College Basketball Betting Strategies

Everything important in life should be approached with “a plan”. Betting on college hoops, or any sport for that matter, is no different than getting the nerve up to ask out a hot chick, and don’t tell us that you don’t play out how the conversation is going to go or rehearse in front of the mirror so that you don’t blow it! You surely have some sort of plan of how the conversation is going to play out. Successfully betting on games can also be likened to planning a road trip. You surely make a checklist of everything important you need to bring and make sure those items are packed prior to departure, as well as venues that you’re going to visit.

So with college hoops betting, the proper approach is similar… You strategize to increase your shot of having success. Would you jump head first into a body of water not knowing if it’s 6 inches or 60 feet? Of course not! So why would you throw your hard earned cash at something that will suck it right out of your wallet like a vacuum if not approached properly?

WE ALL THOUGHT WE COULD BEAT THE BOOK OUR FIRST TIME. And we all got our butts kicked! However, if you approach this endeavour properly, you can beat the bookies! You have to have a strategy though! That’s where Lootmeister comes in! We’ve written hundreds of articles about all the major sports, which WILL increase your odds of winning. Listed below, you’ll find a collection of articles specifically catered to offering college basketball betting strategy. Drop us a line if you have any questions! (Email addy is at bottom of this page) Enjoy!

Common Handicapping Mistakes for Beginners – A lot of us have been forced to learn about college basketball wagering the hard way, with years of trial-and-error and innumerable betting losses before we got the hang of college hoops betting. In this article, Loot tries to save beginning college hoops bettors from some of the same heartache by reviewing some of the more trademark betting traits of a typical beginner. Click here to read, as we try to strengthen your handicapping of college basketball.

Having it Right But Getting it Wrong – College basketball is somehow just conducive to breaking the hearts of those who bet on the sport. You can absolutely nail a game and handicap it beautifully, only to see some cruel quirk turn a winning bet into a losing one. It can feel like an absolute injustice and a kick to the gut. And if you’re not careful, it could send you into one of those spirals that the sportsbook counts on you having, where your betting deteriorates and you’re soon out-of-action. In this article, Loot helps guide us and helps us look at in a way that can spare of us of some of the inherent agony that comes with wagering on college hoops.

Looking for Dark-Horse Teams in the Preseason – For enterprising college hoops bettors, it’s never too early to begin scoping the NCAA landscape for diamonds-in-the-rough, teams that are going to better than forecasted. Getting an early read on a team will put us in a position to cash in on teams that will be a notch or two better than what everyone else is thinking. In this article, Loot breaks down how we can identify good dark-horse teams that give us an edge against the bookie. Click here for more!

Evaluating Incoming Players – A few things happen when we hear a top-notch college basketball player is joining a college team. We can jump to conclusions about that player or even about the team that paints an inaccurate portrayal. In other words, we don’t really know until we know for sure, but in the meanwhile, there can be a slew of lost wagers. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the different things to look for when dealing with a hyped incoming freshman. Click here for the lowdown!!!

The Short Window of a Single Game – A lot of NCAA basketball bettors will be left in a state of disbelief at times during a season when a game goes completely contrary to plan. While it’s hard not to become frustrated when that happens, we all need to remember that in a 40-minute window of play, things will not always go according to form. In this article, Loot helps break down how anything can happen in such a short window of time and how we need to always maintain a long-term betting vision that insulates us from the ups and downs of a college hoops betting season. Click here to read!

Expanding Your Areas of Knowledge – When betting on college basketball, the landscape is endless, with a ton of teams and different conferences for us to choose from. But most of those teams and conferences are in our blind spots. To really make best use of our powers of selectivity, we need to be hip to as much of it as we possibly can. In this article, Loot helps us understand why only relying on certain teams or a conference can limit our effectiveness. Click here, as Loot breaks down why it’s key for us to broaden our perspectives when wagering on college hoops.

Wagering on Conference Play – The typical college basketball season has some different manifestations that require a different outlook. One of those times is when teams begin conference play. It’s a time of the season when we see some different things from different teams. It forces us bettors to re-calibrate to accommodate the different factors that come during this time of the season. Click here, as Loot breaks down the adjustments we need to make when conference play kicks off during the college hoops season.

