About Us

Loot and I have been sports fanatics ever since our parents bought us a shirt with a number on it and one of those hard plastic footballs that hurt like hell when you caught them. We were both born in the early 70’s and have lived parallel lives, watching the same players/teams and sharing the same passion for sport. We were born to do this. I used to keep stats/percentages on picking winners/losers of games back when I was 10 before I even knew that you could bet on games.

I thought I was a sports “know-it-all” before meeting Loot. I’ve always had to draw the line somewhere, as there just aren’t enough hours in the day to follow all sports closely. Well, at least that was until I met Loot, who seems to know the ins and outs of everything. I’m pretty sure he was born with a football preview in his hand and a boxing glove on the other. This dude knows MMA, boxing and while he probably wouldn’t admit it, I’d bet that he could win at tennis betting too!

So anyhoo, in our mid 30’s we were working on a project together and came to find out that we shared the same passion for sports. We also discovered that we both have a thing for the point spread. And the rest was history!

I’d always wanted to make a big sports betting information portal and just handle the technical end of things, while somebody else handled all of the writing and handicapping expertise. It was the perfect marriage! So in 2012, we decided to take the plunge and start compiling articles and a fresh site design with hopes of one day building a giant web portal that offered readers all of the how to’s of sports betting as well as some picks they could use to combat their bookies. We don’t boast false claims of 60% and better records against the spread. We keep it real. We treat you as we’d want to be treated. The truth is, 52.38% (breakeven) is tough to beat! We’re pretty good though! Especially when you consider the cost; FREE!

It took quite a while, but in 2013 we had finally accomplished our goal. The site went live with over 1000 articles offering tips, strategy and advice to sports bettors. We even answer your emails too! All at no cost to you! (admin@lootmeister.com)

Our mission is to educate sports bettors to give them a fighting chance against the odds. Our goal is build a solid following/community and have some fun with these. We also of course hope to make a few bucks along the way as we’ve got expenses. With that being said, if you appreciate the hard work we’ve put into the site, the best thing you could do for us is sign up at our sportsbook advertisers through the links on this site. Those special links tell our advertisers that you came from our site and is what ultimately keeps us in business. If we can make enough cash to cover our expenses, we’ll be able to stick around to provide solid no cost/no b.s. info to you!

And there you have it. It’s not quite “When Harry Met Sally”, but it’ll do! We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our passionate labor. Thank you for reading the site!


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