College Basketball Betting Quiz

By Loot, NCAA Basketball Handicapper,

College Basketball Betting Quiz: Do You Understand College Basketball Betting?

College basketball betting is a wildly popular form of sports wagering. A lot of people do it and the knowledge-levels range wildly among those people. While you don’t have to necessarily be an expert on betting to make a few bucks, it’s generally better to know more about what it is that you’re doing, especially when money is involved.

Take the quiz below and find out where you fall in terms of college basketball betting know-how. If you get them all correct, you are definitely at the top-rung of the food chain. But even if you don’t, rest assured that it’s not that hard to learn. Most anything within the discipline of college hoops betting can be explained in the matter of a few moments. Good luck!

1. On average, scoring is ______ and the point-spreads are ______ in college basketball when compared to the pros.

A. lower, smaller

B. higher, about the same

C. higher, bigger

D. lower, bigger

2. Which of the following bets are not available in college basketball?

A. Quarter betting

B. Halftime betting

C. Betting against the spread

D. Money line betting

3. If making a $200 three-team parlay with teams against-the-spread, how much would you expect in winnings?

A. $800

B. $1000

C. $1200

D. $1400

4. At the vast majority of sportsbooks, how much would you win if you bet $550 on one team against-the-spread?

A. $500

B. $550

C. $1050

D. $1100

5. Which of the following bets pay more in winnings?

A. A $1000 2-team/6-point teaser.

B. A $500 2-team parlay.

C. A $3000 money line bet on a -300 favorite

D. A $500 money line bet on a +270 underdog

6. Which of the following bets pay less in winnings?

A. A $100 money line bet on a +360 underdog.

B. A $200 money line bet on a +140 underdog.

C. A $50 3-team parlay on teams against-the-spread.

D. A $150 2-team parlay on teams against-the-spread.

7. What would cause a 4-team parlay to “reduce” to a 3-team parlay?

A. One of your picks loses.

B. One of your picks is a “push.”

C. All 4 of your picks were correct.

D. A star player was a late scratch.

8. Which of the following is not an example of a college basketball prop bet?

A. A bet on which of two players will score the most points.

B. A bet on whether or not a player will get a certain number of assists.

C. A bet on who will win the NCAA tournament.

D. A bet on whether or not a player will get a certain number of points.

9. Generally, a sportsbook will set a point spread trying to do what?

A. Create equal betting appeal on both teams.

B. To get money coming on on only one team.

C. To give a prediction of what he thinks will happen in the game.

D. Make you want to take the favorite.

10. Notre Dame is -4.5, UConn is -7.5, and San Jose State is +11.5. You put all teams on a three-team/5-point teaser. What is the adjusted point spread of all three teams?

A. Notre Dame -9.5, UConn -12.5, and San Jose State +6.5

B. Notre Dame +9.5, UConn +12.5, and San Jose State +16.5

C. Notre Dame -.5, UConn -2.5, and San Jose State +6.5

D. Notre Dame +.5, UConn -2.5, and San Jose State +16.5



1. D
2. A
3. C
4. A
5. D
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. B


10/10: You know your stuff. Nice job!
8-9: You have a pretty good handle of college basketball betting.
6-7: You’ve obviously placed some bets in your day.
4-5: You’re not an expert yet, but you’re definitely on the right track.
3 or Less: You have some work to do, but don’t fret, as learning college hoops betting is a breeze.

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College Basketball Betting

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