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Welcome to Loot’s page where he gives his take on where you can find the best online bookies. With 100’s of sportsbooks on the internet, how is a guy supposed to choose which online betting site will suit his needs? How are you supposed to know which are trustworthy and which will run away with your cash in the middle of the night?

We’ve been in the sports betting industry since 1998 and are very knowledgeable when it comes to pointing out which online bookies are credible and safe to play with. Trust is everything in this business and that’s why the list below is the absolute cream of the crop! Enjoy! Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line: (

BetAnySports – What’s not to like about this online bookie? They’re reduced juice wagering option simply blows the rest out of the water. What is reduced juice? We’ll explain! Most online betting sites require you to lay -110 odds on football/basketball games. This essentially means tht you’re risking $1.10 for every dollar that you’re trying to win. This online bookie allows you to bet at -105 odds, which equates to you laying $1.05 for every dollar that you’re trying to win. While 5 cents per dollar doesn’t sound like much, it adds up!

The savings are enormous when penciled out over the long term. A $100 bettor saves five dollars every time he bets. If he bets an average of 5 games per weekend, he’ll save $30 in vigorish (aka: juice/house commission). $30/week x 17 weeks of regular season NFL bets adds up to $510 in savings! Dime bettors save a whopping $5100 in juice! Imagine all that you can buy with all that saved loot!

Bovada – This online bookie is one of the players favs and for good reason. They’re a FUN sportsbook. They’re able to process credit cards for deposits and offer a generous 50% signup bonus too! Their customer service is top notch (best in the industry as far as we’re concerned) and you won’t be hassled when you request your winnings. Bovada Sportsbook is a name you can trust! Hundreds of thousands of bettors play there daily! Surely one of the best online bookies in the industry.

BetOnline – This is one of my personal favorite betting sites because they have a GREAT live betting platform. Having the ability to wager on games once you’ve seen the flow of the game can give you the bettor a great advantage! They offer nice bonuses, a huge wagering menu and credit cards work here. Their site is very user friendly as well. Highly recommended!

MyBookie – This is the best online bookie if parlays (See article: How Parlays Work) are your thing. This online bookie offers you the option to take a bonus or take advantage of their “Super Saver Bonus” where you can bet on games at reduced odds, including parlays. Betting on parlays at reduced juice equates to the biggest parlay payouts in the industry. This really shows true when you’re talking about some of the bigger pars such as 10 teamers. Their odds are worlds apart and are a must have in your sports betting arsenal if you’re a parlay player. Note: MyBookie is part of the BetAnySports group and you’re not eligible to have an account here if you’re an active member at BetAnySports.

GTBets – A newer but serious player in the online bookie industry. They’ve got some really neat perks which include a giant 100% bonus up to $150 and better yet, a free half point on your two favorite NFL teams and a free full point on your two favorite college football teams. We’ve been very impressed with their customer service and drive to become one of the best sports betting sites on the web.

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