Pleaser Bets

By Loot, Sports Handicapper,

The Pleaser Bet Explained

You have teasers, where you pick multiple teams and can move the spread in your favor. Then on the flip side of the equation is the pleaser–more of a daredevil play. Teasers allow players to assume less risk by adjusting the point-spread in favor of their team. But a pleaser flips that on its head. The point-spread moves against you, but the payouts are quite massive.

As the name implies, there is a relation to the teaser bet. You can only make these bets on sports involving a point-spread, so that means you can only wager on basketball pleasers and football pleasers. In basketball, the more common teasers are of the 4, 4.5, and 5-point variety. In football, it’s 6, 6.5, and 7 points. Pleasers use those same numbers, but obviously the spread is moved against you.

Let’s do a few quick examples so we can make sure we know what we’re working with when it comes to pleasers:

Here are some NFL games you might want to bet:

Chicago +3 vs. Detroit

Oakland vs. San Diego -3

You make a 2-team/7-point pleaser with Chicago and San Diego. The line moves against you by 7 points making the new point-spreads Chicago -4 and San Diego -10. If you were to make a $100 pleaser on those two teams and they covered the adjusted spread, you would win $800. Now you can see why some are attracted to this kind of wager.


Let’s do a basketball example. You look up at the betting board and you see these 3 games you want to bet.

Memphis -4 vs. Sacramento

Portland vs. Utah -5.5

Charlotte vs. Milwaukee -6

Those are the normal spreads, but you want to make a 3-team/5-point pleaser on Memphis, Utah, and Milwaukee. The new spreads would be Memphis -9, Utah -10.5, and Milwaukee -11. If all three teams cover the adjusted spread on a $100 pleaser, you would win $1200. Again, you can see the payouts are hefty, but there’s a good reason for that.

As any experienced bettor will readily confess that it’s hard enough grinding away while making straight bets, hoping to win a few more than you lose overall. We sit there and sweat each result and covering just normal spreads is hardly a walk in the park. With pleasers, we’re not only trying to cover the spread, but we’re trying to beat it when it’s been moved against us. Not only that, but we’re asking for it to happen multiple times on the same ticket.

Basically, when making pleasers, we’re asking for the oddsmakers to be off by quite a bit. We’re also asking for them to be off in our favor. And we’re asking for them to be off in our favor more than once and for us to not be wrong with any of our picks. In sports betting, asking for too much is a major pitfall. And a pleaser bet certainly qualifies. You’re almost asking for stars to line up perfectly for you. That has a way of backfiring.

With sports-betting, we’re talking about an area of life where very few succeed. A very small percentage of bettors are able to win even 55% or more of their straight bets and eke out a profit that might add up to big numbers over time. Based on the the fact that few are able to succeed at sports-betting should snap some things into focus. Asking for too much is big reason why so many people fail.

Then again, it depends what you are trying to accomplish with sports-betting. If you are a serious bettor who is trying to make a go at succeeding at this, pleasers should strike against your better sense. It is definitely an extravagant wager and we know that the more we veer off the beaten path, the more juice we have to pay. But if you’re the kind of bettor who rarely plays or is just looking to have a little fun with it, pleasers are a fun hail-mary to throw deep into the end zone.

Just to give you an idea of the payouts, we included the potential winnings for a 7-point pleaser in football, as well as 4, 4.5, and 5-point pleasers for basketball.

7-Point Football Pleasers
Two-Team Pleaser: 8/1
Three-Team Pleaser: 25/1
Four-Team Pleaser: 60/1
Five-Team Pleaser: 150/1 Six-Team Pleaser: 450/1
Seven-Team Pleaser: 700/1
Eight-Team Pleaser: 1000/1
Nine-Team Pleaser: 1350/1
Ten-Team Pleaser: 1750/1

Basketball Pleasers

4-Point Pleasers
2-Teams (4-1)
3-Teams (8-1)
4-Teams (20-1)
5-Teams (50-1)
6-Teams (100-1)

4.5-Point Pleasers
2-Teams (5-1)
3-Teams (10-1)
4-Teams (25-1)
5-Teams (60-1)
6-Teams (125-1)

5-Point Pleasers
2-Teams (6-1)
3-Teams (12-1)
4-Teams (30-1)
5-Teams (70-1)
6-Teams (150-1)

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