Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting

Welcome to Loot’s boxing betting section! This site is jam-packed with tons of sports betting related articles but Loot’s true passion is none other than the fights! Loot has stepped out of the ring and taken off his gloves in favor of a keyboard in order to educate you how to knockout your bookie! Listed below, you’ll find a collection of articles that will help you put your bookie on the ropes and have you administering him the ten count! Please also be sure to check out the boxing tips, strategy and advice articles listed in the left menu of this section. Lots of good reading there! Enjoy!

What the Bookie Wants You to Do – The bookie is the one who thrives year after year. While players fall off the face of the betting earth, the bookie remains. In this article, Loot profiles the different things that a bookie wants you to do when betting on boxing. These are the things that keep the bookie in business and keep most bettors from being consistent winners. Loot describes here what the bookie wants you to. And then it’s up to you to decide if you want to play into the bookie’s hands or strike upon a new path that gives you the best chance to be a winner in this game.

Analyzing a Fighter’s Corner – In today’s age of boxers moving from trainer to trainer or just changing trainers when things start to go south, there’s a lot to take into consideration for those who bet on the fights. In this article, Loot offers some advice on how to deal with the identity of a fighter’s trainer. It’s an element of boxing that is easy to take for granted, but every edge helps in boxing betting. Check it out, as Loot breaks down how to handle the element of a fighter’s corner when betting on the Sweet Science.

Getting Your Hands on Different Information – Good boxing fans will usually rely on things like Ring Magazine or any number of different websites to stay abreast of the sport of boxing. They might take in some talk shows and really have a good understanding of the sport. But to be a successful bettor of boxing, we need more artillery. We need the kind of info that can tilt things in our favor. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the different sources of information we can find that will enhance our bottom-lines when betting on boxing. Using Insight In boxing matches, the fighters use their fists. As bettors, we need to use our minds. And a key part of that equation is using our insight to project who will win a fight. We rely on our wits, information, and different insights to stay ahead. Therefore, it makes sense that we hone our insight to a fine point to give ourselves the best chance to win over the long-haul. Check out this article, as Loot offers a few key tips on how to hone our insight to give us the best chance to prevail when wagering on boxing.

The Appeal of Boxing Betting – It could be said that betting on boxing is the simplest form of gambling. Wagering on fights is relaxing on the seasoned sports bettor. There are no offensive lines to decipher, no weather issues to factor into your handicapping, etc. It’s just “mano y mano”. Loot talks more about these variables and more in this article that will leave you wanting to focus more on the fights!

Underrated Aspects of Boxing Betting – When we look to place a bet on a boxing match, our handicapping methods tend to pay more credence to attributes such as power and speed. In this article, Loot talks about an underrated variable in a fighter’s make-up, his level of insistence, which is a certain level of assertiveness that a fighter has that allows him to push through tough fights.

Why Being a Fan Means Little in Boxing Wagering – In this piece, Loot breaks down how being a fan of boxing and being a successful of boxing betting are two very different things. Click here to read how even an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport is only part of the equation of being a successful bettor.

Boxing Betting: The Added Value of Fighters Who Finish Fights – Learn more about why fighters who are able to take matters into their own hands and leave the judges out of it are higher-value selections than fighters who rely on favorable judging.

Making Big Wagers on Big Fights – Loot explains that we all love to bet on big fights involving popular boxers but that we need to be cautious about the odds we’re betting into as there really isn’t much value in these fights due to tight lines. Loot advises readers that they’ll have more success wagering on lesser known fights where your insight and analysis can create an edge for you vs. the bookies.

Picking Winners vs. Picking Good Value – Loot breaks down how picking winners is good and dandy, but at the end of the day, true success in boxing wagering boils down to your ability to hone in on betting choices that are receiving better odds than their actual probabilities suggest.

Boxing Parlay Bets – We teetered on not writing this article because we cringe when we hear people talking about parlaying boxing bets. It is highly recommended that you know what you’re doing before partaking in this activity. On the flip side, it’s not such a bad idea if you’re keeping it to just favorites as some of the juice (odds) in boxing matches can be astounding and not worth a straight bet.