How Teasers Work

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Sports Betting: How Teasers Work

A teaser is a bet that has at least two different teams on it and they all need to win for the bet to be successful. In normal bets. we pick one team. In teasers, you pick at least two teams. The main perk with teasers is that you get to move the point-spread in your favor by pre-determined amounts.

When betting on sports that have a point-spread like basketball and football, you will be able to make a teaser. You identify at least two sides or totals that you want to bet. You then make a teaser bet, including all those teams. Depending on the sport, you will be able to adjust the point-spread in your favor by a certain number of points. There are many different kinds of teasers you can make.

The standard teasers in football are of the 6, 6.5, and 7-point variety. So you select a group of at least 2 teams and now can receive 6, 6.5, or 7 points in your favor. For example, you look at the odds and decide you like these teams:

Baltimore Ravens-4
Tennessee Titans +6

You make a 2-team/7-point teaser, taking Baltimore and Tennessee. The point-spreads now look like this:

Baltimore Ravens +3
Tennessee Titans+13

Both teams had their point-spreads moved 7 points in their favor. For this bet to win, both Baltimore and Tennessee must cover the new adjusted point-spread. In this bet, you would need to bet $130 to win $100. If either team fails to cover, the entire bet is a loss. If one of the games falls right on the point-spread, like if Tennessee loses by exactly 13 points, the bet is no-action. There can be some variance from book-to-book, but in standard teasers with more than 2 teams, a tie will result in the teaser being reduced by one team. Here’s an example of a teaser where there is a tie:

St. Louis Rams +11
San Diego Chargers +9
Jacksonville Jaguars +14

If all 3 teams win against the adjusted spread, you would win $140 on a $100 bet. If St. Louis and San Diego cover the spread, but Jacksonville loses by exactly 14 points, the 3-team teaser would be reduced to 2 teams. In more extravagant teasers, like monster and sweetheart teasers, ties can result in losing the entire teaser bet. Again, while there are general rules of thumb, check with your book to make sure.


In basketball, the teasers work the same way, just with different numbers. The standard teasers in hoops are either 4, 4.5, or 5 points.

There are different kinds of teasers available, as well. You can make a monster teaser, where you will be able to move sides or totals up to 20 points. These teasers give you free-reign and enable you to make just about any teaser you want. Then there are sweetheart teasers, where you either make a 3 or 4-team teaser while getting 10 or 13 points in football, and 8 or 10 points in your favor in basketball.

Let’s say you wanted to make a 4 team 13-point sweetheart teaser in the NFL. You like Seattle -4, Carolina +4.5, San Francisco -5, and Washington +7. You make the 4-team/13-point teaser and now you have Seattle +9, Carolina +17.5, San Francisco +8, and Washington +20. If you win all 4 games with the adjusted spread, you get -120 on your money, meaning you need to bet $120 for every $100 you want to win.

You may have noticed the payouts don’t seem very good, especially since we are asking for multiple things to happen in the same bet. Parlays pay way better. Just remember that with teasers we are getting points added in our favor, though we certainly have to pay for that extra cushion.

Here are the general payouts for standard football and basketball teasers, in addition to sweetheart teasers. Remember, there are so many different teasers now, it would be hard to list all of them. But this should give you a good idea of how the payouts work:

Football Teasers

6-Point Teasers
Two-Team Teaser: 10/11
Three-Team Teaser: 9/5
Four-Team Teaser: 3/1
Five-Team Teaser: 9/2
Six-Team Teaser: 6/1
Seven-Team Teaser: 10/1
Eight-Team Teaser: 15/1
Nine-Team Teaser: 20/1
Ten-Team Teaser: 25/1

6.5-Point Teasers
Two-Team Teaser: 10/12
Three-Team Teaser: 8/5
Four-Team Teaser: 5/2
Five-Team Teaser: 4/1
Six-Team Teaser: 11/2
Seven-Team Teaser: 9/1
Eight-Team Teaser: 12/1
Nine-Team Teaser: 15/1
Ten-Team Teaser: 20/1

7-Point Teasers
Two-Team Teaser: 10/13
Three-Team Teaser: 7/5
Four-Team Teaser: 2/1
Five-Team Teaser: 7/2
Six-Team Teaser: 5/1
Seven-Team Teaser: 8/1
Eight-Team Teaser: 10/1
Nine-Team Teaser: 12/1
Ten-Team Teaser: 15/1

Basketball Teasers

4-Point Teasers
2-Team: 1-1
3-Team: 9-5
4-Team: 3-1
5-Team: 5-1
6-Team: 7-1
7-Team: 10-1
8-Team: 15-1
9-Team: 20-1
10-Team: 25-1

4.5-Point Teasers
2-Team: 10-11
3-Team: 8-5
4-Team: 5-2
5-Team: 4-1
6-Team: 6-1
7-Team: 9-1
8-Team: 12-1
9-Team: 15-1
10-Team: 20-1

5-Point Teasers
2-Team: 5-6
3-Team: 3-2
4-Team: 2-1
5-Team: 7-2
6-Team: 5-1
7-Team: 8-1
8-Team: 10-1
9-Team: 12-1
10-Team: 15-1

Sweetheart Teasers

3-Team/10-Points: -110
4-Team/13 Points: -120

3-Team/8-Points: -110
4-Team/10 Points: -120

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