Top Sporting Events of 2019


The euphoria surrounding sports is an experience that is shared by fans and sportspeople around the world. The thrill of watching your team or favorite player win is unimaginable, often leading to moments that remain a cherished memory for a lifetime. Sports has the power to bring people together in a healthy competitive manner, not just on the playing field. The best thing about sports is that any person can enjoy it irrespective of whether they play the game or not.

Every year a number of sporting events take place around the world. Watched with enthusiasm and excitement, these competitions are of great importance in the life of any sportsperson. Outside the stadiums, fans, bettors, or casual enthusiasts, make sports a part of their lifestyle that is shared and experienced together with friends and family.

NBA Finals

Even though basketball is a sport played across the world, when it comes to annual events, nothing beats the NBA finals. A competition that sees the best of US teams battle it out over months is a delight for fans and punters. Treated as gods of the arena, some of the old NBA players have gone ahead and bought their own basketball teams. A classic team sport that relies on strategy and skill, the Golden State Warriors have won the last four NBA championships making them a formidable team to beat. Will their winning run finally end in 2019, let’s wait and watch?

Fiba Basketball World Cup

Just like soccer has the FIFA World Cup, Basketball World Cup first started in 1950 and takes place every four years. With a total of 32 national teams playing, it is one of the most keenly awaited events in the basketball world. China will host the 2019 competition where the USA will try and get a winning hattrick after getting the gold in the last two world cups. However, Yugoslavia is their top contender, and presently both teams have the highest number of world cup wins.

Cricket World Cup

Started in 1975 and held every four years, the Cricket World Cup has a massive following in countries like England, India, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. Australia has been the most successful team so far. They won the 2015 World Cup after beating New Zealand in the finals. The 2019 competition will take place in England and Wales giving the local team a much-needed advantage. Considering how well England has been playing over the last year, they could reach the finals this time and finally lift the trophy for the first time in cricketing history.

World Boxing Championships

The women’s boxing championship will take place in September and October of 2019 (See: How to Bet on Boxing) and feature some of the best boxers from across the world. A competition that dates back to 1974, it wasn’t until 2001 when women were also included in the games. Now, a moment of pride, the championships have been dominated by Cuban and Russian players. Held every two years, this time the event will take place in Sochi, Russia.

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