All Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Bets You Can Make

All Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Bets You Can Make for the GGG Superfight

By Loot, Boxing Handicapper,

When people think of betting on a fighter, they usually think simply in terms of whether or not he will win. And sometimes, that’s as far as people want to go with it. With Canelo Alvarez in his upcoming September 16 fight against Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, betting on him just to win pays off pretty well, with Canelo getting about +150 odds at most shops. But there is something about superfights of this nature that bring out very strong opinions in bettors and fans. That’s especially true in fights that have been building up for a while, as the GGG-Canelo fight has.

To cater to those strong opinions, a lot of different bets are put out for fights like this where if your mind can conceive it, the bookie will offer it. Sometimes, you will have a clear feeling for how a fight will play out in the ring. This allows you to capitalize on that insight. Straight boxing bets focus more on the “who” part of the equation, as in who will win the fight. Boxing prop bets like these focus more on the “how” and “when” parts of the equation. And the more specific you can be, the more these bets will pay. After all, Canelo is the betting underdog, therefore making specific prognostications on how or when he will win can pay off very well indeed.

Some of these props you will see are asking a lot out of you. Don’t put yourself in too tough of a position. It’s really painful to have a really good feeling about a fight and you don’t win because you forced yourself to be too exact. For example, if you think Canelo will stop GGG in the 9th, bet him to win in that round, but maybe bet some of the surrounding rounds as well. These bets pay off well enough to justify taking multiple stances. Here we list all the different ways you can bet on Canelo, followed by a description of the bet, along with whatever guidance we felt could help. Take a look!

How Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Will Win Bets:
Alvarez wins inside distance +750
Alvarez wins by 12 round decision +244
Alvarez wins by KO-TKO-DQ +839
Alvarez wins by any decision +233
Alvarez wins by KO or unanimous decision +321
Thoughts: With these bets, you’re going out on a limb to some degree. First, you’re thinking Canelo will win and you’re willing to specify how that will come about. You have a few different ways to approach it, with most of these choices offering juicy payouts. As far as prop bets go, these aren’t too crazy, as you’ll see when we get to the more-specific bets that force you to really be on-point.

Canelo By Decision Bets:
Alvarez wins by unanimous decision +450
Alvarez wins by split decision +685
Alvarez wins by majority decision +1200
Alvarez wins by technical decision +5500
Thoughts: All told, it’s not really a crazy stance. GGG has shown himself to be very durable, meaning it might be easier for Canelo to outbox him, as opposed to beating him in a slugfest. And that decision could be close, bringing split and majority decisions into play. You can see the odds are pretty juicy, making this a viable choice for those who think a decision win for Canelo is a likelihood.

Round Ranges in Which Canelo Will Win:
Alvarez wins in round 1-3 +3125
Alvarez wins in round 4-6 +2650
Alvarez wins in round 7-9 +2433
Alvarez wins in round 10-12 +2550
Alvarez wins in round 1-4 +2483
Alvarez wins in round 5-8 +1918
Alvarez wins in round 9-12 +1855
Alvarez wins in round 1-6 +1500
Alvarez wins in round 7-12 +1350
Thoughts: Now, we start getting into the more-lofty propositions, where you’re forced to be a little more-specific as to when Canelo will win. First, Canelo has to do something that seems far-fetched in some people’s minds, which is stop a man in GGG who hasn’t shown any signs of being anything but ultra-durable. Then, you have to pick when that will happen. You’ll see the first group of round-ranges are three rounds long, with the second group split into 4-round thirds of the fight. Either way, the odds are juicy and there’s handsome rewards for those forecasting a Canelo stoppage win.


Exact Round Canelo Alvarez Will Win:
Alvarez wins in round 1 +10000
Alvarez wins in round 2 +8000
Alvarez wins in round 3 +7500
Alvarez wins in round 4 +7500
Alvarez wins in round 5 +7000
Alvarez wins in round 6 +6500
Alvarez wins in round 7 +6500
Alvarez wins in round 8 +6500
Alvarez wins in round 9 +6000
Alvarez wins in round 10 +6000
Alvarez wins in round 11 +6500
Alvarez wins in round 12 +7500
Thoughts: We now get into the loftiest of boxing prop bets, the exact-round propositions. It’s asking a lot, but those big numbers you see for the odds are enough to lure bettors to take a chance. We feel these wagers ask an awful lot out of the bettor, so we recommend you taking more than one round. It’s really painful to call a fight almost exactly, but lose the bet because you were trying to be too exact. Spread it around a little! Good luck with your GGG-Canelo bets. Tired of your credit card not working for sportsbook deposit? End that problem today and bet the GGG-Canelo fight from the comfort of home by signing up at Bovada Sportsbook where your credit card WILL work and where you’ll receive a generous 50% sign-up bonus!

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