, exactly the same with one being $1.10 and one $1.05, how much sense would it make to buy the more expensive one? It doesn’t! Loot goes in depth about pricing and more.