The Appeal of Boxing Betting

The Appeal of Betting on Boxing

By Loot, Boxing Handicapper,

Long before anyone ever thought of football, baseball, or basketball, people have been betting money on who is the better between two men swapping blows. While this dynamic has thankfully been toned down the brutal gladiator days of years past, it is still the closest you can get to that feeling. Despite all the glitz and glamor, it is the most stripped-down sport in the world–two men heaving themselves at each other with their bodies serving as not only the equipment, but the field of play, as well.

One-on One Appeal

Your bet will either win or lose on the basis of the performance of one person. You don’t need all the stars to align. You’re not relying on an entire group of individuals to make your bet a winner. While the analysis of a boxing match is not much less tiresome than handicapping a football game, there is a convenience to only having to evaluate two athletes.

When you bet a football game, you don’t always have the time to properly evaluate every little thing. When betting a football game, do you really ponder things like how the weak-side linebacker who is nursing turf-toe will deal with a tight end? It’s only human to let a lot of different points of evaluation slip by the wayside.

When you break down a boxing match, the fact that you’re dealing with only two athletes allows you to really focus on all the different elements that could figure into the result. You can develop a better handle on the matter and therefore form a more thought-out calculation.

No Timeouts

No other sport really offers this level of purity. In a tennis match, a player can catch his breath. Team sports takes place in short bursts. A soccer player can relax a bit when the ball is out of his range. In boxing, the participants enjoy no such luxury. Everything happens on the fly. Coaches can’t call time outs and try to figure out the best tactic. There are no reviews up in the booth. There is a certain clarity and purity in boxing that is hard to deny.

No Lead is Totally Safe

If you’re betting on a soccer match and a team goes up 3-0 late in the second half–you can pretty much assume how the game will end. In boxing–it’s not over until it’s over. Sure, if the clever and powerless boxer you bet on is way behind in the last round, it’s probably a wrap. But improbable comebacks are a big part of this sport’s lore.

With a large percentage of bets placed on team sports, the result is known before the end of play. In boxing, you can never tear up your ticket until it’s officially over. You’re never out of it, which makes boxing one of the better sports to wager on in terms of entertainment value. The bet is always alive despite how dire the situation may appear. A bettor can expect to see numerous late-round comebacks annually in this sport, as opposed to other forms of sports-betting.

Proving Yourself

The sharpies who form betting lines in boxing are just as capable as the leading savants who set NFL lines. Good luck trying to outsmart these guys over the long haul. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t make mistakes. In other forms of betting, there is more consensus. An entire group can post a point-spread on a football game and they’ll all be within a single point. You might find more variance in boxing lines. In these situations, an astute observer of the sport can use his wits to make successful bets. Every thoughtful boxing fan has experienced the satisfaction of pegging a guy for stardom before the rest of the world got onboard. In addition, there have probably been times when you detected a fighter had lost a step or two before he actually lost and made it official that he was slipping from top form.

In boxing betting, you can profit from these observations. You won’t always be given the opportunity to outwit the oddsmakers, but when you do–you can start proving yourself as a force in boxing wagering. Bet on boxing matches online using your credit card and get a free money incentive bonus for doing so at Bovada Sportsbook.