Parlay Payouts

By Loot, Sports Handicapper,

Parlay Payouts: The Best Parlay Odds Online

For sports-bettors who regularly bet parlays, it is imperative to hunt down the best value for your wagering buck. Some might think that parlays pay great, so why sweat it? If you’re winning parlays, who cares about a few extra bucks? Wrong! There is actually some significant variance out there that can make a gigantic difference over the long-haul.

On MyBookie, for example, the differences in the payouts and options is downright flabbergasting. First of all, they don’t limit you on what you can parlay. At a lot of books, you may have a great idea for a parlay, but it might be all for naught with the limited options you have. The fact of the matter is that a great many books have pretty strict limitations on what you can parlay.

Not at MyBookie! You can parlay whatever you feel like parlaying. In pro and college football and basketball, you can parlay things like quarter totals, money lines and spreads, 1st and 2nd half totals, money lines, and spreads, and game money lines and totals. The options are just so much wider. And in sports like MMA and boxing, you can parlay any fight you want and not worry about which ones are available for parlays.

It lends itself to more creativity. A lot of times, a parlay will occur to us. Then when we try to fire on it, our book throws up a roadblock and we have to explore different options. With MyBookie’s parlays, we are given an open canvas. Without limits on what we can or can’t parlay, we can form bets more organically.

MyBookie’s 30% Super Saver Bonus not only gives you free-reign on your parlays in terms of choice, but the payouts are amazing. They are hands down, the best parlay odds online. Sometimes, we fall over each other in an attempt to scrounge up the most tiny of edges. With the parlays on MyBookie, the edge is truly stupendous in terms of parlay payouts.


The 30% Super Saver Payout refers to juice. Rather than betting the customary -110, your parlay payout will be paid according to a -107 line, which is a 30% discount on the juice. Just take a look at these payouts:

Number of Teams – Normal Sportsbook Payout – MyBookie’s Payouts

2 Teamer: 2.6/1 vs. 2.74/1
3 Team: 6/1 vs. 6.24/1
4 Team: 10/1 vs 13.01/1
5 Teamer: 20/1 vs. 26.1/1
6 Team: 40/1 vs. 51.42/1
7 Team: 75/1 vs. 100/1
8 Team: 100/1 vs. 195/1
9 Team: 150/1 vs. 378/1
10 Team: 300/1 vs. 733/1
11 Team: 450/1 vs. 1419/1
12 Team: 600/1 vs. 2747/1
13 Team: 750/1 vs. 5315/1
14 Team: 900/1 vs. 10284/1
15 Team: 1500/1 vs. 19896/1

Take a close look at the differences in the normal payouts and MyBookie’s parlay payouts. It’s really a mind-boggling difference. Imagine winning a 15-team par at a different book that uses the industry-standard payouts. Sure, you’d be elated over getting a 1500/1 return on your money, until you found out that MyBookie offered over 13 times that amount! Winning 15 grand on a $10 parlay is pretty awesome. On MyBookie, however, you would have close to 200 grand! Holy moly.

You see MyBookie offers 733/1 on a ten-team parlay. Playing at a book that merely offers the customary payout, you would have to win a 13-team parlay to get about the same payout. The more teams you play, the greater the payout difference. But even the small edges you receive on parlays between 2-3 teams are enough to warrant your consideration.

While the breakdown really gets nuts with the more extravagant parlays (7-15 teams), even the more realistic parlays under MyBookie’s parlay program offer staggeringly-enhanced payouts. A 4-teamer normally pays 10/1, but you get over 13/1 with MyBookie. A 5-teamer would normally yield a 20/1 payout, but here you get 26/1. A 6-teamer that normally pays 40/1 would get you over 51/1 here.

It’s important to take advantage of edges like this, advantages in our bottom-line where we don’t even need to do extra work. Handicapping is difficult, as we try to hunt down all the advantages we can. Sometimes, we forget about all the edges available simply by virtue of where we lay our bets. If parlays are a regular part of your betting portfolio, MyBookie’s 30% Super Saver Bonus is a must have in your sports betting arsenal. Betting at the sportsbook with the best parlay odds on the web simply pays more!

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