Looking for Toss-Up Games – There is a lot of potential upside in taking well-valued underdogs. One of the perks is that you get a little cushion to withstand any late game theatrics, with fouls and free throws determining the results of our bets. In this article, Loot helps guide us to consider taking the points in games where we can make the case that it’s a virtual toss-up. Click here!

Thinking Yourself Silly – The NCAA Tournament is one of the more exciting times of the year when it comes to sports betting. It can also be one of the potentially more dangerous times for bettors, who can easily be led sideways in the frenzy of March Madness. In this article, Loot helps break down some of the pitfalls of this time of the year and how we should approach it mentally in order to maximize our profits. Click here!

Dealing With Big Point Spreads – Some of the tougher types of games to wager on in a college hoops season are ones with giant point spreads. Sometimes, taking either side is a problematic proposition. The better team has to cover by so many points, while the underdog might be too underpowered to take advantage of a hefty spread. Loot helps break down some of the concerns we should have when betting on these kinds of games. Click here!

NCAA Tournament Futures Tips – When you make an NCAA futures bet, you have a wager that gives you a lot of mileage. You will have a vested interest in a team’s season all the way until the end. And for enterprising bettors looking to get the jump on a darkhorse team at long odds, a bet like this is right up your alley. Click here for some tips when making March Madness futures.

Getting Ready for College Basketball Season – During the college basketball offseason, it’s typical for sports bettors to tune out and focus on other sports. And while that’s understandable, we need to remember to stay abreast of the sport and its developments in order to not be lost when the next season rolls around. Click here for Loot’s advice on how to stay on top of college hoops during the offseason.

Overlooked Aspects of NCAA Basketball Betting – A lot of bettors leave a lot on the table when fashioning their college basketball bets, failing to take certain things into consideration. In this article, Loot explores some of these lesser-considered parts of the game and how we should put more importance on these aspects to increase our winning percentage when wagering on college hoops. Click here!

Key Tips – There is an awful lot to consider before one becomes a major force in the world of college hoops betting. In this article, Loot reviews some of the more key tips that everyone needs to know before going deep into college basketball wagering. Click here!

What to Look For When Betting the Final Four – The Final Four is a very specialized time of the betting season in NCAA hoops. Bettors must account for all the different factors that are specific to this time of the season. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the more critical concerns we need to account for when betting on the Final Four. Click here!

Handicapping the Final Game – The NCAA College Basketball Tournament final is a specialized betting scenario where the entire hoops season comes down to one game. Bettors have a lot to take into consideration in what is truly a unique moment in the sports year. Click here to learn about some of the accommodations bettors need to make before placing a wager on the final game.

Picking Your Spots in the NCAA Tournament – Do you ever find yourself going a bit hog-wild with betsduring the NCAA Tournament? Loot explains why it’s important to resist the temptation to simply have fun during tourney time and why we should focus on finishing the season strongly.

Betting on Big Name Teams in the NCAA Tournament – In this article, Loot breaks down the importance of not subscibing to a team’s overall value based on that team’s name-value. It’s easy for the reputation of a team to play tricks with our minds, even if that reputation was all built by past success. Loot explains how to keep a clean slate when betting on March Madness so we won’t be too hesitant to pick against teams with more name-power.

College Basketball Betting Quiz – A lot of us fancy ourselves as being experts when it comes to college hoops wagering, but how much do we really know. This quiz can offer some insight as to whether you know your stuff or maybe still need some boning-up in different areas. Take this quiz to find out for sure. Click here!

College Basketball Conference Tournament Betting – When the conference tournament period of the NCAA hoops season rolls around, bettors need to be able to change gears. This is a different time of the season and using the same wagering strategy that you used all season could leave you on the outside looking in. Click here to pick up some tips on how to bet on the conference tournaments.

Looking for Good and Bad Signs – When the NCAA tourney rolls around, bettors must adjust to the changing landscape. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the positive and negative signs to look for when betting on teams during March Madness. Click here!

Having a Master Plan – Loot talks about your starting bankroll, what percentage of your money you should have in play (and why), acknowledging the limits of your knowledge and sticking to your plan. If you can’t properly execute these variables, you’re going to be hard-pressed to ever win at this game long term.