Underrated Aspects of Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting: Underrated Aspects of Boxing Betting

By Loot, Boxing Handicapper, Lootmeister.com

When we bet on boxing, we tend to pay more credence to different attributes, things like power, speed, and other things that are obvious and jump off the screen. Make no mistake, those things can win fights. But when you get to a certain level in this sport, a lot of guys can do that. It means other traits and characteristics will need to be called upon to make it to the top.

A lot of fighters are static. They’re good, but stuck in the same gear all the time. That one gear might be a heck of a gear. It’s enough for them to win all their fights and even win a title perhaps. There comes a time, however, where a fighter will have to call on different gears to get the job done.

Every once in a while, a fighter will find himself in one of those crazy violent brawls, where the fighters are scratching and clawing to get a win. A fighter might have to come outside of himself and up the ante just to stay afloat in a fight like that. It’s good to know a fighter has the ability to escalate his sense of urgency when faced with a dire situation.

The same applies to a fighter who is actually winning a fight and needs to adopt his tactics to minimize his opponent’s comeback potential. If a fighter has won the first ten rounds going away, it’s good to know he can reel it in and adopt a more safety-inclined approach for the last few rounds, as his now-desperate opponent tries to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

A lot of times, we will be betting on fighters where one or both of the fighters is still in the development stage. As they rise up the ranks, more is asked of them. They go from 4 rounds to 6, then 8, before going on to the 10 and 12-rounders. There will be some fights where one fighter has a pronounced edge in experience going a certain number of rounds.


Say you have a knockout artist who has ended most if not all of his fights early. He’s only been past 4 rounds a few times. Then, he faces a durable guy with a less-glittery record, but a fighter who knows what it’s like to go 10 or 12 rounds. If the knockout artist fails to register a quick stoppage, can you be certain on any level that he will be able to acquit himself well over the course of a long fight?

You don’t want to judge a fight simply by who has the better experience in longer fights. At the same time, look for the right spot. If a you think a fighter who has experience going rounds has a good chance of surviving his opponent’s initial onslaught, this can be a major consideration. There aren’t many knockout guys who are able to make that work all the way up to the top of the weight class. They usually run into someone with the skills to combat that. When they do, the late-rounds action can be awfully tough on them. Knockouts are nice. At some level, however, they will need to show they have more than simply power.

A key attribute to look for in a fighter’s make-up is his level of insistence. It’s a certain level of assertiveness that a fighter has that allows them to push through tough fights. They win fights through their insistence. In a tough fight, they press on and are impossible to dissuade. They have a game plan and you literally need a baseball bat to curtail them.

That’s a valuable trait to have in your corner when betting on fighters. A lot of fights are one-sided. A fighter builds himself up feasting on opponents who do not need much urging to adopt a losing posture. Then comes the time where they start facing other winning fighters, guys with skills and ambition. In fights like that, a fighter with the stronger will is the one more likely to have his hand raised.

Some of the fighters who have the most success that surprises you are fighters who are simply ultra-insistent. They’re skills might not be terribly captivating. They’re neither particularly fast or hard-hitting. Their boxing skills are good, but nothing great. But they insist on winning and in closely-matched fights, that trait is often enough to get them over the hump.