Sports Betting Strategy

Welcome to the Lootmeister sports betting strategy page! Kudos to you for landing on this page. The reason we say that is because you’re obviously a very astute bettor who is looking to add knowledge and wisdom to your sports betting arsenal. A whopping 97% of sports bettors lose long term. It can be beat, but you have to have a plan in place. And here you are! Right where you need to be!

Listed below, you’ll find a collection of articles offering tips, advice and sports betting strategies that you can easily employ into your daily routine. These articles were written by professional sports gamblers who bet on sports for a living. This didn’t come easy though! All of them will admit that failure was necessary before achieving success. Luckily for you, they’re taking over 20+ combined years of wisdom and serving it up on a silver platter for you in hopes of you being able to avoid all of the trial, error and pitfalls they suffered in their quest to beat 52.38%. Enjoy!

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Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Bottom Line – The difference between a winning sports bettor and a losing sports gambler is a very thin margin. Loot gives a list of simple things you can do to instantly increase your odds of profiting long term.

Virtues of Successful Sports Bettors: Patience – Most people view sports betting as a simple get rich quick proposition. You may know a ton about sports and the players that make up each team, but odds are a completely different monster. If you’re not patient and pick your spots, you WILL be separated from your loot. This article talks about how you should view betting on sports as a 18 wheeler going up a hill; not a ferrari going down a hill.

Handicapping the Situation – Most novice sports bettors make a bet based on information that has already been factored into the point spread/betting line. Loot gives some examples of things that you can handicap to operate outside of the variables that are already factored in.

Putting Your Knowledge to Use – Loot talks simple strategy; Sticking to what you know. Many “gamblers” are familiar with certain sports, leagues or conferences. Problems arise when we step outside of this realm and start “gambling” on things we’re unfamiliar with.

Working Smart – There’s an old saying that goes something like “It’s better to work smart than work hard.” It’s mostly true, but if you want to win at sports betting, you’ll surely need to put in the proper time and dig in the right places to generate profits. Loot urges readers to watch the games vs. reading/believing what some schmoe says on ESPN and searching out local resources that offer more information on the upcoming game.

Looking at Sports Betting Like War – It’s you vs. the bookie. Successful sports betting strategy invovles planning and picking your spots. Too many bettors are overwhelmed by all of the choices made to us. Be selective, pick battles you can win and conquer!

Hedging Sports Bets – So you made a great pick on a futures bet that has a good chance of cashing. Do you let it ride or “hedge” to guarantee yourself a profit? The decision is yours, but it should be noted that there’s an old saying that goes something like “A guy never lost taking a profit!” Food for thought!

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How Do Point Spreads Work? – Lootmeister answers the often asked question and gives tips on how to beat the bookies.

Sports Betting Odds Explained – Most are completely confused when looking at betting lines for the first time. Loot explains what all the plus and minus signs signify and more!

Vigorish Explained – There is a misconception in sports betting that one only has to hit 50% of their bets to break even. Sometimes we forget about the house edge. Loot explains how vig (juice) works, which makes the actual break-even point 52.38%.

How to Beat the Odds – Many bettors jump head first into wagering on games without a plan. Get educated! Read this article, apply these techniques and increase your chances of beating the spread!

How Live Betting Works – It used to be that you could only bet on a game prior to the game and at half-time. Now, you can get down a bet on a game any time DURING a sporting event. In-game betting has taken the sports gambling industry by storm and is surely the future of the industry.

Swaying the Odds in Your Favor – It’s the little things in gambling that increase your odds of beating the sportsbooks. This article will increase your winning percentage ATS by 2-3% if you employ this tactic!

Increase Your Odds of Winning at Sports Betting – There is a ton of psychology that goes into becoming a successful, winning sports handicapper. Employ the variables in this article to become a better bettor!