Reduced Vig

Reduced Vig Sports Betting: Bet at Reduced Odds

By Loot, Sports Handicapper,

Ah, the almighty “vig.” Also known as juice, it’s what keeps the sports wagering world spinning. It’s the reason a casino would allot so much space for a sportsbook. It’s why some people become bookies. The vig is a price we pay to bet on sports. It’s the bookie’s commission for accepting your wager. Over the long haul, they can’t lose.

Let’s use a different form of gambling to clearly see how vig works.
A roulette wheel has 38 slots on it on a double-zero wheel. If you bet on
a number and it comes up, you get 35-1. If there were no vig or juice, you
would be getting 38-1, being that there are 38 slots on the wheel. This
is how casinos and books thrive–by offering you odds that don’t quite match
the actual probabilities.

Sports betting is unique in that with a little due diligence, we can actually reduce the vig. For starters, you should go out of your way to find a book that offers reduced juice. When betting on games against-the-spread, you will generally be doing so on a -110 line, meaning you must bet $110 to win $100. Now if you find a book where you can bet on the games with reduced vig of -105, you just cut the juice in half!


Look at it this way–we spend hours handicapping and thinking about games, looking for things that might yield the tiniest of edges. With reduced vig of -105, you can secure a huge edge without even giving it a second thought. Maybe you’re thinking “Oh what’s the big deal?” While betting at -105 might not seem like a gigantic edge over -110, it really is.

Just as a matter of principle, reducing your vig by half is something you should do. If there were two similar stores that stood side-by-side and one was cheaper, why would you go into the more expensive store? It would be one thing if you had to walk all the way down the Vegas Strip and through the hordes of people handing you escort cards to secure a better price on your bet, but this can all be done without any strain. The savings over time should awaken our need to get the most mileage out of our wagering dollar.

To make it easy, let’s say you make an average of two hundred-dollar bets per day. That’s not unusual by any means. In the big ocean of sports-betting, that’s barely a mackerel. A bettor who is betting at -110 and trying to win $100 on each bet would be putting up $1540 per week, while the bettor who is getting reduced odds of -105 would be ponying up only $1470. Boom! you just saved yourself $70 a week. That’s a new pair of New Balance and a huge bucket of chicken with all the sides. And that’s just what you save in a week!

Over the course of a month, you would save $315 betting at reduced vig of -105. Now we’re talking about a car payment. We’re talking steaks every night. You could take the family out on that. Or look at it like 3 extra bets and change. When you start projecting the savings when betting at -105 over the course of a season, you start seeing some big numbers.

In a season that lasts 6 months, betting at -105 when making an average of a pair of $100 bets per day, you will save $1890! That is serious money. And you didn’t even have to do anything special to get it. You just had the sense of betting on a -105 line. That’s the easiest money you can make in sports betting. In an NFL season, for example, the money you saved on vig will be enough to give you a playoff betting bankroll. If you’re betting all year on different sports at the same clip, you would save $3780. In ten years, that’s almost 40 grand! For those of us who bet that long with a -110 line, knowing we could have saved $40,000 is almost painful to realize.

If you’re serious about sports betting, reduced juice is a must. But even beginners should be cognizant of the benefits of betting at -105. Suffice to say that we when start betting, we anticipate we’re going to make a lot of bets. If we’re getting reduced odds on each of them, that’s a huge edge over those who are getting the regular rate. So before you make your next bet, take advantage of reduced vig. Cut your juice right in half, save loads of money, and rest comfortably knowing that you are giving yourself the best chance to win in the ultra-challenging world of sports betting.

Bet at reduced odds! It’ll save you a ton of cash!