How to Become a Professional Sports Bettor

How to Become a Professional Sports Bettor

By Loot, Sports Handicapper,

The pros are the bettors who make the money in this business. They have the power to move lines and are the real movers-and-shakers in sports betting. Let’s see if we can find some things within the profile of a professional sports bettor that we can can start using ourselves. Some things will be within our ability to adopt, while others may not be.

Professionals have a ton of resources. They may have staffs, different people who are pouring over games, scouring around for lines, and looking for all possible edges. They may have people in different locations (or use up to 10 online sportsbooks), in case a better line can be found. We can’t really compete with them in the area of manpower and all of the benefits that go with that.

In addition, we are underpowered compared to professionals in the financial realm. When betting hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions on games, winning just a little more than you lose is going to result in big money. When we have a $500 bankroll, for example, turning it into $700 is nice, but hardly thrilling. Taking 5 million and making it 7 million is a whole different ball game. In a lot of ways, this is the root problem with most amateurs. They want to be pros, but don’t have the discipline or long-term vision to make it happen.

A lot of bettors take a small amount of money and when winning, it’s not enough for them psychologically. Say a betting man starts betting on sports with a $2000 bankroll. In two months, he turned it into $2200. This is a critical time in determining which way this bettor will fall. Will he look at his profits as positive encouragement and continue plugging away. Or will $200 seem like peanuts to him, causing him to begin reaching and overextending himself?

On one hand, $200 isn’t earth-shattering. One could see how impatience would set in. But if one is able to look at sports betting as a marathon and not a sprint, $200 means a whole lot. It represents 10% growth in two months. That is enough to have ever stock broker and portfolio manager on earth knocking down your door. Stretch that to a year. Now five years. If able to continue winning at this clip, you will eventually arrive at the professional level. It takes patience. It takes vision.

Most people will be unsatisfied with meagre profits like $200 in 2 months. What is important to remember is that when starting with a small bankroll, it’s going to require some time to swell up to a respectable number. We can’t take $2000 and expect to be sitting on 30K by the end of the season. But over time, if we can just win a little more than we lose on a consistent basis, it will be 30K.

Impatience is a key reason why those who can bet on sports professionally is such an exclusive club. Not many bettors can begin wagering and have the vision to embrace the idea that over a long period of time, they can become a high-roller in sports betting. We need to look at it almost like the athletes we bet on. They don’t just start playing and wind up at the pro level immediately. There is a long grooming period, where they spend time refining their game, hoping one day they can make it to the top level.

In sports betting, that means accepting the role you have, just like a rising actor. You’ll be a barely-visible extra, then maybe get a little more face-time in the next year or two. Then you get your first line. Then you get a big part, a supporting role, and maybe one day end up as a leading man. If you start out with a baby bankroll, that’s fine. But the reason the vast majority of those bettors end up falling off the map is because they tried to jump levels too quickly.

It’s not easy to internalize. There is a certain difficulty in starting off wagering with the mindset that maybe in a decade, you can make it to a high level. But that’s what it might take. A lot of us, however, can’t put a ton of money into this at the moment. So it’s important to realize the best way to get to the top is by steadfastly grinding away, knowing all the while that it’s going to take a lot of games and a lot of time before we get to where we want to be.

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