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Welcome to Lootmeister’s college football betting advice page! Beating the point spread and hitting better than 52.38% isn’t easy! If you’re one of the lucky few that figured that out early (it took us years!) and is looking for assistance in beating the books, you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts and believe me when I say that we’re not tooting our own horn in saying that! We lost for YEARS before we even got a sniff of breaking even, much less winning! College football wagering can be beat! One needs to be very disciplined and educated though! As previously noted, you’re a smart cookie if you’re on this page because knowledge is power and that’s what we offer here! These articles will help you better understand how to beat the college football point spread. Be sure to check out our tips and strategy articles as well (found in the upper left menu of this page.) Enjoy!

Wagering with Your Heart – Our favorite teams are naturally the teams we know the most about so it makes sense that we’d want to bet on games involving those teams. Makes sense, right? Well, you might think that but as we all know, it can sometimes be hard to look at something we love with a clear head. And in college football betting, keeping a clear head is what it’s all about. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the negative aspects of betting on our favorite teams and how our biases can sometimes be our own worst enemies. Click here to read!

Giving it Time – It’s normal for college bettors to look at things in a short window of time. If you had a strong week or month, you feel like a winner. And if everything you touch turns to coal, you feel like a loser. At the same time, we need to realize that peaks and valleys are a part of college football betting. It takes years and tons of results for things to even out to the point where we can draw conclusions as to where we really stand. In this piece, Loot stresses the importance of looking at the big picture when betting on college football. Click here to read!

Misleading Information – A lot of bettors will attest to the fact that you need to be careful who you let fill your head with ideas. Whether it be an in-studio analyst, an announcer, or a co-worker at the water cooler, a lot of people will be in your ear during a college football season. And how many of them are really capable of helping you form your bets? Not very many. In this article, Loot stresses the importance of choosing carefully who we listen to when it comes to college pigskin, in order to avoid having our bets poisoned by those who really don’t know enough. In other words, we need to remember that bettors and fans of college football have two completely different sets of sensibilities. Click here to read!

Choose Advise Wisely – We all love to watch Sports Center and early morning college football shows with hopes of finding a tidbit of information that will help us cover the spread. TV analysts are experts, they know the teams, coaches and players well, BUT, they’re not gamblers. These guys mixed with point spreads can be lethal to your bankroll. Disclaimer: We do however have respect for Colin Cowherd’s takes. Lastly, you NEVER want to take advice from a guy in a Vegas sportsbook on who he thinks will cover the Bama game if he’s wearing an Alabama t-shirt (or any jersey for that matter). Most bettors in sportsbooks are square/green as can be.

Exercise Proper Money Management – Many will see this title and avoid it and that’s really sad. Why you ask? Because second to picking winners, money management is the most important facet of sports betting. It’s absolutely imperative that you’re able to learn this discipline as it will determine whether you’re paying or collecting from your bookie each week!

The Importance of Keeping Good Records – This is such a simple task but very few do it! Keeping well detailed records will highlight your strenghts and point out your weaknesses. By increasing one and lessening the other, your winning percentage will rise!

College Football Home Field Advantage – We’re betting on kids here, which is a completely different group than professional football players. Loot also talks about home field advantage and dispells some myths surrounding the topic.

Acting Like a Professional – As Loot says, there’s a big difference between the bettor who wears a suit and eats a nice seafood dinner and the guy scraping for change under the seat in his pinto looking to buy a 40 of Olde English. Loot preaches that success is the result of hard work. There are many highs and lows in football betting and you need to be unflappable.

Don’t Over-Emphasize Wins and Losses – With the giant number of college football games on any given Saturday, it’s likely that you’re not able to view very many games. Loot urges readers not to put too much stock into any single game that you view. In order to get the proper read on a team, you’d pretty much need to watch them play every single week. Often times a team isn’t as good as they are in a blowout situation and aren’t as bad as they are as the recipient of a beating.

College Football Betting Myths – Like many articles on this site, if you take heed of our advice, you’ll likely increase your winning percentage against the point spread. The bookies want you to believe in home field advantage, urgency and thinking that a team is “due”. While there are times when some of these variables carry more weight than normal, the fact is that they’re already factored into the spread.

Over-Emphasizing Offense seems to be the norm these days. And this is why bookies drive Cadillacs! ESPN highlights are jam-packed with long gainers, long passes and long touchdowns. Very rarely do we hear defensive efforts given the proper attention. You can turn the tables in your favor if you learn to spot teams whose point spreads are being inflated due to public perception.

The Worst Time to Bet on College Football Games – You’re going to do it either way and so I am! This article is for that one guy out there that’s smarter than the both of us! LOL. If you’ve got the willpower to follow the advice in this article, you’re winning percentage will go up 3% instantly!

Avoid Inflated Point Spreads – Don’t be a sucker! Avoid the trap of betting on Top 25 college football teams versus lesser known opponents. The books know that the general betting public is going to side with the popular team. This results in the oddsmakers inflating the spreads, giving the house a nice “extra” cushion. In fact, historically speaking, teams laying over 32 points only cover the spread 33% of the time! Don’t get caught in this Venus Vegas Fly Trap!

Keep Your Cool – A War General doesn’t go into battle without a plan. Betting on college football games is no different! You’re in a war vs. the casino! Lots of things can throw you off as well. Loot points out some nuisances and gives advice on how to deal with certain situations that you, me and everybody else has experienced at one time or another.

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College Football Betting

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